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Script Component - Change One Row Input to Multiple Row Output

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 11, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hi All I am new to SSIS, and looking for help. I do not know if it is possible, but I like to try using the "Script Component" to change a input like this:   1234 1235 1236 ...   to and output like this:   1234, Value1 1235, Value2 1235, Value3 1235, Value4 1236, Value5 ...   Depending of the input value, 1 or more Rows are pushed out the Output, Like the value 1234 -> result in 1 Row in the output, where the value 1235 -> result in 3 rows in the output. Is this possible to do in a Script Component?? If it is how do you program such behavior? Do some good sources to learn SSIS exist out there?? I think it is not easy to find information. Peter Schwennesen

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Output parameters in OLEDB Command component - SSIS 2008

I have a package that I developed in SSIS 2005 and recently ported to 2008. Everything runs great except an OLE DB Command component that calls a stored procedure that uses output parameters. When I try to run this, I get this error: Error: 0xC0202009 at Data Flow Task, OLE DB Command [100]: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR. An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80004005. An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0" Hresult: 0x80004005 Description: "Syntax error, permission violation, or other nonspecific error". Error: 0xC004701A at Data Flow Task, SSIS.Pipeline: component "OLE DB Command" (100) failed the pre-execute phase and returned error code 0xC0202009. When I do the same thing in SSIS2005, it works fine. So I setup a new package with 1 data flow. In that data flow, I added a source component, an OLE DB Command, and a destination.  I then tested this with a stored procedure that took no parameters. It worked fine. I then tested it with a stored procedure with 1 parameter defined as OUTPUT. This generated the error.   Is there an issue with output parameters in an OLE DB Command in SSIS 2008?   Thanks!http://bobp1339.blogspot.com

DataGrid ValidationRule or IDataErrorInfo validation code called multiple times for each data change

Following my enquiry regarding a problem in Datagrid validation, for which managing exceptions is apparently a problem, I tested the two other methods: using validation rules, or implementing the IDataErrorInfo interface. I ran into other problems there, more insidious this time. This has been done on Windows7 (32-bit), .NET 4.0.30319. 1) IDataErrorInfo When this interface is implemented, the this[string columnName] property is called four times for each modification: two times before the cell enters edit mode (with the old value in the corresponding property) two times when the new value has to be validated (with the new value) It strikes me as not really efficient, is there something wrong with my code? Here's the C# part: using System; using System.Windows; using System.Collections.ObjectModel; using System.ComponentModel; namespace DataGridTest2 { public partial class MainWindow : Window { ObservableCollection<User> users; public MainWindow() { InitializeComponent(); users = new ObservableCollection<User>() { new User { Name = "Teddy", Age = "2" }, new User { Name = "Avi", Age = "19" } }; datagrid.ItemsSource = users; datagrid.Focus(); } } public class User : INotifyPropertyChanged, IDataErrorInfo { string name; public string Name

Receive/Delete Multiple FTP Files based on condition using SCRIPT(VB) TASK

I am trying to receive and delete multiple FTP files from a remote FTP server using Script task Below is the code   Dim FTPConnMgr As ConnectionManager FTPConnMgr = Dts.Connections("FTP Connection Manager") Dim FTPClientConn As FtpClientConnection = New FtpClientConnection(FTPConnMgr.AcquireConnection(Nothing)) Dim FileTimeStampNew As String = "20100913021807" Dim remoteFileNames(0) As String remoteFileNames(0) = Dts.Variables("FtpRemoteDirectory").Value & "*" & FileTimeStampNew & ".*" 'Below hardcoded FileName works good. But the problem is there are lots of file in the FTP folder that I dont want to receive 'remoteFileNames(0) = Dts.Variables("FtpRemoteDirectory").Value & "Company_alpha_Full_20100913021807.xml" Dim localPath As String = Dts.Variables("FtpLocalDirectory").Value FTPClientConn.Connect() FTPClientConn.ReceiveFiles(remoteFileNames, localPath, False, False) FTPClientConn.Close() Dts.TaskResult = ScriptResults.Success End Sub End Class If i specifically mention the RemotefileNames this works fine but, when I say *.* it executes succefully but doesn't receives the file. Please advice how to receive multiple file based on a variable BR, AWM

Script Component HELP!

