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Reporting Services doesn't connect to database automatically

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 09, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hello. I use Windows 2003 R2 x64 and SQL Server 2005 x64.  The problem is: if the Reporting Services Service were doesn't start automatically, despite the set up parameter "Restart Automatically" every 1 minute in the service Recovery property. So every minute after Service stopped i recieve an error in Event Viewer: Report Server (MSSQLSERVER) cannot connect to the report server database However, after starting it manually from Computer Management->Services or Reporting Services Configuration Tool it starts normally without any error. I use local system admin account to start Services and to connect to Database. Both parameters are set using RS Configuration Tool. Will be thankful for any advice.

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Reporting Services Add-In for MOSS2007 : Unable to connect to the database Error at "Set Server Defa

Dear Expert, I've succesfully install the Add-In + configure the reporting services (integrated mode) + activate the features on my MOSS2007. As we know by activating this at my Central Admin, i'm able to see "Reporting Services" under my Application Management as below:   1) Manage Integration Setting   ---> My report url : http://servername:808/ReportServer (Trusted Account) 2) Grand Database Access --->  My setting : <servername> with default instance  3) Set Server Defaults ---> Area that i receive an error "Unable to connect to database" Anybody here have a same experience? please assist me, Thanks in Advanced My Note: OS : Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64bit (SP2) SQL : SQL 2005 with latest Service Pack (SP3)  My Error Log: <Header>   <Product>Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Version 9.00.4035.00</Product>   <Locale>en-US</Locale>   <TimeZone>Malay Peninsula Standard Time</TimeZone>   <Path>c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\LogFiles\ReportServer__08_04_2010_10_51_59.log</Path>   <SystemName>SEINE</SystemName>   <OSName>Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2</OSName>   <OSVersion>6.0.6002.131072</OS

HTTP 401: Unauthorized when trying to specify reporting services for integration, cannot connect to




I am trying to install reporting services and join it into existing service farm.

Main  MOSS 2007 is on one pc, with config bases etc, while reporting services, reporting services db will be on other pc. 

We are using same domain account to run sharepoint services and reporting services. 

I've installed web part of MOSS on that other computer, also reporting services and sql server, set reporting services in integration mode.

Either way, it wont work for me:


If i am running the service of reporting services as Network Service account, then the /reportserver page will complain about some generic error "probably you dont have access to the farm if you are in integrated mode" etc.... 

I've read that i should include networkservice into a group WSS_WPG which i did, no luck anyway, same error

If i try to type the adress into the integration with reporting services in moss admin page, i will get error like "expected xml received html" and alot of red text.


If i switch service to run from domain account (the one that is used for running sharepoint on the domain) (we did the spn thing, didnt work either), the /reportserver page will open

(moss2k7/ReportServer - /

Cannot connect to Reporting Services just after installation

OS Windows Vista Ultimate. SQL Server 2008 RTM, default instance. Reporting services installed in native mode. Control Panel/Services:Can start/stop Database Engine Instance as well as Reporting Services.============================SQL Server Management Studio:Can connect to Database Engine instanceCannot Connect to Reporting Services Error notification as follows: TITLE: Connect to Server------------------------------ Cannot connect to UNIVERSE. ------------------------------ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Unable to connect to the server at SERV1. The specified URL might not be valid or there might be a problem with the report server version or configuration. Specify a different URL, or contact your server administrator to verify that the report server runs SQL Server 2008 or later. Additionally, if you are trying to connect to a SharePoint-integrated report server, verify that SharePoint is installed on the server and that the report server uses SharePoint integrated mode. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient) ------------------------------BUTTONS: OK------------------------------SQL Server Configuration Manager:Can stop and start instance of Reporting Services   Dump file after starting RS: resourceutilities!WindowsService_0!1024!08/29/2008-14:35:26:: i INFO: Running on 1 physical processors, 2 logical processorsrshost!rshost!1648!08/29/2008-14:35:26:: e ERROR: Failed to regi

"The Database Engine instance you selected is not valid for this edition of Reporting Services" erro

Hi there, I have developed some reports using Visual Studio and everything worked fine in the office. Now I'm trying to deploy them on my customer PCs but this process keeps failing. These reports can be built and even previewed within Visual Studio but they cannot be deployed. Here is the error message I get: ----------------------------------------- The feature: "The Database Engine instance you selected is not valid for this edition of Reporting Services. The Database Engine does not meet edition requirements for report data sources or the report server database." is not supported in this edition of reporting services. ---------------------------------------- The versions of the software on my customer machines are: SQL Server Enterprise 9.0.3282 SQL Server 2005 Management Studio 9.00.4035 SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Designers 9.00.4035.00 Visual Studio 2005 8.0.50727.42 I believe that changing the edition of the Reporting Services from Designers to Enterprise should fix the deployment error but I did not find a way or setup files to do so. Many thanks in advance for your help!

