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Balance Sheet for Stock

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 10, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hi All hear is My Table and Database   tblRecycle Date Ope.Balance Curent Purchase Current Sale Closing Bal 18/03/2010 1336.35 0 0 1336.35 19/03/2010 250.7 0 0 250.7 20/03/2010 130.35 0 0 130.35 21/03/2010 208.9 0 0 208.9 22/03/2010 256.95 0 0 256.95 23/03/2010 243.4 0 0 243.4 24/03/2010 203.45 0 0 203.45 25/03/2010 270.3 0 0 270.3 26/03/2010 370.25 0 0 370.25 27/03/2010 244.95 0 0 244.95 and hear is my Query   SELECT     tPurchased.RecyclingDateIn, ISNULL(oPurchased.Quant, 0) - ISNULL(tSold.Quant, 0) AS Balance, ISNULL(cPurchased.Quant, 0) AS QuantityPurchased,                       ISNULL(cSold.Quant, 0) AS QuantitySold, (ISNULL(oPurchased.Quant, 0) + ISNULL(cPurchased.Quant, 0)) - (ISNULL(tSold.Quant, 0) + ISNULL(cSold.Quant, 0))                       AS StockInHand FROM         (SELECT     RecyclingDateIn                        FROM          tblRecyclingGoods     &

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Advise on calculation of measure of Balance sheet account

I am building a cube on top of Navision. The transaction table contains all transactions since the start with Navision (1 July 2003) on General Ledger Account level. For the Balance Sheet accounts, we have imported/inserted opening balance amounts. For the calculation of a trial balance of the Profit and Loss accounts I can just SUM the transactions for the period and it gives me the result for the period. For the balance sheet however, I can only calculate the net change for the period but not the ending balance for that period. Does SSAS have some kind of function to calculation the amount since the first date entry? (in my case 1 July 2003) For the P&L for example I created a calculated measure by using the YTD function that gives me the SUM for January untill August, even if I have selected only the month of August. It would be nice if SSAS had some kind of STD (start to date) function. Or do you advise that I have SSIS insert an opening balance on 1 January for each General balance sheet account (if I would find out how to do that ;-)

display data into GridView from excel sheet

I have to display data from excel sheet into my gridview and also I need to figure out a way to store data into excel files from my web page. I am using C# 3.5, VS 2008.

delete record from excel sheet



           I have write the code for deleting the data in excel sheet. but we have got the error" Deleting data in a linked table is not supported by this ISAM."

     below I paste some code snippest.

string strDelete = "Delete  from [" + strSheetName + "$]";

            cmdExcel.Connection = con;
            cmdExcel.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
            cmdExcel.CommandText = strDelete;


Please can anybody this answer.It is urgent

delete data in excel sheet



           I have write the code for deleting the data in excel sheet. but we have got the error" Deleting data in a linked table is not supported by this ISAM."

     below I paste some code snippest.

string strDelete = "Delete  from [" + strSheetName + "$]";

            cmdExcel.Connection = con;
            cmdExcel.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
            cmdExcel.CommandText = strDelete;


Please can anybody this answer.It is urgent

How to read value of CheckBox in EXCEL sheet


I am using OLEDBConnection (@"Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;") to connect to the EXCEL file and read contents. When I read the contents, I get all the contents from the excel sheet but i dont get contents for checkboxes placed inside.

My Excel sheet contains set of checkboxes and I need to know If they are checked or not.These checkboxes are controls which are added from Developer tab in EXCEL.

I dont want to use Excel Assemblies for reading contents as it is not recommended. And also i am using OLEDBconnection and want to stick to this .

Awaiting replies from you guys. Thanks in Advance.

Export Gridview data to Excel sheet


Hi ,

     I have a requirement where i need to export the gridview data to excel.My code export the data in excel that was fine.

But the enchancement needed now , I was exporting the 3 gridview in same excel sheet under the workbook.

Now i need to export the 3 grid view in 3 different sheet in the same workbook.

so can please tell or share the updated code in my below code ...

public void writeovrsummary()


        Response.Write("Overall Summary");
        //Response.Write("Report as of " + DateTime.Now.ToString("hh:mm ss tt"));

        StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
        HtmlTextWriter hw = new HtmlTextWriter(sw);

        SqlCommand com = MyConnection.CreateCommand();
        com.CommandText = "useroverall_Report";
        SqlParameter[] par = new SqlParameter[1];
        par[0] = new

Export Dataset to excel sheet in a required format?



