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MySite Alternate Access Mappings not working

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 13, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi, I had some problems with my upgraded SP2010 server last week. Something happend and the web.config files for each web application was reset to base settings. I had some backup on these files and got everything working again. The only thing that is NOT working is Alternate access mappings for MySites. if I use the server:port url all the webparts work just fine. But when I set it to the AAM I used before the "crash" no webparts work. It is just the message: Web Part Error: "This page has encountered a critical error. Contact your system administrator if this problem persists. " Does anyone have an idea where to start looking for bad configuration? Regards Joakim Gustafsson Stratiteq Sweden

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Reporting Services and Sharepoint Integration - Sharepoint Alternate Access Mappings (Zones)

I get the following error when I try to navigate to a report/model/data source, stored in a Sharepoint Document Library using a Sharepoint URL based on an Extranet or Intranet zone - but it works OK using the url for the Default zone: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: The specified path refers to a SharePoint zone that is not supported. The default zone path must be used. ---> Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.SecurityZoneNotSupportedException: The specified path refers to a SharePoint zone that is not supported. The default zone path must be used. Is this a limitation of the SQLRS-WSS3 integration or is there a workaround? Many thanks to anyone who can help!

Alternate Access Mappings

hi, i have a web application with site collection. the url of my web application is http://servername:portnumber now i want to change it to a much friendly name. i saw some article about Alternate Access Mappings. maybe i'm slow in getting it. but i want to ask what are the steps i have to take before i do the Alternate Access Mappings. do i have to create the friendly url before i add the internal url? and wath are the steps after add the internal urls? the steps i have done are: - go to operations -  Alternate Access Mappings -add internal URLs -choose the web application - fill in the friendly url and select the zone  

My memberships not updating after renaming alternate access mappings and IIS hostheader



After upgrading fram MOSS2007 to Sharepoint 2010 via the database attach model "My Memberships"on MySite are not being updated.

During the update session, our host headers and alternate access mappings had af different name than they were supposed to have after a successfull upgrade. This was to insure that users had access to the old platform in a read only state while upgrading.

After a successfull upgrade the old farm was closed down and alternate access mappings and IIS hostheaderes were nenamed to their normal/old names on the 2010-farm.

However, in the time where the 2010-farm was temporarely named the "My memberships"-list was generated with these URLs. After renaming the my memberships-list is not being updated - even not with new memberships on the new farm. By looking into old threads I have tried this to resolve the problem, but without any luck:

  1. stsadm -o deleteolddatabases 0
  2. checking the timer jobs regarding profile sync i CA (ok)
  3. reset of the search index and initiating a full crawl
  4. a full profile import from AD

All without any luck.


change default URL through Alternate Access Mappings in foundation 2010


I have created a webapplication called http://company on port 80 in foundation 2010. on top of it I have created a site collection. I am using same url http://company for accessing site collection.

Now my requirement is that, I need to change my site collection url http://company to http://mycompany 

I don't have any idea what to do in DNS and IIS manager consoles.

I tried to edit 'default' zone to http://mycompany in Alternate Access Mappings in CA.  I saved it. But When I browse the url it is not occuring.

Let me know what to do after editing and saving default zone address in AAP in CA to get my new addresss accessible.


SharePoint 2007 Expiration Policy Not working : Access denied for the site


I have a SharePoint 2007 List with Expiration Enabled in Information and Policy Management. I have a datatime column ExpiryDate which i used in Expiration. On Expiration I have chose to delete the item. Through Central Admin I run the expiration by clicking "Process Expired Items now" button. I got the following error in the Windows event viewer.

Expiration Service for site http://md-rmanimaran failed.

Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

EventID: 5016

Category: Information Policy Management 

Where I need to specify the login details to get rid of this error? Anybody Please help..