How to configure Sharepoint 2007 Reporting Services 2005 with NLB sharing same RS database

Hello, I'm trying to configure RS using two FE and a single SQL database in sharepoint integrated mode. At first i was getting an error about version of reporting server wouldnt support scale-out configuration, so i upgraded RS Instances in both FE's to 2005 Ent Ed. and re-installed sharepointRS_Addin in both FE servers and successfully initialized both with the reporting services configuration tool. after successfully granted database access to both FE's using CAS.  if i browse to                    http://WFE1:port/ReportServer/                    or                    http://WFE2:port/ReportServer/                    the database content is listed in browser.   if i browse to:                    http://NLB-sitename:port/ReportServer                    the database content gets listed also, tho it seams to list random conten

Can't connect to SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

When attempting to connect to SQL Server 2008 (evaluation) on Windows XP SP3, using the following url, http://servername:8080/ReportServer I receive a popup dialog box asking me for a user name and password to connect to the server.  When I enter the domain\user and password that I think it should be, it pops up two more times and then displays a blank internet explorer web page.  It is a fresh install and I believe I have everything running correctly.   Any input or guidance would be extremely appreciated.   Thank you in advance.

Cannot connect to Reporting Services

I cannot connect to Reporting Services from Management Studio. The error message I get is:   TITLE: Connect to Server ------------------------------   Cannot connect to <SERVERNAME>\ReportServer.   ------------------------------ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:   Report Server WMI Provider error:   Invalid namespace  (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient)   ------------------------------   Invalid namespace  (System.Management)   ------------------------------ BUTTONS:   OK   This appears to be a WMI issue, but when I checked on the SQL server machine, the WMI service is running and the firewall is turned off.   I ran a few tests and found that the WMI has its ReportServer WMI data at \\<SERVERNAME>\root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ReportServer\RS_MSSQLSERVER\v10\admin:MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting" (I can find this info using a small console app I had to write). Is this the correct place for the WMI info?   Version info: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio      10.0.2531.0 Microsoft Analysis Services Client Tools      10.0.1600.22 Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)      6.1.7600.16385 Microsoft MSXML      3.0 6.0 Microsoft Internet Explorer    &n

reporting services is running but cannot connect


Infrastructure people did some maintenance on my SQL Server machine, although I am not sure if that has anything to do with my problem. The problem is, I have the Database Engine and Reporting Services turned on, but I cannot connect to Reporting Services.

Here are the symtoms.

From another client machine, I can connect to the database engine using Mgmt Studio. But using the same server name, I am not able to connect to the reporting services. The error I get back says

TITLE: Connect to Server


Cannot connect to nysrv126,2433.



The machine could not be found (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient)





"nysrv126,2433" is the server name and it is the same server name I was able to use to connect to the database engine.


Next, on the server machine itself, I get the same symtoms as above in Mgmt Studio. That is, I can connect to the database engine but not the reporting services. However, I am able to open up Reporting Services Configuration Manager (which means I connected to reporting services).

unable to connect Reporting Services


Hi All,

I have configured Reporting Services in SQL Server 2005 steps.

1) Installed Service pack2 for SQL Server 2005
2) Installed Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft Sharepoint Technologies.
3) From Reporting Services Configuration Manager configured the below list
 -- Report Server Virtual Directory (Configured and icon display green colour )
 -- Report manager Virtual Directory(not configured when i click it shows a message (Report Manger is not     available when the report server is integrated with Windows Sharepoint Services))
 -- Windows Service Identity(Configured and icon display green colour )
 -- Web Service Identity(Configured and icon display green colour )
 -- Database Setup(Configured and icon display green colour )
 -- Sharepoint Integration(Configured and icon display green colour )

4) When iam trying to connect Reporting Services through SQL Server management studio it gives me error

Cannot connect to LHI-TEST.


The operation  is not supported on a report server that is configured to run in SharePoint integrated mode. ---> The operation  is not supported on a report server that is configured to run

Cannot connect to Reporting Services in SSMS using Servername



Kindly help me as i can't connect to Reporting Services in SSMS using SERVERNAME but using URL(http://localhost/ReportServer) I can connect. Here is the error I received. Please advice.

