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Summed Daily totals giving different amounts from Monthly totals

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 10, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hi all, We have a cube that was displaying revenue at the monthly level for our shops. The aggregration was done in SQL by before being read into the fact table that the cube was based on. I was tasked to take the aggregration down to daily level. What has happened is that my cubed monthly totals do not work out to the 'old' monthly sales. One store is 0.4 % different on one measure and a total figure is about £300 out on sales of £48K I am thinking a rounding error. I appreciate the details are important but I do not want to come on here and expect someone to look through my code. :-) I am more after pointers on what to look for and if anyone has seen this sort of thing before. Any input appreciated. Thanks all.

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Datalist with embedded Grid or List...Sub Totals issue with iteration


Let me see if one of you can assist with this one...


i have a similar situation, but mine does not use the selected item (item Command). Here is what the form is to do:


1. this is for an educational environment, so we use SID- NOT SSN's, but i use the SID as a filter in the subset as the grouping unique id.

2. I'm trying to inject a sub total row at the last line item of each SID (if more than one item in the report for that SID).

3. I'm looping thru the items in the Datalist Item Command with a for each (item i in Datalist2.Items).

Adding Totals to RDLC Matrix


I'm using a local RDLC report in VS2008 / .NET 3.5 which includes a Matrix.  It works fine and shows its corresponding Rows, Columns, and Data values as specified.

How can I add row totals / column totals in order to show sum of Data values both horizontally and vertically?

RDLC Rows and colums totals



I want to  show the row totals and column totals in the rdlc matrix. Please let me know how to do this.

For example:

                 2006  2007  2008  2009  Total

A                10      20      30      40       100

B                20      30      10      10       70  

Total          30      50      40      50       170


sum of 7 column totals in footer of gridview

I have implemented column tolals in the footer of my gridview using the technicque described in this article http://aspalliance.com/782 .Now I would like to have a total of the 7 column totals that are displayed in the footer.  Can anyone tell me how to do this.  I would like to display this in a label or an addition row in the footer if that is possible.

overriding "grand totals" for calculated members

hi all, is there a workaround for overriding "grand totals" for calculated members?  (I cannot use the workaround whereby I create the calculation in the DSV or view directly due to it being a pretty complex Descendant parent/child calculation).   thanks much for any thoughts, Cos

SSRS 2008 Toggling visibility changes the totals

SSRS 2008 When I toggle row (detail) visibility off, my subtotals are zero.  My subtotals are correct when I toggle visibility on. I am using custom aggredate functions to producte the subtotals. It appears my custom functions are not called when visibilty is off How can I work around this? Thanks in advance for your help  

Grand Totals showing "Type MisMatch" error

Hi All, I have created a calculated measure using Exponential and Datediff function, and the formula is shown below. ( (EXP((DateDiff( "d", CDATE([Time].[Date].CurrentMember.PrevMember.MemberValue), CDATE([Time].[Date]. CurrentMember.MemberValue)))/365.0 * [Measures].[CD Dec Interest Rate]) -1) * ([Time].[Date]. CurrentMember.PrevMember.PrevMember,[Measures].[Cummulative_Premium])   ) In the above formula what i am trying to achieve is finding the difference between previous date and current no of days in days and dividing it by 365 and doing some multiplication after that, When i deployed above formula all my row values are getting displayed correctly but all my grand totals are displaying as "#VALUE" and when i checked the error, it displays as TYPE MisMatch. Could some one help me in finding the problem in above formula. Thanks in advance.

What is the best way to add an extra row to the bottom of a listivew for such things as totals, etc.

 I can add a row to the bottom of a listivew by inserting a table after the layouttemplate in a listview.  It works fine for me to call the added controls from code-behind and chane the control values. Since my listview changes width dynamically depending on the contents of the data, my added table columns don't match up.  I have tried to access the width property of the table and then match the new ones with codebhind, but it doesn't seem to work. I am simply trying to add a row to the bottom of the listview to provide for totals of the columnts.  What is the best way to to that?   Thanks

SSRS 2008 group footer totals on a new page has a non-expected large cell height

SSRS 2008 group footer totals on a new page has a non-expected large cell height. When the group total is the first component on a new page, then this happens, but when it is part of the group on but not the first component, then it reverts to normal cell height. I have played with the advance settings now for hours, but cannot get this to work. Any ideas?  