Alternate Access mapping - Intranet site

Hi All, I'm banging my head against a brick wall here trying to setup an alternate access mapping for an intranet site in SharePoint 2007. I have a default site setup which has the following public default URL: http://SERVERNAME:2586 I want users to access the site using the URL http://Intranet Now from reading about alternate access mappings I thought this should be as simple as adding an internal url of http://intranet under the intranet zone. With this set up I preceded to add the binding to the IIS website. I added the binding with All Assigned IP addresses, port 2586, and host as Intranet. The final thing I did to check this was to add an entry to the hosts file for the server IP address with the host name of intranet. This was followed by a flush of the DNS cache on the server. Whgen trying to access the site using the URL i now get the IIS7 welcome page, but not the SharePoint site I expected. Can anyone point me in the direction of what i've done wrong, Its got me stumped. Cheers, Grant

Alternate Access Mapping Problems

I have set up a windows server 2003 and sharepoint 3.0 on the same computer. First, I set up two "New Host A" in my DNS Server - Forward Look up Zones and then I tried to access the websites. No luck.  I went to the run command and pinged both sites to see if they worked. They pinged as they should. Then I went into Sharepoint and set up the Alternate Access Mappings with a default and extranet zone. A login box appeared which won't accept my administrator password or anyone else's.  I can log directly into all site collections that I have developed. I saw that you advised someone with regards to their login and browser but could you explain in more detail what you mean by that?  I am a bit stupid sometimes. :-) I also changed all the properties in my DNS Server host records to have full administrator privileges. Can you please advise if I should take that back off as a precautionary security measure. It didn't resolve my problem anyway. Thanking you in advance. Tracey

Changed DNS, IIS mappings and AAM for mysite - "My News feed,profile,content" okay but MySite link s



Sharepoint 2010 enterprise, I created a DNS entry and AAM for MySite - qnetmysite.company.local and all worked okay, then the customer wanted to change the URL used to access my site to "myqnet" so we deleted the DNS entry and recreated a new one. I changed the bindings in IIS and AAM to point to "myqnet.company.local". I can enter http://myqnet.company.local" and navigate to My News feed, My Profile, My content but when I try to navigate to MYSite the URL it takes me to is the old URL qnetmysite.company.local and internet explorer of course can't find the site. I have done an IIS reset, flushed the DNS on the local PC, when I mouse over the MySite link I can see the wrong URL.

Please can somebody help me?


How to enable anonymous access to mysite?


I have problem to enable anonymous access to mysite

The structures




I have enabled anonymous access in IIS and Sharepoint Web Apps. I have also enable permission for anonymous users in Site Permission.

Anonymous users can open http://sharepoint but whenever they try to open http://sharepoint/my, they are required to key in user Username and password.

I have tried to open mysite anonymously using Firefox and Chrome but the result is still the same.

MySite Access Denied


There is a separate Web application for personal sites. In the administration center all is adjusted. At attempt of the user to open  and create "My site", the message that Access Denied errors kept occuring. As it is established  Central Administration\Application Management -> Self-Service Site Creation -> On.
In what there can be a problem?

With logs Access Denied:

Leaving Monitored Scope (ExecuteWcfServerOperation). ???м? ??????????=1,5139 ca36f4ab-ffa1-4e2e-a942-ddf86d1f55e2
   Entering monitored scope (Request (GET:http://mysite:80/)) 
  Name=Request (GET:http://mysite:80/) ae9a2f07-1514-47df-b469-07ccc407f9f8
  Leaving Monitored Scope (Request (GET:http://mysite:80/)). ???м? ??????????=1,6064 ae9a2f07-1514-47df-b469-07ccc407f9f8
   Entering monitored scope (Request (GET:http://mysite:80/)) 
   Name=Request (GET:http://mysite:80/) 51c9ccd2-01cc-417c-a1ca-02c6332bec8b
   Leaving Monitored Scope (Request (GET:http://mysite:80/)). ???м? ??????????=0,4839 51c9ccd2-01cc-417c-a1ca-02c6332bec8b
   Entering monitored scope (Request (GET:http://mysite:80/)) 
   Name=Request (GET:http://mysite:80/) d92905cd-01d1-44c8-81eb-778e449a94b4

My XML to access a WebSite is not working!!! Help! Help!