TITLE: Connect to Server

Cannot connect to PERRYDUNDOC-W7.


Unable to connect to the server at SERVERNAME. The specified URL might not be valid or there might be a problem with the report server version or configuration. Specify a different URL, or contact your server administrator to verify that the report server runs SQL Server 2008 or later. Additionally, if you are trying to connect to a SharePoint-integrated report server, verify that SharePoint is installed on the server and that the report server uses SharePoint integrated mode. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient)




Reporting Services Error-The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not


 Hi,I have Configured All Reporting SErvices Through Rep Serv Configuration Wizard


When I type 


on top of Address Bar Of Browser I Am Gettin This Error

  • The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not valid, or it cannot be read. The found version is 'Unknown'. The expected version is 'C.0.8.40'. To continue, update the version of the report server database and verify access rights. (rsInvalidReportServerDatabase)
PLease Help Me


How to connect Oracle Database in Microsoft Analysis Services

Hi All,

I am not able to connect oracle database from MS-Analysis Services.

All my Fact tables and Dimension tables are residing on Oracle
database.Both the Oracle database and MS Analysis Services are on the
same server.

I am working on the node and I was able to create the datasource using
"Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle " and the test connection also
succedded but while creating the cubes using the cube wizard it throws
error saying " Connection to the data source Failed".

Any one could help me in this regards.

What are the ways to connect the oracle DB from MS Analysis Services.

Is this problem becoz of any permission settings, how do I give permissions for the users.


How to Connect SQL Reporting Services to a SharePoint Document Library (Shared Documents)


Hi experts,

I've read 1 article and already tested it, and it works for me to connect reporting services with SharePoint List



But my concern now with the same approach how can i connect to SharePoint Document Library (Shared Documents)



I've 1 shared document link, inside there we store all the pdf image that we scan. and each image created we define field/attribute at Edit Properties. Meaning we just not store the pdf image but also information input.


I've contact the owner of blog for long time but no response. Please advise Thanks in advanced.


Im using : SharePoint 2007, SQL 2005 & Visual Studio 2005

How do I print from Reporting Services AUTOMATICALLY in VB.Net web app?


We are converting some reports from Crystal Reports to Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) in an ASP 2.0 VB.Net web app.  Crystal had a function called PrintToPrinter which was being used to programmatically print to a network printer that we specified in the code as soon as the user clicked a button on the screen.  The printer dialog box did not appear.  It was true one-click printing.

I need to figure out how to do the same thing in SSRS.  Right now we have our SSRS reports rendering to a PDF and opening in a new window when the user clicks the button, forcing the user to then click another print button on that screen to print the report.

I've been looking all over the web for how to do this but am not finding much luck.

Supposedly there is a way to call an SSRS web service, render the report as an EMF, and use things like System.Drawing.Imaging and System.Drawing.Printing to send the report to the printer.  I can't find any detailed examples of how to do this in VB.Net code however.  I'm trying to avoid doing this from scratch because I have very little time left to complete this.  Posts about this all seem to be from 2004 so I'm not sure if something better has come along since then.  This link shows an example of this in C# but since I don't know C# I can hardly make head or tail of it:


How to get database (other than AdventureWorks) to connect to SQL server 2008 Analysis services for


I am making a project on Data Mining, I am using the Office 2007 Excel, SQL server as a sample mining tool, i have practiced and understood using Adventure works database , but i NEED a different Database so as to connect it to analysis service and demonstrate data mining using excel in my own project, WHAT AND HOW DO I GO ABOUT IT?


Integrate Reporting Services with Silverlight and RIA Services

One of the most wanted future features in Silverlight is the possibility to create business reports using Reporting Services. In this article, I will show how to use the existing Reporting Services technology with Silverlight and RIA Services combination.

could somebody give me example how I can connect to database only once if I use many models in contr


I use in my ASP.NET MVC application repository pattern and I use in controller for example 3 models:

   namespace MvcApplication1.Controllers  
        public class HomepageController : Controller  
            private IWebsitesRepository _repository_websites = new WebsitesRepository();  
            private IFirmRepository _repository_firm = new FirmRepository();  
            private IPhotosRepository _repository_photos = new PhotosRepository();  

In WebsiteRepozitory, FirmRepository and PhotosRepository classes I have:

Database1Entities _entities = new Database1Entities();

So I have 3 connections to database ? Is it wrong ? How can I solve it ?

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