Hi Guys, I have some recordset in the data flow. CURRENT Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5 Column6 Dine In DISCOUNT 20100824 121618 1859 37 Dine In TAX 20100824 121618 1859 -15.8 Dine In TOTAL 20100824 121618 1859 6.77 Dine In TENDER 20100824 121618 1859 63.2 Dine In TAX 20100824 121618 1859 63.2 Dine In DISCOUNT 20100824 121618 1860 37 Dine In TAX 20100824 121618 1860 -15.8 Dine In TOTAL 20100824 121618 1860 6.77 Dine In TENDER 20100824 121618 1860 63.2 Dine In TAX 20100824 121618 1860 63.2 I want to rename the second "TAX" in Column2 with the value of "DELIVERY CHARGE" and i was thinking on how to do this using script component. TARGET Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5 Column6 Dine In DISCOUNT 20100824 121618 1859 37 Dine In TAX 20100824 121618 1859 -15.8 Dine In TOTAL 20100824 121618 1859 6.77 Dine In TENDER 20100824 121618 1859 63.2 Dine In DELIVERY CHARGE 20100824 121618 1859 63.2 Dine In DISCOUNT 20100824 121618 1860 37 Dine In TAX 20100824 121618 1860 -15.8 Dine In TOTAL 20100824 121618 1860 6.77 Dine In TENDER 20100824 121618 1860 63.2 Dine In DELIVERY CHARGE 20100824 121618 1860 63.2 Thanks in advance,

Script Component

Hi Guys,   I am newbie and never done coding in vb. script, I am using SSIS component for this. I am using below code to allow user to enter storeid and change file name inside the directory from filename.ajk to storeid_filename.ajk.   Example:  01012010.ajk 02012010.ajk 03012010.ajk Once the user enter the storeid all the files in that particular directory will change to like this automatically 192572_01012010.ajk 192572_02012010.ajk 192572_03012010.ajk Now all I want is to change the file name from 01012010 to 20100101. So once the user enter the storeid it has to change it to  192572_20100101.ajk 192572_201001012.ajk 192572_20100103.ajk     Please help me guys its a urgent help.       Public Sub Main() ' ' Add your code here         '         Dim InputFilePath As String         Dim StoreNo As String = InputBox("Enter Store No", "StoreNo")         InputFilePath = Dts.Variables("strInputFolder").Value         Dim strFileSize As String = ""           Dts.Variables("StoreNo").Value = StoreNo         Dim di As New IO.DirectoryInfo(InputFilePath)         Dim aryFi As IO.FileInfo

Can you have a different input and output model in a view?

So here is what I would like to do. Lets say I have a view that can do multiple things, and thus talk to several different controllers. For example, it might create a new group, or change the name of an existing group, or add a user to some group. Now, for the view to display correctly, it would only need the username, a list of groups, and possibly a list of users. Yet for the controllers to work they would need a different set of information, the userid to be added to a group, the name of a new group, or the name and id of a group to edit.With this setup, there would be a potential of several different models for both input to the view, and output to the different controllers. I like the idea of using the helpers Html.Textboxfor() ect. to create the different submission elements, but I don't so much like the idea of having one giant model (Even if it just a model that inherits or has several sub models) that gets passed around everywhere for this view. It seems... clunky.Perhaps there is a better way to do this (if so, feel free to smacking me around with a few "Your and idiot"s) but is there any way to have a separate input and output model for a view?

Form input to output as a link on the display page (need help please)

 I have a form, the form works great and displays the information perfectly on a designated display page I have set up from its database.  One problem, I want to display it as a link to the site instead of how it is now, just plain text. Thus the user would put in the text box the site and hit submit and the site would appear of the display page.  Can anyone please assist me on this, and where to drop the hyperlink control? in the form page? or in the display page?    Below is my form code page:     <p><strong><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">International Access Entry      Form</font></strong></p><p><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Please enter information      international contact information below. This if for authorized staff only.</font></p><table width="548" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="10" bgcolor="f0f0f0">  <tr>    <td width="528"><form name="INTL_Form" method="post" action="INTL-results.asp">      <p><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> </f

Making a program take both standard input and output from/to another program

I have an off-the-shelf program A.exe which reads from standard input and writes to standard output. How do I write a program B.exe that reads from program A and then respond to program A by writing to the standard input (of program A)? Piping (|) seems to be one way only. Thanks.