I know how to export a grid view to excel.

But here i have a Dataset which consists of data like below and also it need to display in a required format like below.

pno psubno pstate pdetailid pdetails

 12    1          CA         1           cbsdjcbdjc     

12     1          CA          2        cndcnjdcjcj

12     2           VA         4          xcndwkfcgygry

13     1            AL        1           ncdcnjdcndj

My excel sheet  should like this.

pid       pstate     

 12/1      CA             &nb

Wiki page style sheet in SP 2007


Is there any way I can add CSS information with the HTML behind a Wiki page?

I wan't to make one pagethat serves as a templatesfor future posts, and I like to control the layout of this post and subsequent posts through a stylesheet.


Mulitiple Connections to Excel Sheet


I have a spreadsheet that I want to link to Sharepoint as a list.  I want to use Sharepoint to make updates to the spreadsheet as well as for lookups in other lists.

My problem is that the spreadsheet already has a data connection to a SQL database.  The spreadsheet doesn't update the DB directly but the DB connection is used to keep the spreadsheet updated with new data edited directly in the DB.  I don't own the DB or the spreadsheet so cannot convince them to do their editing another way (directly from the info in the spreadsheet for example) so ...I HAVE to keep the existing connection to the DB. 

My question is...is it possible to keep the connection to the DB AND link to Sharepoint?

OR..is there another solution? 

How to dynamically hide stock edit/display form?


How can I dynamically hide/show the stock edit or display form of a list item?

Sheet Master in Excel vs Slide Masters in PowerPoint


Is it possible to create a Sheet Master in Excel as we create Slide Masters in PowerPoint?

For example, I'd like to insert a picture in several sheets and i couldn't find a better way than copying/pasting the pic in each sheet.



stock financial reports


i want to design a stock financial report system and fortunately i hooked in the database design part. The report is made up of different sector and under the sectors thier are companies. All sectors have some unique entry fields which makes it different from the other. for example banking sector is different from insurance sector because there are entries that differ. My problem is how to create a non-redundant database that features all the sectors and companies. the idea i thought is to make a table for every sector and i found out that with these idea i wil have some relational issues for example in each sector i will have company id as primary so in establsiing relation i will hav constraint.

Please i want sombody to help me and give me idea of how to design a non-redundant databse with respect to these subject. tnk u

How to create time-sheet ?

I don't know what can I call it in English? 01-Aug 02-Aug 03-Aug ... 31-Aug worker A 8(textbox) 8 ... 8 worker B 4 8 ... 8 worker C 8 8 ... 8 ... ... ... ... ...                                              Submit buttonhow to create a datagrid like above, date columns (days of month): dynamicallyworker column: name of worker in each department: dynamicallywe will enter number of hour worker do everyday in textboxThanks

In export, i want to disable column in excel sheet

Hello, I am doing Import/Export. While export i want to disable some column in excel sheet, so during upload or import same primary key I can use, instead of user modify such column. Regards, Sandeep    

Excel sheet is not saving data while sending email

Hey Guys,  I am creating a SSIS package, where I am getting all the data into the excelsheet1, which is not formatted. So i created a formated excelsheet2, where i am giving reference to excelsheet1 cells reference. And I am sending email by attaching excelsheet2.              I am having issue when the data is updated, but my email attachment excel is showing old data. When i open the excelsheet1 it is being updated. I don't know why excelsheet2 is not updated automatically. I am using BIDS 2005 . Can anyone please suggest what will solve my problem. Thanks in Advance Priyamvadha

Read Excel sheet by Sheet Name using office interop

Hi,I am using office interop to read Excel sheet.I want to read the contents of the sheet  using the name of the sheet.For example I want to read the contents of the sheet- "ABC" (if ABC exists).Thanks

Generating Multiple Excel Sheet using Reporting Services 2005.

<p> Hi, I'm currently developing a program using ASP.NET 2.0 (C#) and i am using Reporting Services 2005. One of the report requirements is to export a data to an excel with multiple excel sheet. Is there other way to generate multiple excel sheet using the reporting services? if yes, i would like to ask a sample code... Thanks in advance, JP  </p> 
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