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Workflow --> After Build --> 3rd Party DLL in Debug Folder --> What to do?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 09, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
hey, im referencing a third party dll; after the build of the workflow, theres an other dll created in the debug folder of the project which is required by the other dll   but, when im deploying the workflow, it seems, that dll is not deployed, too, cause the workflow crashes, cause this dll is required   so how can i tell the workflow, where to find this dll?

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This article covers the core components required for building custom activities in Windows Workflow Foundation.

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MSDN Magazine December 2006

Debugging Tool: Build a Logging and Event Viewing Library to Help Debug Your .NET Framework-based Ap


Building a basic, reusable application framework can make development quicker and easier. This allows you to focus more on the problems at hand and less on the repetitive tasks involved in building any application. In this article, the author presents a framework that provides facilities to access the registry and an extensible framework for logging messages to a console window or the Event Viewer. This reusable framework can be included as a library in your projects, allowing you to display an enhanced, color-coded message log and dynamically change logging levels.

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MSDN Magazine May 2003

Sharepoint Workflow To Shoot Email Only When Folder Is Created In Document Library

Hi, Can anyone help me with the below issue, I am facing this from so long and didn’t figure out solution yet for the same. :( I want to send an email through SharePoint designer workflow only when a folder is created in document library (not file uploaded/updated event). Please provide me solution about how I can achieve this through SharePoint designer as don’t have enough coding acquaintance.

Is it possible to move documents to folder based on metadata by workflow?

We have a document library, which have several folders. We need a process so that documents are stored to the right place based on metadatas. Is this possible? Any better method for this? 1. User uploads a document and defines it as a "personnel" document in the metadata field. 2. Workflow(or another method) moves the document automatically under Folder "Personnel".Kenny_I

Unable to Debug SP Workflow

hey, why its not possible to debug a workflow?   my workflow is listening to a workflow item changed event;   i set the breakpoint but it doesnt fire :(   are there any solutions?

can't debug anymore a state machine workFlow in Visual Studio

Hi, I have an issue with debuging a workFlow with visual studio when it should start the workFlow when I create an item nothing happen and sharepoint stay stuck : I can't refresh any lists, visual studio rich 40% of the CPU, no exception on log. At the same time if i deploy without debugging it works. Please help me. Thanks, Patrice  

Can't debug classes in App_Code folder

I've gone through the forum and I've googled this issue and I'm surprised by how little information I've found.  I recently converted my ASP.NET 1.x project to ASP.NET 2 and I've found that while debugging I cannot step into code stored in the App_code folder.  This is a serious problem for me as something is broken and I can't discover the source without my trusty debugger.  Please, does anyone have a resolution for this issue.  I understand that it is related to the fact that the App_Code folder is compiled dynamically but surely there must be some way of debugging the classes in there :-( I have debug="true" in my config file, all my projects are building in the Debug configuration.  Breakpoints in the aspx files work fine, but then any code reference to a class in App_Code is stepped over by the debugger. Thanks very much for your help.

Unable to debug Workflow in VS2010

I have a minimal sequential workflow created in Visual Studio 2010 which I cannot run in debug mode. I have created the workflow using the template in VS2010. When running the project in debug mode the breakpoint mark changes from full red circle to empty circle with exclamation mark. The tooltip message is: "The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document" I am able to debug webparts deployed onto the same Sharepoint site using VS2010. Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Sharepoint 2010, Visual Studio 2010 Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Claudiu

create workflow on a folder

within my document library i have placed some folders. the foldernames are the names of my technical users. when i place a document in one of those folders i want to send a email to the specific user. i think the workflow that you make is ownly assigned to the document library.   how can my workflow see, in witch folder i added  a new document and send a mail to this user? can i check this by a if statement, if yes how excactly.

Workflow designer causes VS 2010 RTM to freeze when editing build process template.

I have a Dell Studio 1747 laptop with Intel i7 1.6GHz, 6GB RAM, Windows 7 Professional x64. I recently "updated" VS 2010 RC to RTM (removed all of RC and installed RTM). So far so good. Also, I have TFS 2010 RTM on the machine working perfectly, and have two team projects in there. Now, on a given solution, I copied DefaultTemplate.xaml to NewDefaultProcessTemplate.xaml and checked it in. I check it out and open it, and the workflow designer shows up. Then, I "Expand All" and go down to the "Compile, Test, and Associate Changesets and Work Items" section. If I click a subsection to collapse it, the mouse cursor changes to an hourglass and stays like that indefinitely. Sometimes, after a couple of minutes, the action is performed; then, it happens again up to a point where VS completely freezes. I have cleared VS 2010 cache, and have performed a repair on VS 2010 and TFS 2010 (just in case) to no avail. I have even disconnected from TFS right after openning the file, and still the same issue. This is f****** extremely frustrating. I can't do anything on the workflow designer. HELP !!!!!

