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Where is the issue tracking workflow?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 13, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi All, Going through the out of the box workflows currently and I can't work out where the Issue tracking workflow would be found? Technet doco refers to both the three state and issue tracking as being separate workflows and that the issue tracking workflow is about we pages. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc263148.aspx#DefinedAgain  I can create an issues tracking list and add a three state workflow to that. Just trying to learn about the Issue Tracking workflow. Any ideas on where I can add or configure this workflow? Thanks, Gavin  

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Toolbox: Issue and Defect Tracking, Automate IT Tasks, and More


In this issue, issue and defect tracking, automating IT tasks, and more.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine December 2006

XOML only workflow performance issue while creating

  In our application we are using XOML workflow and create workflow instance using workflowRuntime.CreateWorkflow(workflow, ruleReader, workflowParameters) where workflow and ruleReader are objects of XMLReader created using XmlReader.Create().For one of our business process automation we have developed XOML only workflow which has 35 states and 95 events. When we try creating an instance of the workflows it is taking more time and the time taken to create the instance is 3 min.Can any one suggest is there any other way to create workflow instance of XOML only workflows other than workflowRuntime.CreateWorkflow(workflow, ruleReader, workflowParameters)Your help is higly appreciated.Environment:    VS 2008    ASP.NET 3.5    WWF 3.5    XP  

State Machine Workflow XOML issue

"Please help me out this problem" "Its too urgent" I have modified State Machine Workflow XOML file and upload again with my application. Now i am getting error while calling CreateWorkflow(). I am getting the following error. "Wokflow Validation Failed" "Activity 'handleExternalEventActivity1' validation failed: Property 'InterfaceType' is not set." If i am uploading the existing XOML file then it is working fine without any error. What i have to do and where i did mistake?

Document Workflow Issue

I have started to see some irregualrities in my document workflow setup whereby a user will recieve an email to say they have started the workflow on their dcument that they have uploaded, within this email there is a list of 3 reviewers, but now these reviewers are not being listed, i have looked in the event log and i have loads of event id 3083 which states: The protocol handler Search.Mapi2Handler.1 cannot be loaded. Error description: Class not registered Any ideas?? The event id`s i have seen are 6875, 3083, 1516

Sharepoint 2010 Workflow issue

I am using SharePoint Designer 2010 to implement a workflow approval process on InfoPath forms. I added the workflow on an InfoPath and although it shows me that the workflow is completed, it doesn't do what it is supposed to do. It is supposed to send an email to the Manager once the form is submitted and fulfills certain critieria. It doesn't send that email. The workflow is fairly simple: If Form:Department equals (ignoring case) XYZ Email xyz   The type of workflow is "List Workflow". I am not sure where I am going wrong. It looks a simple thing to solve but my mind seems blocked. Any clues??

Issue in Look up field in SPD workflow


I have created a workflow in my task list. I have also created another SharePoint List known as "Leave Application" which is a forms library. Now i want to use 2 fields from "Leave Application" list to the task list. 

I am using SharePoint Designer to create my workflow. I want to extract two fields from my "Leave Application" list to task list so that i can show these fields in my task view.

How to do that? In task list, i am only able to see the columns which i created in task list. But what if i want to use 2 columns from some other list in to the task list so that task list can get the same values for those fields or columns when the user fills leave application form.

Also in the action "Collect Data from a User", if i want to add fields from other list then how to do that?

Can anyone help me in this?


Time card management template workflow issue


If we installed Time card management template in share point 2007 By default it will be working (work flow) right?

Otherwise we have to configure anything?

If i try this workflow message is failed to start

SP Workflow issue -> "The item is currently locked for editing. Waiting for item to be checked in o



I'm getting the above issue with my List Workflow.  I've created a workflow that assigns column data to a file when it is created.  This works some of the time; however, at random intervals the workflow will get stuck with "In Progress" status for the reason listed above.  The only way to clear this status is to delete the workflow and republish it.  This happens when copying a document via the UI, as well as when copying a document via UNC path.  

If I terminate the workflow for the stuck item, when I go back to run it manually, the workflow isn't even listed.  Looking at the Visio history for the item, it seems to be getting stuck at different methods within the workflow; sometimes it gets stuck at a logic method, other times at a data manipulation method.  And other times it runs through fine without any issues.  This is all happening with the same file used as a control, so it's not like I'm introducing variable triggers to the methods in this workflow.



Workflow Foundation 4.0 Persistance Issue.


I am trying to get the list of all the workflow instances that have been suspended due to unhandled exception.

