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How to customize the wording of "Add new Item" in AllItems.aspx ?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 10, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Team, Can we customize the wordings of "Add New Item" to something else like "Add new account"  in AllItems.aspx ? If yes how do we do it. Is it through designer? Thanks in advance. Bhadram.  

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How to customize or call the _Layouts/upload.aspx in Sharepoint Foundation on TopNavigationMenuV4

Hii All, Am having a req to upload the files or documents whatever the default Sharepoint upload.aspx is doing but which i need to call it from TopNavigationMenuV4 ,not from the default Upload menu, it will be there in TopNavigationMenuV4 which i did the customization according to the requirement . Kindly help me how to proceed !!!!!   Thanks in Advance Praveen      

customize newsbweb.aspx

i need to customize the newsbweb.aspx(create new  site  page in sharepoint) to hide the tabs  collaboration, publishing, meeting .Only the custom tabs needs to shown to the site admin. The way i have set the users in  the farm is super admin for the site collection local admins with rights for thier sites only. I know i can hide the custom tabs by remove the project template ids in the webtemp . But this removes all the tabs for all the site users. I want the site admins to only have access to the custom tabs. I want to give the super administrator access to all the site creation tabs  like collaboration,meeting,publishing and custom. i added the inline code on  the newsweb.aspx page  and a created custom newsbweb1.aspx <script type ="text/C#" runat="server" > string strName = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name.ToString(); protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e) { if (strName !="Administrator") { Response.Redirect("/newsbweb1.aspx"); } } </script>

display links to attachements in allitems.aspx page


I have a custom list and this list support attchements. I need to display the list of attachment for a items in the allitems.aspx page. Currently it display an icon (clip icon) when the items have attchements associated with it. but i need to display the links to the attchements so that users can directly click and go to the attchement with out going to the dispForm.aspx. can any one help me on this? i have searched for this but i could not find any solution.

Customize form to add new item - can i pass through a variable?


I have a list of issues stored in a SharePoint list.

I now want to store tasks relating to these individual issues.
Ideally, when a user is viewing the issue they can then click on an 'add task' link that will open up a new task, in a standard task list, and pass through the issue id into a custom field.

Any ideas?

SharePoint Designer 2007 - Customize List View - Error when saving view ASPX page


We have a custom list definition that includes custom site columns.  When we try to open one of the list view aspx pages in SharePoint to update the view query we get an error when trying to save the page in SharePoint Designer 2007.  We receive a warning that the operation will customize the page from the site definition, which is fine.  And then get a general "Server error: ServiceRequestorID" alert.  ServiceRequestorID is a custom site column used by the list definition.

ServiceRequestorID field definition:

<Field ID="{FA39D24D-AB40-4b1d-BD80-94ABE34A7578}" Name="ServiceRequestorID" DisplayName="Service Requestor ID" StaticName="

How to Customize SharePoint List form: newform.aspx to add functionality similar to a repeating tabl




I want to customize SharePoint List form: newform.aspx to add functionality similar to a repeating table in InfoPath?

I’d like to achieve similar functionality using in SharePoint Designer and Javascript/JQuery.


Any suggestions / links / examples are sincerely appreciated.



Abhijit Sil

Customizing AllItems.aspx in List definition project


Hi to all,

I'm creating List definition project in VS 2008. I want to customize allitems.aspx.

I'm planning to create a view similar  like the view I can create with sharepoint designer, but I want to deploy it with my list definition.

Anyone knows some good walk through or article? Or any tip at all?

How do I customize the item forms (NewForm.aspx, etc) in VS2010?

I have a SharePoint 2010 solution in Visual Studio 2010.  I have custom list definitions, instances, etc.  I want to customize the New, Edit, and Display forms for my custom list.  I not only want to customize the look, but I want to write my own code behind as well.  I have searched all over and have yet to find a good guide on how to do this.  Can someone please help?

Need to customize Sharepoint 2010 EditProfile.aspx Show to drop down


Hi All,

I have to create a custom EditProfile.aspx. Where in I have to modify "Show to" drop down.Can any one help me out ,for the way I should proceed? I have to add this dropdown for some other property on page.



Want to create a content type with its own Newform.aspx,editform.aspx,allitems.aspx by means of wiza



The wizard then creates a solution on visual studio. The code behind will write generic code for updating/adding into sharepoint.i is there a wizard which will create content type with individual aspx ? If there is a wizard utility which prompts you for fields and field types and then it will create code behind for the aspx.
With this done I can go at the code behind and ammend to put more logic. 


