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MOSS 2007 Calculate Due Date including working hours and working days

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 10, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi, I've searched many forums for an answer to my problem but with very limited success. Basically, I've created a Sharepoint list where I would like to track a resolution of incidents versus SLA timings. I have a column with a receiving date, which is a date when the request was submitted and another column with priority code where I have 3 possible values: low (5 working days to close the request), medium (3 days) and high (1 day). What I would like to do is to automatically calculate due date for solving the incident based on the receiving date and the priority code. The thing is that now it is getting more complicated since I need to exclude saturdays and sundays from calculation, as well as national holidays. Then I would like to take into account working hours (from 8am to 4pm), for example if an incident with medium priority was submitted on Friday 5pm, then it would have its due date set to Wednesday 4pm (the request was sent after working hours so we have 3 full working days to complete it) Not sure if it is feasible to achieve using formulas, maybe some other way?

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MOSS 2007 - This Site and This List Scopes Not Working



I am using the production version of MOSS 2007 Enterprise.  Selecting the search scope "This Site" or "This List" and specifying information that demonstrably exists in either of these scopes does not appear in the search results.  Indeed, searches in these scopes always return nothing.


"All Sites" searches appear to work nicely.


Any thoughts on how to correct this problem?





How to calculate working hours betwwen two dates?


Working days - Mon-Fri and Working hours - 9 Am to 5 Pm

Date1                                       Date2                                                Working Hours

Thur, 14-Oct-10 11.30 Am          Thur, 14-Oct-10 5.00 Am                     5.30

Fri,  15-Oct-10 11.30 Am            Mon, 18-Oct-10 5.00 Am                      13.30

Mon,  18-Oct-10 11.30 Am          Mon, 18-Oct-10 6.00 Am                      5.30


Thanks & Regards, PSWA

RDP is not working after installing MOSS 2007


Hello experts,

Does anyone have any clue that why RDP just suddenly stopped working after installing Moss 2007?


MOSS 2007 MySite not working after deleting & readding an exchange account


Hi All,

One of our users had their AD account deleted and readded in Exchange, and now they cannot access their mysite, as the old profile information still exists. How and where would I fix this please?

As a test, I recreated this issue and found that deleting the old mysite entirely meant the new user profile could go and recreate a new mysite, but I need to know if I can somehow re-link the old mysite with the new profile?


Many thanks!



You can't be right all the time, but you can be smart everyday.

Moss high level visio view integration with SCOM 2007 is not working?

Moss high level visio view integration with SCOM 2007 is not working? It used to work and I know that I restarted my SCOM server and noticed that the high level visio view when clicking on a icon does not pull the information regarding the health state from SCOM.  I receive a authentication error-you do not have permission from my SCOM RMS server despite my being a SCOM admin.  Also when I click on a email alert from SCOM the link for additional information has the same authentication error.   I am new to MOSS so can someone let me know how to troubleshoot this issue??

In sharepoint excel working fine in office 2007 but not in office 2010


Hi All,

we receive error  while trying to create excel sheet using the template we have uploaded on the SharePoint 2007.


This occurs on a machine that has Office 2010 installed. Earlier the machine had Office 2007 and everything was working fine.


Can you let me know why is problem is coming and how to resolve this.



Sanjeev Tiwari


Sharepoint 2007 Search Not Working


I am pulling my hair out guys. I have tried everything i could find from this site and all other sites but have not been successful. No matter what i do I cannot get the search to work. We are using SharePoint 2007 and the search had been fine but our security team performed some patches and now I’m stuck with a dead search feature.

Any help would be immensely appreciated.

Things I have tried but did not resolve the problem:

1. Check all accounts and passwords

2. Run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard

3. Reboot server reset IIS

4. Try to rebuild the index but that also fails

5. Check the Content Access Account

Discussion board template of SharePoint 2007 not working properly


Use case 1 – Discussion board to suggest change to documents

 User adds a suggestion. The discussion board needs fields like module name, document name, section name and reason for a change etc.


 Problem 1 – When I try to add fields to the discussion board – When a user wants to post a reply to a suggestion, user screen shows the new item form and all fields instead of just a reply or comment field. Need help how can I ensue user only sees reply or comment field?


 Problem 2 – If I make these changes in the discussion board template through SharePoint designer 2007 and later if we plan to upgrade to SP 2010. Do I have to redo the changes I did on old discussion board or will upgrade take care of migration of the changes to new discussion board template available with SP 2010? 




