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Custom Contact List: has to be auto-populated with users and manually insert others contact

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 10, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi All, is it possible to create a custom contact list that automatically insert user as contact? I have to use it to send auto-email to the people in the contact list... (ant they can be user or not) Thanks All Vit

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SharePoint Designer: insert custom list not working anymore



Suddenly sharepoint designer decided today that it doesn't want to insert a custom list form anymore...
To be more specific, it doesn't work anymore in a site that uses the Microsoft budgeting and tracking template. In a website that uses an out of the box template, it still works.

It did work before, because I did it in other websites using the same template (it's broken there as well now).

Why oh why does SharePoint refuse to do this now?
I searched google and here on the forums, but all I could find was some issues after installing SP1, but we did that already long time ago and it was still working after that. I checked with our infrastructure guys and they didn't install new updates they say.

I also tried the solutions listed here: http://blogs.msdn.com/spdsupport/archive/2008/07/03/how-to-fix-custom-list-forms-will-not-insert-or-show-up-on-the-design-surface-of-sharepoint-designer.aspx
But they don't fix the problem.

So my problem is, I can go to Insert > SharePoint Controls > Custom List Form
I pick my list, content type and form type, I hit OK and... nothing happens.

Outlook Contact List From WPF Win App

Hi,    I'm trying to build a WPF Win app that has a form that allows the user to send e-mails. I'd like to open up our company's contact list to it and in a perfect world create a text box that allows type ahead and user lookup just like when you type in the "To" box when composing an e-mail in Outlook to create a semi-colon delimited string of e-mail addresses. I'm not finding anything like this in any of my searches. Any ideas? Thanks.

Contact List Photo


How do i add photo to a user in a common contact list so that it is shown nicely in outlook.

I made it vice versa - added photofrom outlook and it updated my contact item in sharepoint list.

So i see that photo is an attachment with name "ContactPicture.jpg".

Cool i thought ! I made another item from sharepoint and attached "ContactPicture.jpg", then got into outlook ... and observe no image there (((

So how How do i make thing right ?


Retrieve Calendar list as iCal and Contact list as vCard


I am writing a SharePoint solution to make it possible to export selected content from a site to a ZIP in standard formats. For calendars and contacts this should be iCal and vCard.

I found out that SharePoint has the build in ability to create these files for me, using the RPC Method DISPLAY. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms416599(v=office.12).aspx

This is the vCard example: /_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CS=65001&Cmd=Display&CacheControl=1&List={9F2DC91F-691F-46B6-A882-09F1B111B50C}&ID=1&Using=%2FLists%2FExportContacts/vcard.vcf

This works like a charm, but I'm already on the server, so it's a bit of waste of resources the make a web-call for every contact I want to export.

owssvr.dll is a frontpage extension and not written in .NET so I can't see what code is called to transform a listitem to a vCard or iCal. Does anyone know which code is called and if I can call this directly from the server (without webcalls)?

I know I can write custom code (or find it on the internet) to do these exports, but I rather use the built-in technology if this is possible



Batch insert data in sharepoint custom list



i need to insert data remotely in a sharepoint list using a vbscript.


my list is a custom list with :

field1 field2 field3 field4 etc

my vbscript insert this data into an sql table, i want to insert the data in the custom list in sharepoint.

Someone can help me?


Sharepoint 3.0 Contact List not displaying correctly.



I recently moved the MDF and log file to another drive as the server's C:\ drive was full. Upon successfully reattaching the database I have been told that peoples first names are missing from the Contact list in sharepoint.


URL is: http://server01:3000/Lists/Contacts/AllItems.aspx

I am not 100% this has to do with the move of the 2 files STSServer01_1.mdf and STSServer01_1_log.ldf, however this is what they are saying that the First names have now gone.

When clicking on Lists and > Contacts I can see that the people in the list are missing the first name.

The format used to be: Lastname, Firstname

Now I can see just: Lastname

Any ideas why this would happen and how I get it to display first/last names again? The column is called 'Contact Name'.

Also how do I find out if this list is being read from somewhere such as someones outlook or the GAL or if they just created this list (I think they just created it)

Thanks for the assistance.


Creating a custom page for a different action - not insert/details/edit/list?


If want to make a new page with a different action (not insert/edit/details/list) is the website root the right place to put it?  That seems to be the only place where I don't get a "404 - Not Found" error.  I just wondered if there's a best practice for this ... maybe creating a new action in addition to List/Edit/Insert/etc so that my page can go in the same folder with the other pages for the same table.  For example could I add a "Print" action and then put my page in DynamicData/CustomPages/SurveyResponses/Print.aspx?

Thanks in advance!

custom list form will not insert onto page (in list made from template)

In Designer 2007, I am trying to insert a custom list form on a page.  After selecting the list and the radio button for Edit item form, and hitting OK, nothing happens.  However, if I select a different list, I can get it to work.  Any ideas why I can't make it work with this particular list?
There are no mistakes; every result tells you something of value about what your are trying to accomplish.