Question using Script Component

Hi Guys, I have this records on my dataflow.   Column1 Column2 Column3 ITEM 1 P ITEM 2 S ITEM 3 N ITEM 4 O ITEM 5 M ITEM 6 MC ITEM 7 MAO ITEM 8 MT ITEM 9 P ITEM 10 S ITEM 11 N ITEM 12 O ITEM 13 M ITEM 14 MC ITEM 15 MAO ITEM 16 MT    I want to add a new column that based on these condition. 1. If Column1 and Column3 is "S", "N", "O", "P" then Column4 value is  1 2. If Column1 and Column3 is "M" then Column4 values is 0 3. if Column1 is not "ITEM" then Column4 value is NULL 4. If Column1 and Column3 is "MC", "MAO" , "MT" then get the last column2 value place for Column4.  Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 ITEM 1 P 1 ITEM 2 S 1 ITEM 3 N 1 ITEM 4 O 1 ITEM 5 M 5 ITEM 6 MC 5 ITEM 7 MAO 5 ITEM 8 MT 5 ITEM 9 P 1 ITEM 10 S 1 ITEM 11 N 1 ITEM 12 M 12 ITEM 13 O 1 ITEM 14 MC 1 ITEM 15 MAO 1 ITEM 16 MT 1  I have the following script to get some of the conditions, but im stuck in the last one with the "MC, MAO, MT" in Column3.  If Column1 = "ITEM" And Column3 = "S" Or Column3 = "N" Or Column3 = "O" Or Column3 = "P" Then             Column4 = "1" &

Error in Script component in the Data Flow Task

Hi, I need a small help. This is what i require. I need to generate a auto increment number using script component and assign it to target column. use db1 go create table src (name varchar(10) ) insert into src select 'A' union all select 'B' union all select 'C'   create table trg (id int, name varchar(10) ) while loading the trg table, i need to generate a auto increment number and then load it to target. Finally, my trg table data should look as follows id name 1  A 2  B 3  C This is what i have done inside the package. step1 : declared a global variable "tmp" of int32 step2 : created a connection manager pointing to "db1" database step3 : drag n drop data flow task step : inside the data flow task , i have the following        OLEDB Source  (select name from src)           |        Script Component (i have added a new Output column "v_id" of int datatype in INPUTS AND OUTPUTS page)           |        OLEDB Destination In the Script page in Script component , in ReadWriteVariables | User::tmp, I have chose Visual Basic 2008 and clicked the EDit script and inside the Editor this and inisde the below routine i have added only two

Script Component Question

Hi Guys, I got this recordet from a flat file. C1 C2 ITM 0 ITM 0 ITM 0 ITM 0 TX 0 DC 0 TOT 1 TN 0 ITM 0 ITM 0 ITM 0 ITM 0 TX 0 DC 0 TOT 2 TN 0 The requirement is if C1 = TOT, then the C2 value remains the same. If C1 <> TOT then C2 value is equal to C1 = TOT value. C1 C2 ITM 1 ITM 1 ITM 1 ITM 1 TX 1 DC 1 TOT 1 TN 1 ITM 2 ITM 2 ITM 2 ITM 2 TX 2 DC 2 TOT 2 TN 2 The sorting is fix. TOT always come first before the TN. Can a script component do this and how? Thanks,

SSIS script component bugs at around 10k rows

I'm trying to load a dimension table from a tab delimited file to a parent-child table. I have made a script like this: public override void Input0_ProcessInputRow(Input0Buffer Row) { String level0 = null, level1 = null, level2 = null, level3 = null, level4 = null, level5 = null; while (!Row.EndOfRowset()) { if (Row.Description_IsNull || Row.Description == "") { if (!Row.NextRow()) break; continue; } if (!Row.Level0_IsNull) { Row.ID = Row.Level0; Row.ParentID = null; level0 = Row.Level0; Row.Description = Row.Description; } else if (!Row.Level1_IsNull) { Row.ID = Row.Level1; Row.ParentID = level0; level1 = Row.Level1; Row.Description = Row.Description; } else if (!Row.Level2_IsNull) { Row.ID = Row.Level2; Row.ParentID = level1; level2 = Row.Level2; Row.Description = Row.Description; } else if (!Row.Level3_IsNull) { Row.ID = Row.Level3; Row.ParentID = level2; level3 = Row.Level3; Row.Description = Row.Description; } else if (!Row.Level4_IsNull) { Row.ID = Row.Level4; Row.ParentID = level3; level4 = Row.Level4; Row.Description = Row.Description; } else if (!Row.Level5_IsNull) { Row.ID = Row.Level5; Row.ParentID = level4; level5

