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Is WPF dead or going to be

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 10, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF
I read this article and not sure if its worth learning WPF in case its not used in future - anyone got any thoughts? http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/09/microsoft_html_5/ 

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Use The Source, Luke: Source Server Helps You Kill Bugs Dead In Visual Studio 2005


The latest releases of WinDBG and Visual Studio know exactly how to use source server, so its benefits are available to both .NET and native C++ developers. See why this is so important in tracking down bugs.

John Robbins

MSDN Magazine August 2006

Dead SQL server

Hi folks An SQL server at work is pretty much dead but I can still access the location where the mdb and ldf files are, so I'm making a copy of them quickly before the server dies completely.  I was wondering what I can do with them though once I have copied with them.  If I build a new SQL server, then can I import these files somehow?  Thanks!

Your opinion: Are CSS friendly Adapters dead in 2010?

What do you think? Is it wise to start to use CSS Friendly adapters at this point (2010) with these observations in mind: VS2010 and .Net4 are coming and may offer something new MVC is an option if you really want to manage your page layout Microsoft is not involved with CSSFA The codeplex project seems to be sleeping along It's been 4 years since it started   Is there a better way to get control of the HTML emitted by ASP.Net controls? I for one  am fed up with wrestling with the failures of browsers to handle the table code properly (e.g. applying classes) yet I am fearful of going down the CSS road when it seems so stale. What do you think? Your recommendation?

Transaction (Product Id 54) was dead locked

Hi,    I am using sql server 2005 express edition. The database is filled up to 700 MB. it is giving error like "Transaction (Product Id 54) was dead lock resources with another process and had been chosen as dead lock victim returns transaction." I am getting this error for this we are restarting sql server. Then it is working fine for 2 hours after that it is giving same error with diferent product id like 59 etc.   our clients nearly 1000.   I didn't  find what is problem.   Please solve my problem. Because my application in production.     Thanks in Advance.      

Dead Link still appearing on view all site content


I have deleted a meeting workspace template that errored as I was deleting it, the error was

Delete site operation cancelled by user.  Check the log files for additional details.

  The archive folder does not exist or is not properly configured.

Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.

  • the site is still appearing in the view all site content list, is there any way of forcing this dead link out of that view.

Detecting dead accounts and cleaning them from a SharePoint site



I've been asked to create a solution which detects the dead accounts and cleans it up from a SharePoint site.

I found a code snippet here (in the comments) which checks each user against the AD and cleans up the account. But the LDAP details are hardcoded in the code. What happens if i want to detect it dynamically and check the dead accounts? Is there a more elegant solution to do this?

Any ideas?

Visit SharePoint User group - India

Dead links


Hi guys!
           I'm having problem with WSS 3.0(without MOSS). The links for all the site in the quicklaunch works, but for SOME of the links in the All Site Content page [http://server/mainsite/_layouts/viewlists.aspx?ShowSites=1] doesn't. This also happens when clicking the link up in the title page if you're in the subsite [http://server/mainsite/subsite05], both links gives a HTTP 500 Internal Error page when clicked. I've tried deleting and re-creating the link in the mainsite's quicklaunch I also tried to reset specific page to site definition version or reset all pages in this site to site definition version in the subsite05, nothing works.

           Hope somebody have tried troubleshooting this problem.


How to delect unexpected dead client in wcf duplex


Dear all.

At present, I have chat project using WCF duplex. But I have issue related to callback which is implemented in client side. When client hit disconnect button, it works well, but in case, client crashed for some resaons as disconnecting network, shutdown... After that, service dont know client disconnected and remove it form list of online clients.

Now I want to detect disconnected client as fast as possible for any reasons.

Any body help me .


Thank so much.


Silverlight is Dead, the Moon is Made of Cheese, and HTML 5 is Ready for Prime Time


Disclaimer: My company does a lot of Silverlight consulting and training (among several other technologies including jQuery, ASP.NET and SharePoint) so I definitely have a stake in Silverlight.

I'm really happy Microsoft is embracing HTML 5 in IE9 as announced at PDC 2010. That's a good thing for every web developer out there even though I think we're in for quite the x-browser battle in the near future. I went through that back in the Netscape 4/IE4 days and still fight it today (although jQuery makes things much more fun!) and can't say I'm looking forward to the x-browser issues that will most certainly come up.  I'm all for HTML 5 though and do agree it's the way forward for "true" x-browser and x-device applications.  I think that initially (meaning 4+ years ago when the idea sprouted) Microsoft probably did see Silverlight as a player in cross platform application development. But, it's just not going to run on every device especially iOS devices which weren't even around back at that time the concept for Silverlight was initially discussed - thus the focus on HTML 5 at

an Unkown error on 100% dead site.


So I have this site that is 100% totally dead, cant access the pages, admin area, nothing. Normally if it is a Web part you can access the admin area and the maintenance page. But this site is just dead.


I get this exception in the log:


Exception Type: System.Web.HttpException  Exception Message: Unable to connect to SQL Server session database. The connection string (server='BVSQL\Sharepoint', database='BVSP_SharedServices_DB') was returned by an instance of the IPartitionResolver type 'Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.SqlSessionStateResolver, Microsoft.Office.Server, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c'.


Other site-collections works just fine, and Central Administration and the Shared Services Site also works.


Could it be the site collection content db thats fried??




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