Contact selector and custom xml schema



Because I want to reuse some parts, I build my forms with several "subs" xsd. Within these xsd files, I've defined at several places a structure to hold the contact selector internal data (DisplayName, AccoundType and AccountId within a repeatable group).

When I want to bind the contact selector to the sub schema element, it works in design, but not at runtime.

In the CS properies, It's written that the CS use the schema of the current form. Does that means I'm condemned to put all my contact selector element store in the top level schema, the form's one ?

Is there any way to "reuse" the contact schema ? I'm building serialization object behind the scene, and I don't wan't to have People1 People2, PeopleX for each form I have.


I'd appreciate any advice to unscramble my mind.



Paying back the community for its help by writing articles :
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SharePoint 2010 - Photo Displays in MySite - Photo Doesn't Display in Contact List


MySite is up and running fine.  I am adding photos through Central Administration > Manage User Profiles.  All photos are syncing and showing up in contact lists whenever someone is added to a "Person or Group" Name (with picture) column. 

I recently added someone, uploaded their photo.  It syncs fine with AD, can see it in the thumbnailPhoto attribute for this user.  I looked in the UserProfile_Full.PictureURL column in the Profile DB.  It is there as well (http://sharepoint:80/my/User Photos/Profile Pictures/DOMAIN_USERNAME_MThumb.jpg).  The photo refuses to display in the contact list. 

This is only happening for one user.  Any ideas?

Last Name Column in Contact List



I changed the DisplayName of the Title Site Column in the Item list type. I'm glad to change it back to Title.

But now when users create new Contacts list, the LastName Column display as Title Column. The Contacts content type in the Content Type Gallery still has the Last Name column.

How to get the column in the Contacts list created as Last Name again like before instead of being created as Title?

Thanks in advance.

Getting users list reporting to manager from LDAP


Dear All,

I need to get list of users reporting to a particular manager from the Active directory.

In the active directory there is manager property with contains the data in the following way.


Please help me in building the filter condition.

I am using the following

pUserName="Gegore Lid";

strSearch = "(&(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=user)((Manager cn=" + pUserName + "))";

DirectorySearcher dSearcher = new DirectorySearcher(dEntry, strSearch);

            //Account properites to load
            string[] arrPropertiesToLoad = { "displayName", "department", "manager", "sAMAccountName", "EmployeeNumber", "Title" };

          SearchResultCollection sResultColl = dSearcher.FindAll();

 the above code is not returning any result.

Please help me in this.



Getting list of users reporting from specific Manager from Active Directory


Dear All,

I am have requirement like displaying all the user information reporting to specific manager from Active Directory.

Please help me regarding this.



List Users from Active Directory


When i try to List the users from Active directory, i get this exception.

Error while processing.System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80072020): An operations error occurred at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry.Bind(Boolean throwIfFail) at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry.Bind() at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry.get_AdsObject() at System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher.FindAll(Boolean findMoreThanOne) at System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher.FindAll()

The code i used is :

DirectoryEntry de = new DirectoryEntry(_path);DirectorySearcher deSearch = new DirectorySearcher();

deSearch.SearchRoot =de;

deSearch.Filter = "(&(objectClass=user) (cn=" + UserName +"))";

SearchResultCollection results = deSearch.FindAll();

 But the DirectoyEntry method is getting validated if i use the overloaded method : DirectoryEntry(_path, domainAndUsername, password);

Please advice me.

How to add custom list entries to mysite's calendar in Sharepoint 2007 site?


I would like to know below things

(1) How to create MySite for one specific member with other or administrator's access?

(2) Scenario : Administrator have created one SP2007 site. now Administrator have created one calendar (Sample calendar). Administrator have added some entries in calendar. now one user entered in portal site ansd view the calendar and he click on MySite menu. so this sample calendar entries should enter in that user's mysite calendar. How this can be achieved?

Thanks in advance.
Regards, Praful Udade

Attach Workflow to Task List, don't get option to manually start workflow via dropdown on task item



I am running WSS 3.0 with other workflows which are functioning correctly.  I created a new workflow in Visual Studio 2008 and was able to successfully run it in my dev environment.  I attached the workflow to a task list in my dev environment and was able to manually start the workflow by using the drop down workflow option and using the menus to manually start it.  I installed this workflow in our production environment and attached it to the task list (which had a SPD workflow attached to it which stopped working about a month ago).  I made sure that the option to manually start the workflow was checked.  When I tried to manually start the workflow, (hover mouse over title, drop down) there isn’t a workflow option.  The workflow also will not start automatically when a task is changed.


I attached this same workflow to a different task list in production and get the option to start it.


I have tried creating a small workflow in SPD 2007 and attaching it to the task list.  It shows that it is attached, when I look at the workflows that are attached to the task list, but I still don’t get the option to manually start it.


I have checked my security and I have fu

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