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Report on Sites, Lists and Libraries with Unique Permissions

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 09, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I would like to get a report on Sites, Pages, Lists, Libraries, Items and Documents under a Site Collection having Unique Permissions. What is the best way to accomplish that ?

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Create report that lists every user with permissions for each folder

I would like to have a report that will list each user with it's roles for every folder. We have a very large RS database with a lot of folders, we need some better way to keep track of permissions. I created a report that utilizes "GetPolicies" from http://localhost/reportserver/ReportService2005.asmx but I have to feed a folder name to get list of users. I can also (by using subreport) list all folders with users. However, I am not able to produce a report where I have it broken by user. any idea?

SharePoint tool - update metadata, permissions of sites, lists,listitems


Hi All,


I am setting a SharePoint test environment with loads of data.

I could some how manage to use tools to populate data in Sharepoint.

But I couldn't find a way to

1) Modify the sites/lists/listitems in an easy way without me havng to manually perform that

As I had 200GB of data with some thousands of sites and lists, I am not able to manage this data manually.

For my testing to run smoothly, I need to be able to add/delete/modify the metadata, permissions of many objects easily


Can someone suggest me  a tool which allows me to do this kind of functionality




Creating Sites/Lists/List Items under Current User Context in SharePoint By Using SPUserToken

Usually we do this by performing the action under RunWithElevatedPrivileges method and updating the listitem using SPListItem.SystemUpdate() method (see here). but this approach has its own flaws like (RunWithElevatedPrivileges will run under system account, we cannot use SystemUpdate for SPSite,SPWeb,SPList, since it runs under system we will "CreatedBy" by as SystemAccount).

Forms based users being prompted for windows authentication login for My Sites photos in user lists

Here's an issue I didn't see coming for our forms based authentication users. 

We have a web application extended to an external url to handle forms based authentication for users outside of our domain. Our setup looks like this...

Internal Users/Windows Authentication - moss.domain.com
External Users/Forms Based - mossext.domain.com
My Site for Internal Users - mysites.domain.com

When our forms based users are accessing user lists, or discussion pages that display user pictures, they are getting a windows authentication login for our internal users (mysites.domain.com) who have populated their my site with personal photo.

How do we fix this? 

Updating Task Lists and Form Libraries From Workflow Form


There are actually two separate (I think) problems here. The scenario: I used the SharePoint Designer 2007 to create a workflow attached to a form library. When a form is submitted to the library, a To-Do-Item is created on a task list. The To-Do-Item is initially assigned to a GROUP. A user from the group then selects the name of an individual from a choice list in edit item. This person now becomes the Assigned To for the task.

What is needed is 1) To update the Assigned To column of the Form library when someone in the GROUP assigns the task to an INDIVIDUAL; and 2) To have the Due Date from the submitted InfoPath form propagate to the task list.

I've tried having one workflow try to do everything and also having a secondary workflow set up on the task list to do the task assignment update but have not been successful in solving either issue. I don’t think that I am really understanding how to Define Workflow Lookup when not working with the Current Item. I know what fields I want but I don’

Seperate out the Document Libraries to individual Sites in MOSS 2007

We are using the MOSS 2007 with SP2. We are having three different Document Libraries for three different projects under same site. We have the requirement to migrate each library to shift to the individual sites. We need to do this with all the content, settings and and the permissions. It's fine to migrate the database and settings individually i.e. content database seperately and site settings seperately. Is anyone have this kind of migration?