SharePoint 2007 Expiration Policy Not working : Access denied for the site


I have a SharePoint 2007 List with Expiration Enabled in Information and Policy Management. I have a datatime column ExpiryDate which i used in Expiration. On Expiration I have chose to delete the item. Through Central Admin I run the expiration by clicking "Process Expired Items now" button. I got the following error in the Windows event viewer.

Expiration Service for site http://md-rmanimaran failed.

Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

EventID: 5016

Category: Information Policy Management 

Where I need to specify the login details to get rid of this error? Anybody Please help..




Ajax Date Picker Not working on Chrome

Hi ajax toolkit date picker is not working in latest google chrome browser. it works fine all browsers and earlier version of chrome but it doesnt work latest version. any body know the reason    

sharepoint 2007 cache not working

Hi,  we have performance problems with our medium SharePoint farm (2 FE, 2 APP en SQL Cluster). One of the problems is probably related to the cache on the FE's not working. I enabled the two features that need to be enabled, setup a cache profile and enabled debug info is written. I then went in and enabled output caching based on this profile. But what ever I do, I cannot seem to speed up the rendering of these mainly static pages and evenso the source does not include any 'cache' terms (which it should according to the docs because I enabled the debug checkbox). In teh perfmon I see high publishing cach hit count (1.500.000), publ. cache hit ratio (96), nr of objects added 26.000, nr oif objects discarded 22.000 Someone wrote in a blog that you also should enable writes can see cache info) if there are a lot of editors (and there are). So I did this, but no change. Do I need to recylce after cache options have been altered? Also any clues on why there might be no cache debug info in my (simple) pages? Do I need extra configuration on IIS of websites or something? Thanx for any help/advice.. Sander    

SQL Select Next 5 Working Days

Hi There, Is there any way that using SQL, you can return, in numeric's (1-31) - the numbers of the next 5 working days? I am trying to create a calendar, and I am struggling to get just working days in to my results. For example - if today is Thursday 15th Sept - the next 5 working numbers will be 15,16,19,20,21 Thanks Matt

Working on a solution targeting SharePoint 2007 and 2010



I'm working on a SharePoint webpart which i'm targeting for both SharePoint 2007 as well as SharePoint 2010. I want to create a common build to make it work in both SharePoint 2007 and 2010. How should i do that? I'm working on Visual Studio 2010 and my dev environment has SharePoint 2007 installed.

Also, multiple developers may work in the same solution. Some of them have 2007 installed and some have SP 2010 installed. Will it work?

Visit SharePoint User group - India

MOSS Fix Not Working?


We made the recommended changes to the web.config, did an IIS reset. Browsing to http://servername/_vti_bin/webresource.axd returns 'An error has occurred on the server. '

Browsing to a non-existent page returns 'The file '/_layouts/foo.aspx' does not exist.   at System.Web.UI.Util.CheckVirtualFileExists(VirtualPath virtualPath) ...etc.'

Doesn't seem like the workaround is working...?

Previous working date - Time dimensions


Hi all,

I need an mdx to get the previous working day. 

I`ve got my complete time dimension, including weekends.  Every day member has got a Member Property that says wether it is a working day or not.  See table below.  Then, I need an mdx expression to return the "Prev working Day".  Any idea??



day of the month IsWorkingDay Prev Working Day
01/09/2010      1

Re: Get Working Days


I am developing a leave application which must work like this. I would create a simple scenario to represent this.

I want to get the leave ending date after deducting 'Fridays' and 'Saturdays' in between the leave start and end date,including additional calender holidays added to a separate calender table, and if the leave ending date is suppose a Friday, the ending date must be Friday itself.

For example:

Scenario 1 

Leave Starting Date:  07 October 2010

No: of days requested: 6 Days

Output: Leave StartDate = 07th October 2010, Leave EndDate = 14th October 2010

(Excluding the two holidays [8, and 9th October - Friday & Saturday]

Scenario 2

Leave Starting Date:  07 October 2010

No: of days requested: 7 Days

Output: Leave StartDate = 07th October 2010, Leave EndDate = 15th October 2010 

(Excluding the two holidays [8, and 9th October - Friday & Saturday]

Scenario 3

Leave Starting Date:  07 October 2010

No: of days requested: 8 Days

Output: Leave StartDate = 07th October 2010, Leave EndDate = 19th October 2010 

(Excluding the three holidays [8, and 9th October and 12th Assumed as a holiday from Calender Event Table]

Hope you understood the problem, and will provide a v

IE 9 Beta & InfoPath 2007 Form Radio Buttons Not Working



Has anyone else come across the IE9 bug that causes the radio buttons in the InfoPath 2007 forms to stop working (i.e. unselectable)?

Did you find a workaround (other than not to use IE9!)?



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