Script Component Help

Hi Guys, I have the following recordset in my dataflow.   Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 Col6 Col7 Col8 Col9 Col10 Col11 Col12 Col13 Col14 Col15 Col16 Col17 Col18 Delivery       DELIVERY 1234567 1 Ewoks 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0   Delivery       ITEM   20100804 111524 25 1 1 4001 5 1 5 1 0 JED SPAGHETTI 1 42   Delivery       TAX   20100804 111524 25 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 TAX 1 92.18   Delivery       TOTAL   20100804 111524 25 1 1 5 0 7 1 0 1 Delivery       1 489.5   Delivery       TENDER   20100804 111524 25 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 CASH 1 489.5   DELIVERY 6671775   Sari-Sari Store 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0     DELIVERY 6671775   Sari-Sari Store 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0     PaidOut-Refd KPP Dep PAIDOUT   20100804 104450 1304 1 -1 7 0 0 0 0 0 PaidOut-Refd KPP Dep 1 500     Conditions: If Col1 <> "DELIVERY" And Col2 = "DELIVERY" Then Col18 = Col3 + "," + Col4 Where Col2 = "TENDER" If Col1 = "DELIVERY" And Col2 = "DELIVERY" Then Col18 = Col3 + "," + Col4 Where Col2 = "TENDER" If Col1 in first row = "DEL

How to get SSMS SCRIPT AS ... output programmatically using VB.NET?

I'm looking for a way to get the output from a "SCRIPT AS ... CREATE TO ... New Query Window" under SSMS, but using VB.NET (or C#) code to initiate the output which I can then save off or use internally in my .NET application.Basic idea is that:1.  Connect to a master server2.  Initiate SCRIPT AS ... CREATE TO ... on an existing table3.  Use the scripted TSQL in my application to create that table on another SQL instance/serverExample of scripted output that I want to use in my .NET application   USE [MyTable] GO /****** Object: Table [dbo].[MyTable] Script Date: 03/09/2010 08:24:52 ******/ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO CREATE TABLE [dbo].[MyTable]( [MyField1] [bigint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [MyField2] [nvarchar](5) NOT NULL, [MyField3] [bigint] NOT NULL, ... I've looked at sp_helptext, but I don't think that is what I need, not sure.Thanks, Rob.

ScriptManager CompositeScript Error: A script reference cannot be included multiple times in composi

I am getting the following error using the CompositeScript feature of the ScriptManager.  I have ScriptManagerProxy in several different usercontrols that use CompositeScript to add whatever JS files they need.  Sometimes there are duplicates which would get removed by the script manager, but that is not happening with the Composite Scripts.  Looking at the stack trace, it calls RemoveDuplicates but for some reason it doesn't do so.  Is this a bug?  Is there a workaround or a hotfix? Thanks! A script reference cannot be included multiple times in composite script references. Stack Trace: [InvalidOperationException: A script reference cannot be included multiple times in composite script references.]   System.Web.UI.ScriptManager.RemoveDuplicates(List`1 scripts) +698   System.Web.UI.ScriptManager.RegisterScripts() +328   System.Web.UI.ScriptManager.OnPagePreRenderComplete(Object sender, EventArgs e) +113   System.Web.UI.Page.OnPreRenderComplete(EventArgs e) +8695102   System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +1029

SQL Server 2008 Script Componant Error - [SSIS.Pipeline] Error: component "Script Comp Name" (48) fa

Hi All,   I am facing one strange issue in SSIS 2008. I have developed one SSIS package which is importing excel data into SQL Server 2008. This Package contains some Scirpt componants. This package is working fine on Windows XP machine but when I am trying to run on Windows 2003 server it gives me error "[SSIS.Pipeline] Error: component "SCR RDSTableRelation" (48) failed the post-execute phase and returned error code 0x80004002". Surprising thing is that if on windows server 2003server  if I drag a new script componat and paste the previous script code itself then it works fine. Even if I copy-paste the existing script componant and give source-destination connectino to this new script componant then also it works.

Multiple sources for XSL transformations to generate single XML output

I have a situation where i need to call multiple web service methods and get their responses in XML format. Then I need to combine all those responses in one single XML message which would be returned from my custom web service method, someting like this: {Message1 + Message2 + Message3} -> XSL -> CompositMessage (output) Is it possible to achieve this using XSLT, it could be "XslCompiledTransform" or any other alternative? Farrukh
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