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ToolboxControl.SelectedTool -- where is the category subproperty?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 11, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application
Given the ToolboxControl.SelectedTool property, how do I determine the category of that selected item? Is there a better way to determine the original ToolboxItemWrapper item that is associated with the SelectedTool than doing a DisplayName comparison of the SelectedTool to the items in the original ToolboxCategories?

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Category attribute of user control property does not work correctly in categories tab.



I have a User Control (ascx) and a property which a want to display in my categories tab in Visual Studio in the category named "Styles".

[Category("Styles"), DefaultValue(""), Description("The value for formating something.")]
public String MyFormatProperty
set { /* the code for set */; }
get { /* the code for get */; }

And here is the problem: Actually I do not need a get, because I only have to set the property (write only property). But when I omit the get, the property is displayed in the "Misc" category in the categories tab in Visual Studio. Only when I code the get as well, then the property is displayed correctly in the "Styles" category in the categories tab in Visual Studio.

Does anybody know why? How can I display the category correctly only with set?

Thanks, S.

how I show category and forum like our forum.asp.net


hi, I would like to make script that show category and all its forum

that 's why I have created table 'cat' ( id , CAT_TITLE )( table for category)

and an other table for forum name ' s 'forum' ( id , name,CAT_ID)

my question how I can show category and the forum  by using repeater or another control like http://forums.asp.net/

Jquery dynamic Category menu


Dear Friends

Im currently developing ecommerce web site. I reffered to some video tutorials in ASP.net website and i managed to develped basic store front for my ecommerce website. I would like give more attractive look to my categories menu using Jquery or ajax. Please someone help me to understand how to apply jquery or ajax to dynamic category menu.

I use web user control to create category menu. This is my code for that.

<%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="CategoriesList.ascx.cs" Inherits="UserControls_CategoriesList" %>
<asp:DataList ID="list" runat="server" CssClass="CategoriesList" Width="200px">
    Choose a Category
  <HeaderStyle CssClass="CategoriesListHead" />
    <asp:HyperLink ID="HyperLink1" Runat="server"
      NavigateUrl='<%# Link.ToCategory(Request.QueryString["DepartmentID"], Eval("CategoryID").ToString()) %>'
      Text='<%# HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(Eval("Name").ToString()) %>'
      ToolTip='<%# HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(Eval("Description").ToString()) %>'

Nested gridview to show category and forum

hi,I would like to do like this forum http://www.vbforums.com/there is category and under its there are all forum of this category to do that , I create 2 tables in DB cat for category have 2 rows ( id,title) and table forum have 3 rows ( id,title,Cat_ID) I can do it with Php but in asp.net I can'tI read in some article to create  nested gridviewI try but I didn't find solution and thanks

Select Category

Hi All. Greetings.I have 2 Table.Table_Category | ID | Category_Name |   1       Wood   2       IronTable_SubID  |   Catagory_ID  |  Name1   |    1                    | Wood12   |    1                    | Wood23   |    2                    | Iron24   |    2                    | Iron3I want result Like this.Wood             Wood1             Wood2Iron          Iron1          Iron2and If i want to go Further in Sub Category then it will be like this.Wood              Wood1           &nb

Problem Add Category Item by select department

Add Category Item by select department Firstly database has two tables Department and Category Department Table Id -------int  (PK) dep_name--------nvarchar(50) dep_description---------nvarchar(100) -------------------------------------------------------- Category Table Id------int cat_name------- nvarchar(50) cat_description----------- nvarchar(100) IsActive--------bit DepartmentId-----int   (FK) ---------------------------------------------------------- I have form contain DetailsView control under name CategoryDetailsView. My problem: this mechanism not duo correctly I don't know why,  only show to me when I run page" Procedure or function InsertCategory has too many arguments specified. " My idea when a user need to create category must on him write category details ( category name, Description, IsActive) and select this category where to insert by select department name from drop downlist This control connecting with table under name Category, insert process by stored procedure under name sp_InsertCategoryALTER Procedure [dbo].[InsertCategory] (@cat_name nvarchar(50) ,@cat_description nvarchar(100),@IsActive bit , @Result int output)AsBegin Insert Into Category (cat_name , cat_description, IsActive ) Values (@cat_name , @cat_description, @IsActive ) Select @Result = @@IdentityEnd <asp:DetailsView ID="CategoryDetailsView

WebpartToolPart category "Appearance" expanded by default - How to revert this ?