Approval Workflow email truncating space in folder name


Hello all-

I am programatically starting the approval workflow on a doc in a document library.  MOSS 2007.

That doc is in a sub folder of the libary.  The sub folder has a space in the name.  For example, the doc library name is Documents.  The sub folder name is 1.0 General.

When starting the approval workflow on a doc in this libary, the link that appears in the email message does not maintain the space in the folder name.  It does maintain the space in the doc library name.  For example, the link appears as http://servername/sitename/Documents/1.0General/Doc1.docx, but it should be http://servername/sitename/Documents/1.0%20General/Doc1.docx.  Any ideas what is happening and how to resolve this.

Email is Lotus Notes server and client.



Build Workflow Designer in VS 2010 shows no borders and arrows


When I watch the TFS 2010 build definitions by double-clicking them, the workflow designer opens. It's close to unusable though, because there are no borders visible around the workflow items and it shows no arrows. Only if I select any item, it gets a light blue title background and border.

I already read here that the "Tools->Options->Workflow Themes" only apply to WF 3.0/3.5 workflows, so I know why it doesn't change anything.

But what can I do to get the "normal" Theme with non-white/invisible borders/arrrows? Is it possible to reinstall WF 4.0 or something?

Edit: I tried repair-installing .NET Framework and repair-installing Visual Studio 2010 but with no effect.

Edit: Screenshot-Link: http://www.pictureupload.de/originals/pictures/100810093628_wf4processtemplate.png

Sharepoint Workflow To Shoot Email Only When Folder Is Created In Document Library



Can anyone help me with the below issue, I am facing this from so long and didn’t figure out solution yet for the same. :(

I want to send an email through SharePoint designer workflow only when a folder is created in document library (not file uploaded/updated event). Please provide me solution about how I can achieve this through SharePoint designer as don’t have enough coding acquaintance.

Regards, Sachin

How to debug Windows Workflow when it is hosted by WCF Service ?



I have build a test solution in two parts :

1) WCF service which hosts a Windows Workflow (statemachine).

2) Console application which consumes the WCF Service.

It works well, but if I do a bad process, it crashes which is normal. Exemple : the client calls an event which is impossible to execute given the current state according to the workflow design. In this case, the client receives a WCF exception. This exception is masked, which is normal (an option has to be set in WCF side to enable exception transmission).

The problem is that, althought I launched the console application with the debugger, with the WCF service project, the debugger doesn't break on Workflow errors in WCF error side. (However, I saw that non-Workflow errors in WCF side are still stopped by the debugger)

How could I force the VS debugger to break on Workflow WCF errors ?


(Workflow 3.5)

Your preferred MS or 3rd-party SP Workflow & Form Tool


Hello, I just like to hear in a nutshell and from your experience your most favored '3rd-party or MS' SP Workflow & Form tool so far. My reason for asking is that I will be starting a long-term enterprise-wide project. For a start, I listed some of the them. Thanks in advance.

a. Nintex
b. K2 Black Point
c. Sharevis
d. Workflow Conductor

web.config transformations on build/debug



I really like the new transformation feature for the web.config. It seems to work when I do "Build deployment package" but not when I just want to locally start the debugging using the green arrow. It just uses the web.config without processing the Web.Debug.config. I can prove that because in web.config I have debug="false" with a transformation in Web.Debug.config so that it gets true but everytime VS asks if it should modify the web.config to enable debugging which it should've done automatically with the following transformation:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<configuration xmlns:xdt="http://schemas.microsoft.com/XML-Document-Transform">
<compilation debug="true" xdt:Transform="SetAttributes(debug)" />

Am I missing something here? I used to work with NAnt to modify/create the web.config as a pre-build event but I thought that I wouldn't need it anymore. Am I wrong? The project is a freshly created asp.net mvc 2 web application.

Thanks for your time!


Broken VWD Debug Build


I'm runninvVWD 2008, version 9.  When I try to select Debug > Start Debugging  VWD starts to build everything  and eventually gets an error:

The resource cannot be found.

Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Requested URL: /MyProject/xResellers/xindex.html

xResellers is a folder I did have at one time but it was deleted and has been gone for a long time.  But it still seems to be stuck is some list of things VWD wants to build for MyProject.  I've searched the Registry for "xResellers" thinking it might be stuck in there somewhere in there and I could delete it,  but nothing comes up.  I can debug my project by renaming it to,  say MyProject_1.  Then the build goes through fine and the debug works fine.  So whatever it is is stored under my original project name.  I can't permanently rename my project, though, because I have domains registered under that name.

I first ran into this when I was running VWD 2005 and installing VWD 2008 didn't fix it. 

Does anyone know what might be goin

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