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JsonResult and extjs JsonStore

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 10, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
 Hello all, I am trying to use the JsonResult to populate a extjs grid using the extjs JsonStore. The JsonStore requires the json to be formatted in a specific way which I have been unable to make happen. The JsonStore requires the json to be formatted like this.{ results: 2, rows: [ { id: 1, firstname: 'Bill', occupation: 'Gardener' }, // a row object { id: 2, firstname: 'Ben' , occupation: 'Horticulturalist' } // another row object ]} I'm using a linq to sql query to get the data and then I'm passing the linq variable to the Controller.Json method as the return type. What this gives me is the following.[{"Code":0,"Label":"Not Processed"},{"Code":1,"Label":"Wish List"},{"Code":2,"Label":"Review Soon"},{"Code":3,"Label":"Subsequent Release"},{"Code":4,"Label":"Scheduled for Release"},{"Code":5,"Label":"Immediate Build/Patch"},{"Code":8,"Label":"Refused"},{"Code":9,"Label":"Non-Problem"}]I'm missing the results: and rows: properties. The only way I can think of to add the results: and rows: properties is to serialize the linq variable to create a string

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how to read raw jsonresult output in MVC

its retuHello, How can i get to see the raw jsonresult of an action in a controller? i want to make sure its returning correctly formed data.   thanks

How To Use JsonResult

I'm learning about controller action methods in MVC and I'm doing a how-totutorial so I can understand how to use JsonResult. My setup is simple. I have asingle view, Start.aspx. I have a query string and when the id is 1, it loadsthe view for the Start.aspx page. When the query string is 2, it loads aJsonResult.// Markup from Start.aspx<ul>    <li><a href="Home/Start?id=1">Click to see a ViewResult</a></li>    <li><a href="Home/Start?id=2">Click to see a JsonResult</a></li></ul>// Code from HomeController.cspublic ActionResult Start(){    switch (Convert.ToInt32(Request.QueryString["id"]))    {        case 1: return View();        case 2: return Json(new Dictionary<string, string> { { "1", "Blue" }, { "2", "Yellow" }, { "3", "Green" } }, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);        default: return View();    }}When I click on the "Click to see a JsonResult" link, a new JSON object is sentback to the client and I get a popup in my browser asking me if I want to savethe results, which are:{"1":"Blue","2":"Yellow",

How to use Extjs with asp.net 2.0


Hi All,

          I am start working on Extjs with asp.net 2.0. If some one have used Extjs with asp.net 2.0 then please help me, how can i bind grid and all other control with SQL Server. Also provide me suggestion to use Extjs with asp.net 2.0

Please provide me link of all the site that can help me.


Thanks !!

Pradeep Kr. Sharma

using jsonresult actions to pass json data to 3rd party apps



i want to use MVC 2 actions to pass JSON data to a 3rd party application via a URL.

The URL will be in the form of http://www.abc.com/controller/action..I am using JSonResult

How can i test the output of this URL to ensure the JSON is properly formed..


must my URL be in the format http://www.abc.com/controller/action.json?


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