Hi When I create a sharepoint 2007 webpart and attach a custom Toolpart to the webpart it works fine. However, when I go into edit mode the appearance category is always expanded, and I would like it to be collapsed. I have noticed that the Content Query Webpart be default has collapsed all the catgories of the WebPartToolpart. I tried to look through the code in Reflector, but I wasn't able to figure out how this webpart does the trick. I have found that the WebPartToolpart class has and Expand() method, but undfortunately not a Collapse method. Does anyone has the answer to this one ? Best Regards Lars Kohsel, Nykredit Denmark.

update sys category

I'm trying to remove a read only/stand by database that I believe was a messed-up attempt at log shipping. When I go through the interface it says 'cannot remove database because it is set up for replication'. If I try and 'directly update' the sys tables (yea I know you can't do that anymore) I get the error:   Msg 259, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Ad hoc updates to system catalogs are not allowed.     So my dilema is I just want to delete a database that was attempting to do log shippinig and is now stuck in read only/standby. How can this be done in SQL 2005?   Thanks, Phil

Can I hide the "View Product" link in the grid view when there aren't any products for the category

Hello,Suppose you create a DD web site using a database that has products and categories. The products table has a foreign key reference to the categories table, and when you look at the categoriesin the DD site, each category has a link "View Product" that you can click to see produtcs in that category.However, this link shows even if there aren't any products in the category. Can I change this?Thanks

How to change the look up field "Category" in Posts a required field

This is for a SharePoint 2010 Blog site. Is it possible in SharePoint 2010 to change the look up field "Category" for Posts as a required field?  I can create a new look up field and specify that as a required field but don't have an option to make the column "Category" as required. 

Blog category view not showing any posts?

Is there something i need to do for the category specific views of posts?I have the categories webpart, and people are adding their posts to 1 or more categories, but when clicking on one of the categories it shows no posts what-so-ever.  THe only posts that do show are ones where I remove all categories.I have tried editing the current view and typing the category name in and that works, I am assuming that the category should be put into that field from the query string by the webpart??? or is there something i need to do??Thx for all help offered.

Customising Report Category and Status

Hi there,   Does anyone know how to customise the Report Category and Report Status in SharePoint?   At the moment we are stuck with the defaults (below)   Report Category: Category 1 Category 2 Category 3   Report Status Final Preliminary Period To Date   Thanks.   Regards, Jamie

Create Collection Template Category/group

Is there a way in WSS 3.0 to create a custom group/category to hold custom templates?  I created a project template and would like to create a group for my company as opposed to having the template go into the "Custom" category.  I have searched google over an no posts are available on this topic and stsadm does not have a command for creating a group.

RDLC Category

Hi All. Greetings.I wrote this query in RDLCselect * from Tablethen i select Name(category) as Group.It is howing me group wise detail.But one group I don't want to show as group.RDLC. =IIF(Fields!Cateory.Value="Hadi","",Fields!cateory.Value)Event it is showing me result.Ali Hadi  | 2   | 3 Jon    |  4 |  5 Hadi Robi | 2  | 3 Ali    |  4 |  5 Robi Hadi  | 2 | 3 Ali     |  4 |  5 But i want not to show group "Hadi" and result should but bellowAli Hadi  | 2   | 3 Jon    |  4 |  5Robi Hadi  | 2 | 3 Ali     |  4 |  5

How to display Category Name instead of CategoryID?

I have class Item & Category public class Item { public int Id { get; set; } public String Name { get; set; } public int CategoryID { get; set; } } public class Category { public int Id { get; set; } public String Name { get; set; } }   How can I display Category Name? Do I have to add CategoryName into Item class and bind it on aspx page or is there something similar to Html.DropDownList?<%:Html.DropDownList("CategoryID", new SelectList(ViewData["Categories"] as IEnumerable, "CategoryID","Name", Model.CategoryID))%>  

Creating dynamic category menu integrate with back office.


Dear friends,

Im developing ecommerce website and i want to add category menu to my website. This category menu should have 2 levels for sub categories as well. I tried navigation controls in ASP.net. But still i cant understand how to create the navigation menu in order to integrate with back office. I understand that i can do this with XML file, But if i want to add new products categories or remove categories, XML file should update automatically according to that. I don't understand how to do that. In brief all i want is create category menu with subcategories and i want to control this from my back office.

i read this tutorial http://www.asp.net/web-forms/tutorials/tailspin-spyworks-part-3  But it doesnt shows subcategory menus.

Im new to asp.net. so please explain me what is the simplest way to create such menu,

Linq to SQL group by category and count each subcategory


I am wonder how I can generate a result table from linq to sql as below

Car sales table
Toyota              small
Toyota              passenger
Toyota              small
Honda               small
Honda               small
Honda               passenger
Honda               small

result table
Brand                small            passenger     total
Toyata                2                  1                     

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