I am looking at the [System.Activities.DurableInstancing].InstancesTable . the value of the instance is not being updated when the instance is terminated or workflow is completed. but the instance record is created.

given below is my instance persistance code.


 SqlWorkflowInstanceStore instanceStore = new SqlWorkflowInstanceStore(@"Data Source=[machineName];Initial Catalog=[DatabaseName];Integrated Security=True");
      instanceStore.InstanceLockedExceptionAction = InstanceLockedExceptionAction.AggressiveRetry;
      instanceStore.InstanceCompletionAction = InstanceCompletionAction.DeleteNothing;
      InstanceView view = instanceStore.Execute(instanceStore.CreateInstanceHandle(), new CreateWorkflowOwnerCommand(), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1));
      instanceStore.DefaultInstanceOwner = view.InstanceOwner;
      WorkflowApplication newApp = CreateWorkflow(instanceStore);

This is my workflow completed code


 static void WfCompleted(WorkflowApplicationCompletedEventArgs e)
      if (e.CompletionState == ActivityInstanceState.Faulted)
        Console.WriteLine("Workflow {0} Termin

Workflow Email Issue!


Can anyone shed some light on the error i am receiving on my sharepoint server. I see this when a workflow has been started but the reviewers are not listed within an email that is sent to the document Owner.

Event ID 6875

Error loading and running event receiver Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow.SPWinOEItemEventReceiver in Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c. Additional information is below.

: Value does not fall within the expected range.

"Issue Tracking" - Permissions Ability



I am wondering if this type of permission setup can be done.  I work at a school district and we are looking at setting up a "Bullying Tracking" system in our district.  I am looking at Sharepoint for this and figured the "Issue Tracking" tool would be perfect.  I have it currently setup how we would like it but it's now a matter of permissions.  I am wondering if within WSS 3.0 or even SharePoint 2010, I can setup the permissions so that teachers can only see the bullying incidents that they've submitted.  We would have our principals and admins setup to see all the incidents but the teachers only seeing what they've submitted.  I am somewhat new to SharePoint but have played around with it a little.  So any suggestions, feedback, answers are welcomed.


SharePoint 2010 Workflow issue



We have recently started our company's SharePoint site and it works great!

Recently we created a Workflow using SPD 2010 for a particular List under a subsite. We published the workflow to the site and wanted everyone to manually start the workflow and the List Item creation. The manual start button is on an ASPX page. Now users can not access the page.

We checked the access level for the site, list and all users now have full access to the list, workflow...really do not understand what could be the issue and how to solve this?

Any help will be really appreciated.

Windows Workflow Tracking User Data and fetching via SqlTrackingQueryOption


We are using WF in one of our application. We would like to track user data so that when we query via SqlTrackingQuery, we get the desired workflows only but the issue is that Activity.TrackData is not writing to the TrackingDataItem table instead it writes to the UserEvent table. When we use the SqlTrackingQueryOption and set the TrackingDataItems property it does not return any value as it makes a join to the TrackingDataItem table. This i have figured out by using Reflector.exe. Could u kindly tell us what we are doing wrong. We will be very gratefull.

P.S. I can also submit the code if requested.

Workflow used with : WCF + Persistence + Tracking : how to manage ?



My question is simple : how to manage both all these technologies in the same project ?

Framework : Workflow 3.5 VS2008

What files are in the Workflow WCF Project :

- the interface for methods exposed.

- the Workflow C#.

- the app.config file.

What I already know how to do :

- Workflow WCF with SQL persistance and activate SQL Tracking

What I don't know how to do :

- Publish WCF methods in the same project for querying the tracking database (C# classes used : SqlTrackingQuery and SqlTrackingQueryOptions)

How to manage it ?

Thank you.

workflow creating issue in sharepoint designer


I try to create a new workflow for Task list using sharepoint designer 2007. But it showing the following error:

Errors were found when compiling the workflow. The workflow files were saved but cannot be run.

Unexpected error on server associating the workflow.


How to solve this issue?

Workflow Designer 4.0 Load() Performance Issue: possible memory leak?


Hello everybody,

I am trying to implement a workflow designer in a windows form application and use the same designer to view different workflows. However, I found the program became slower and slower after loading several workflows.

my steps are as follows:

1. create a wpf user control WFDesigner to package the workflowdesigner;

2. In the user control  WFDesigner , implement a InitiateDesigner method which create a new workflowDesigner instance each time called. I suppose the old workflowDesigner instance would be collected by GC;

3. create a winform application and install the user control created on step 2 to an element host, and put the element host on the form. 

4. add two buttons for test: one will execute  WFDesigner.InitiateDesigner() once and the other will execute it 100 times.

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