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Posted By:      Posted Date: September 11, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
I would like to create a SQL Database programmaticcally, using Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition. What have I to do?

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Array List with unique id while adding student info

Hello Frds,

I'm having arraylist to add student info but i have to create unique id per record below is my class.

Student objStudent=new Student(123,"Nj");

public class Student
  private string name;
private int RollId;
public string Name

    get { return name; }
set { name = value; }

public int Id
    get { return RollId; }
set { RollId = value; }
public Employee(string name, int id)


Visual Studio 2010 Lab Environment for Student to deploy to a IIS 7.5 web server with SQL 2008

Currently the environment I am trying to create is a teaching lab for Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET website development. The intent is to setup an environment where students can create a website with an attached database written with the assistance of Visual Studio 2010. When the website is completed they need to use one of the Visual Studio deploy technologies to upload the website to a locally run server (Windows 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5 running and SQL Server 2008.) I am responsible for setting up the correct deploy technology in Visual Studio as well as setting up the IIS 7.5 deployment server that is running the right version of SQL Server. I have already started this process and figured out how to configure a deployment package in visual studio and have it published on our local server. I am trying to get a very streamlined environment that does not require students have to configure a lot of SQL strings and IIS settings because this is not really what the teaching lab is all about. Just to let you know, we have had  this exact setup using Visual Studio 2008, Server 2003 with front page server extensions on IIS 6.0 and SQL Server Compact edition running on the server. My issue is that since it is now time to update everything there does not seem to be something comparable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If someone has an idea of the 

Retrieve SSRS Image from a particular location on server, depensng on the student ID

Hi I am a newbie and have an issue to get that particulat Student Image on the report when he is logged in with respect to student ID, the student images are stored at a particular location on server and the server path + Student id will pick the specific image.Can I make the path+ StuID+Image as a constant and use it in a report for a specific Student ID. Please advice...    


Would some one help me with the codes for the buttons "save, modify, delete " thanks

Student DataBase

Got a question I hope I am in the right forum. I have a schoolhouse with about 100 students. I want to create a centralized database so the instructors can access the student records from anywhere within the Intranet. I was thinking on using Access 07 on SQL 08. Any one done this before or have some recomendations on the software that would make this work. Your input is greatly apprieciated.

The more I learn the less I know - advice for IT student required


As a third year IT student I have to produce a project that has a website and mobile phone application both accessing the same database to upload and access data (I am using c#). When I start to look at the various ways to achieve this I keep finding more and more options and am now at a stage where I am totally confused, hence this post.  Mobile phone app dev is new to the college, so they're learning at the same time as us.  I have looked at Azure with the potential of using Access 2010 to produce a database.  I was considering Windows Mobile 7 using VS2010 but having read loads am now considering going back to 6.5.3 using VS2008, though I am still keen on a 800x480 pixel format.  

My plea to ask of experienced IT workers is what in your view would be best combination to use for the project to keep it reasonably simple but robust.  I have a few months to complete this (and other work) but I would rather keep it small and tight to ensure it actually does fully function at the end of the day. All views welcome.




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