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OnTaskCreated - Hit or Miss

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 10, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I know this task has been beaten into the ground on numerous threads, but I still have not found an answer: I have an OnTaskCreated activity after my CreateTask activity so that I can grab the newly created task id to include in a custom email.  The problem is that the OnTaskCreated activity fires about 90% of the time, leaving me with no emails being sent the other 10% of the time.  The workflow throws no errors.  The task is created; I see it in the workflow task list.  From what I've come across, it seems like a timer service issue or the workflow is not rehydrating to execute the OnTaskCreated activity.  Has anyone solved this?  Has MS put out a KB or hotfix to fix this? Thanks!

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Miss lines when converting data from TXT to sql

I have several txts files in a folder and I am trying to convert those into my sql database.  There is no error message during the conversion however, it misses converting some lines in my txt. It was showing that the total line number of the txt file was 8644 however after inserting into database, only 8631 shows up. I am so confused how can this happen? For example,   [Flat File Source [1]] Information: The total number of data rows processed for file "E:\My_Txts\20093347.txt" is 8742.  [Flat File Source [1]] Information: The processing of file "E:\My_Txts\20093347.txt" has ended.  and then it shows [DTS.Pipeline] Information: "component "OLE DB Destination" (9)" wrote 8730 rows. 

DataList doesn't load some of the times - hit or miss

This is the problem.  My datalist, which connects to an Objectdatasource (I implemented custom paging) becomes populated with data only half of the time.  When I go to the aspx page which contains that datalist (from another page), sometimes, the datalist fully loads, but sometimes only the header shows up.  The header just contains hard-coded text whereas the body (itemtemplate portion) contains things that are binded to the objectdatasource.  I thought I would mention this since the problem might have something to do with how things in asp.net bind.The strange part of this is that when I was testing and debugging within VWD 2010, the datalist loaded fully everytime and I had no issues.  When I placed my files on the IIS web server, this is when the problems started happening.What could the problem be?  The speed of the IIS web server vs VWD's "internal server"?  My page_load, init_load, etc methods are empty for this aspx page.  The datalist is solely handled by the objectdatasource_selecting method.  Should I explicit call something from one of those early lifecycle methods to ensure proper datalist loading?Thanks in advance.

How to get the Task (SPListItem) in the OnTaskCreated activity?



How to get the Task ( as SPListItem object) in the OnTaskCreated activity. The taskId used when creating the task isn't the uniqueId of the Task so using it in the


 _workflowProperties.TaskList.GetItemByUniqueId(Guid taskId)


 won't give me the SpListItem i need. The final gol is to set user permissions to the task.




Miss "out of box" web parts


I have SharePoint 2010 standard version installed in my server for a month. I just found out today that I do not have the "Chart" web part along with the Miscellaneous web part category. I do not know what else I miss. I have the following web part categories available:

Lists and Libraries

Content Rollup


Media and Content

Outlook Web App


Social Collaboration

SQL Server Reporting

Anyone if the above are all "out of box" web parts available for SharePoint 2010 or I miss something? If I miss some "out of box" web parts, How do I add them to my server/site collection?

Many thanks.

Is it a problem to miss off the

end tag with XHTML?


For ease of use I generally just use the <p> tag on its own without a </p> on my XHTML asp.net pages.

Partly because I am lazy but also it looks better and seems unnecessary.

Is this a problem will my page load more slowly.

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