Customize List Dispform.aspx with Tabbed UI



I have custom list which have more than 40 columns,so customer feels to have a customised UI for 'View' Option with 'TAB Feature.

Using DVWP and some additional Javascripts and CSS we were able to bring the tab but we were not able to achieve features like 'New form','Edit Form' 'DeleteItem', Versions and 'Alert'.

Can any one pls help in this regard, Would really appreciate..




Sivabalan K

Restricting access to List Views and View pages? Renaming Allitems.aspx?


Ideally, what I want is column level security on a custom list, but that appears to be way more work than it's worth.

Any easy way to restrict access to Views or View pages to select SharePoint groups? Maybe some client level code we have in a Content editor webpart on the View page?

Users in the Group have read access to a particular list.  The Quick launch menu is hidden (I understand that's not real security) .. and the top level tabs are set to particular audiences, and  I understand they can still call the pages if they know the URL.  I've warned the users about this.

I have not tried it, but can I have folders under the list folder and then somehow secure them?

We currently have custom pages for adding and editing list items, but will terrible things come from renaming the Allitems.aspx page or editing it and taking out the View, like for example, say we do have to use newform.aspx for some admin reason and it redirects to it..

Any way to disable users from being able to open the list exel or export it?

Anything else we can do. The goal is to provide some visitor type users read access to some 10 columns in a list, but not let them see the remaining 5.

Thanks for any help or information.

How to show all attachments in Allitems.aspx in the custom list?



I am very new to sharepoint and I was wondering if you could help me out with something:

I am creating a sharepoint list where I want to add a few attachments to each row, and then have the attached documents displayed in the public default view as links to the documents, instead of just the paperclip icon.

I've tried to search on how to do this, but I haven't really found anything that explains how to do this in SharePoint 2010 ... Can somebody give me a pointer?

Note: I 've seen this link that is a resolution for the SharePoint 2007 and

Six easy ways to customize your site using Web Parts in SharePoint

Becoming familiar with Web Part customization techniques gives you a range of page-customization choices. For example, you can customize your site's home page so that it displays the specific information that your team needs. You can rearrange the list items on the home page, add lists, and even change the images on the home page. As you become more familiar with Web Part Page customization techniques, you can build interactive Web Part Pages that makes the data in lists more dynamic and useful, and you can add new Web Parts that provide access to external data and Web services.

Code works on aspx but not ascx


Not sure which category to put this question in, so I will put it in here.

Just to give you an idea of the layout of my solution, I have the main project, along with 2 class libraries, BLL and DAL.  (Business Logic Layer and Data Access Layer)

The BLL refers to the DAL and the main project refers to the BLL.

I had a test website and the code worked fine, but the same code will not work on the real project. The only difference is that in the test project, the code was on an aspx code behind, whereas in the real project, it is an ascx code behind (Web User Control )

The code is:

Dim connectionString As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("ASPNETDBConnectionString").ConnectionString
        Dim recordEntry As New UserRecord(connectionString)
        recordEntry.UserName = "TestName"
        recordEntry.BMI = bMI
        recordEntry.BMR = bMR
        recordEntry.FTM = fTM
        recordEntry.TDEE = tDEE
        recordEntry.TodayDate = dateForToday

Dim connectionString As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("ASPNETDBConnectionString").ConnectionString

Create an API (aspx vs mvc)


Hi everybody!

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, so, sorry if it's not. I have to create a web application. I can handle that. But, it has a requirement I've never done before. I need to create an API for that application, so other apps can get or set information from/to my webapp.

I've been searching a lot and still don't have a starting point. Seems that MVC is really good to do that, but I'm not familiar with MVC, so I would need a starting point. I was thinking to do it in aspx (Framework 4), but do not know how to do that with aspx either.

Can anyone help me to get started with this?

Thanks in advance

Launch CMD File From ASPX Page


My organization uses a CMD file to install updated files for a major enterprise application. Currently, we send out an email to users with a link to the file and instructions to run it, BUT inevitably users don't update their machines until their in field and try to start the app.


We're now liking the idea of using an ASPX page to prompt the users to run the updates and to capture the fact that the updates have been run. I realize that we can't capture the success or failure of the update. But we'd like to capture the user accessed the page.


Is it possible to embed into the markup for the page a link to the file on the local intranet that the users can click on to run the file?

The user accessing the page would capture that they did just that. We'd deal with wether or not the update was actually installed or if it failed later with them directly.

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