I am sending the following xml to access a website and getting the error with the stack.  I have spent weeks on it and getting no where.  Could some one please HELP!!!?  I am willing to pay for the advice as well, as I am getting sick of this!  Thanks in advance for help.  Kel Shorey


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ers uname="---------------" pword="------------------" myAttribute="fooBar" anotherOfMyAttribute="123456">
    <SalesNote snType="S" action="INSERT" salesContractRef="" saleDate="09/11/2009 00:00:00" auctionID="14" logBookNums="" landingDecNums="" vesselName="Jessica Louise" vesselPln="BM237" vesselMasterOwner="Cowe D" landingDate1="09/11/2009" landingDate2="" landingDate3="" countryOfLanding="GBR" landingPortCode="245">
        <SalesLine speciesCode="JAD" faoAreaCode="27" ZoneCode="VIID" disposalCode="COV" freshnessCode="C" sizeCode="2" presentationCode="FIL" stateCode="FRE" numberOfFish="

Search crawl to SPS3://mysite.domain.com gives "Access Denied"


I am having an issue with indexing user profiles with the SPS3 protocol handler.   Each time it runs I get an "Access Denied" error in my crawl logs.   I have verified that the default content search account has full read permissions on the web application.   I have verified that I don't have a  loop back check issue.

In my environment I have 3 seperate web applications.  One hosts intranet publishing content, one hosts collaboration content and the third is for the mysites.   The web applications all use host headers and share a single IP address.   Everything is over HTTP.

My dev farm is configured with a single web front end, a single services server and a SQL server.    The services server is running the search admin and crawl components.  The web front end hosts the query component.

In the search content source the URL being crawled is SPS3://mysites.domain.com and http://mysites.domain.com.   In the crawl logs it shows the following error for SPS3://mysites.domain.com:

Access is denied. Verify that either the Default Content Access Account has access to t

anonymous access not working


I have follow all the instruction provided for turning on anonymous access, but for some reason my site is still prompting for user name/passwrd. I'm using sharepoint 2010 on server 2008, is there a lock down somewhere that prevents anonymous access. I've follow the instruction everywhere (too many to list).

Alerts not working for Lists on FBA / Anonymous access site


Hi Folks,

I have a WSS3.0 site that allows anonymous access as well as using FBA. Another web application is configured to use the same content database but set with windows authentication.

Anonymous users are allowed to post to a few Lists. I am trying to create an alert for an authenticated user (either FBA or Windows). I receive the "You have successfully created an alert" email, but no emails are sent when new items are added. This is the case for all new list items whether they are added by an authenitcated user or an anonymous one.

I am sure the site config is set correctly (but I will double-check). Is there any reason for the behaviour I am experiencing? I'm not at the latest patch level (we are using the June 2009 CU), so perhaps this was an issue that has been resolved in a later patch/update that I ought to apply?

Would appreciate any gems of information anyone might have on the subject before I go away and write my own event handler to send an email!!!


MOSS 2007 MySite not working after deleting & readding an exchange account


Hi All,

One of our users had their AD account deleted and readded in Exchange, and now they cannot access their mysite, as the old profile information still exists. How and where would I fix this please?

As a test, I recreated this issue and found that deleting the old mysite entirely meant the new user profile could go and recreate a new mysite, but I need to know if I can somehow re-link the old mysite with the new profile?


Many thanks!



You can't be right all the time, but you can be smart everyday.

Bulk Insert into Access Database not working for template fields in gridview



I have a gridview with 5 columns

4 are fetched from database through select command from table CSDB_MASTER

5th is a template field textbox which consists of value 3 by default

now i have a button down to the gridview with the following code below

everything is being inserted except the value of textbox, when i open my database the field NOC which should be inserted with grv.cells[5].Text i.e, the textbox value is null

Please Help Me Out in this issue


protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

        OleDbConnection con = new OleDbConnection(@"Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|\masterdb.accdb;Persist Security Info=False;");
        OleDbCommand cmd = new OleDbCommand();
        cmd.Connection = con;

        foreach (GridViewRow gvr in GridView1.Rows)

Bulk insert into access database not working with template fields in gridview


how to insert data into access database from gridview containing template fields

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