Report Builder 2.0 and Matrix Sub totals

Hi All, Hope someone can assist... I am busy building a complex Financial report and have to deal with lots of Sub Totals etc. I basically have 2 questions: 1. I have 2 Matrixes and wan't to "SUM" the sub total from one matrix with the sub total from another (both will have seperate groupings, is this even possible. 2. How do i add the Value of "TextBox1" to the value of "TextBox2", the expression will be appriciated ? Regards  

Needs totals from two unrelated tables

Hi everyone I have to create a report on reporting services that will give me 12 totals. One total has to do with a total number of tanf clients and it should be 45 but I keep getting 18, and the total number of One parent Families but I keep getting and Two-Parent Families which should be 42. then on the same report I haveto get the kids ages, Like the total kids that are age 0-3 and kids that are 4-5 and kids ta are k-12. Can anyone help with this please. I hope that made some kind of sense? All of this has to show on one report This involves Two tables that arent really related. The people_tbl and the Student_tbl People_tbl CREATE TABLE [dbo].[People_tbl]( [Parent ID] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL, [Family ID] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [StudentID] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Referral Location] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Referral Date] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Registration Date] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Student First Name] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Student Last Name] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Student SS#] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Student ____] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Grade] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Age] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Student Date of Birth] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Event ID] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [TANFreferral] [nvarchar](255) NULL, [Enrollmentstatus] [nvarchar](255) NULL, [EmailAddress] [nvarchar](100) NULL, [ScannedDocuments] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [ParentRelease] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Stude

TopCount and grand totals

Hey all, I've written a query to show top 20 product sales. How can I also show the grand total for all product sales? Thanks, Matt

Gridview Totals in Footer

 I am having problems with displaying the totals in the footer of a gridview. I am writing a page whereby users can enter comments and marks for an online photo competition. The page has a details view to enter the comment and mark. Its has a details view where the photo is displayed. It has a gridview where the comments and marks that have been entered are displayed. It works well - the details view allows comment and mark entry and the gridview show the comments and marks as they are entered. The problems are twofold. Firstly the total shows double the marks that should be displayed. Secondly, when you leave the page and then return later, you have to refresh the page before it will show the latest comment and mark even though it shows this immediately after entering the data. Ive provided my code below:   Partial Class PhotoAlbum_PhotoDetails     Inherits System.Web.UI.Page     Private TotalMarks As Decimal     Protected Sub DisplayComment_RowDataBound(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewRowEventArgs) Handles DisplayComment.RowDataBound         If e.Row.RowType = DataControlRowType.DataRow Then             TotalMarks += Convert.ToDecimal(DataBinder.Eval(e.Row.DataItem, "Mark"))   

sub totals for column group but not as SUM of groups values but as difference(minus -) between 2 val

I have a tablix control in my report having 3 row groups and 3 column group as Day Vs Last Week Day, Week Vs Last Week and MTD to Last Year MTD, now I want to Subtotal in my report after each group but not as SUM but rather as difference between 1st value of group and 2nd value of group, is this possible in tablix control?

Creating Matrix report to show totals, need subreport to show details...

I've created a perfect matrix report using the nifty wizard and it's exactly what the client wants, but they would also like to see the detail for each row. I'm able to create subreports and pass parameters and all that jazz, but I'm having a hard time setting up a subreport for this matrix. It's pretty much this format                      MakeOfCar                      ModelOfCar LotLocation   Count of cars   This would return:                         Ford           Ford                        Mustang      F150 Location A:         5                0 Location B:         2                3    

Totals Problem in Report

Hi, I have a report which displays how many people per month and year attended a course out of the whole organisation:                2008           2009                 Jan             Jan Word           5               9 Excel          10               5 Access        7                4  Total         22            18   The report only displays the people who attended.  The database I have got has everyone who worked in the organisation.  I need the total number of people who attended the course to be out of the whole organisation total for that year. e.g.  22 people out of 2000 attended a course in 2008 and 18 people out of 1500 attended a course in 2009. I created another query within the report which gives all employees e.g. select distin
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