Report Builder 2.0 Permissions

I've recently moved from SSRS 2008 Standard/SharePoint Integrated to SSRS 2008 Standard/Native.   I have some users with full permissions to a single folder within the SSRS site.  They need to access ReportBuilder.  In my testing, I've added my user account to SystemUser on site settings, as well as given it full permissions to the folder.  However, I keep receiving insufficient permissions exceptions when trying to connect with ReportBuilder.  For the site URL in ReportBuilder, I've tried both http://servername/reportserver and http://servername/reportserver/folder_name.   Any ideas? Thanks

MySites vs. Sub-sites - Can security be unique for each subsite

Good Day; I have a sharepoint farm with several 100,000 mysites, each of these mysites consumes 2MB of space when being set up.  There is no need for this in the way we implement and use sharepoint.  As we are moving from Sharepoint 2007 to Sharepoint 2010 I am looking to change our format if possible.  What I am thinking is to change from individual MySites for each user and move to 1 MySite for each organization and then a sub-site for each user in that organization.  My question is, if I create an MySite named Company-A and then have 600 sub-sites below it, named User-1, User-2,...User600 for example, can I set up individual security on each sub-site or is their security profile inherited from their main MySite.  For further detail I need to offer individuals the ability to control their own security or have the company control the security for them but some users will have more permissions that others, some will be able to use difference services and service apps while others will have very limited access.  I can do this when I give each user their own MySite but that is a lot of overhead, so by switching to 1 MySite per Orgnaization and individual sub-sites, I save a lot of space, overhead, and increase my performance of crawls, etc... Can what I am thinking be done? How granular is security trimming for sub-sites? Thanks C

Sharepoint 2010: Get error: You do not have permissions to have lists and pages within My Site.

I am using the administrator login for the sharepoint 2010 farm.  I'm able to access My Site.  However, when I click on My content, I'm getting You do not have permissions to have lists and pages within My Site.   Any ideas?   Thanks.

Field level permissions on WSS 3.0 lists

I am using the Help Desk template, and need to lock it down a bit.  I would like to keep users from changing the Priority field on both the NewForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx pages.  I need my technicians to be able to edit the field, but would like it to either be hidden from the user, or have it displayed like the "Assigned To" field where it says " The control is not available because you do not have the correct permissions."   Someone suggested adding JavaScript to the pages in SharePoint Designer, but I do not know how I could wrap those fields in JavaScript so that it checks group membership.   Is what I am looking for too complex for SharePoint, or is there hope?   -Derek Brown Sr. System Engineer Vision One IT Consulting dbrown@v1corp.com

User does not have required permissions to view Report Manager on SQL 2008 r2

Hi all, We are installing SQL Server 2008 r2 onto a server, and this installation includes Reporting Services. SSRS works, I can deploy reports, use Report Manager, Report Builder, etc., all using my admin privs. The problem is when NON-ADMIN users connect to \\server\reports.  They get the following error: User 'DOMAIN\user' does not have required permissions.  Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed. This error is resolved by giving the DOMAIN\user account local admin privs on the server. Granting admin privs is not a solution.  We have accountants and other non-technical people that will use Report Manager and Report Builder.  We can't just give every person admin privs on the production SQL server. I have done a lot of research on the web... I see a results involving earlier versions of SQL Server and Report Manager, but this is 2008 r2 - different webserver, etc. How can I resolve this issue?

Get names of all lists and documnet libraries

Hi all.. How can i get all names of lists and documnet libraries programmtically ... Thanks

Can not see another WSS3.0 sites lists in SPD Data Source Library

I am editing a WSS3.0 (not MOSS) site in Sharepoint Designer and I am trying to display items from lists in another WSS3.0 website.  I have gone through the "Connect to another library..." steps on the "Data Source Library" tab and SPD does show entries in the "XML Files" tree but does not show any entries (or the headings) for "Sharepoint Lists" or "Sharepoint Libraries".  Is this a limitation of WSS3.0, is this not possible or am I trying to do this the wrong way?  I am basically trying to pull annoucments / diary entries from one site to other sites.

Many thanks in advance


Maximum number of Document libraries or Lists that can be created in a Site collection of sharepoint


Hello Guys, 

what is the maximum limit for creating document libraries in sharepoint 2010, is there any limit? if so can you give me the number and details where do i find it.

Thanks in advance.

Permissions insufficient when running report


I have a report on a server that I am able to run without issue when runnig it from the web. I can even run the report from a winforms app. When i try to run the report from Report Builder 2, I get the following error:

The permissions granted to user domain\username' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)

When I use Report Builder, I can see the fields/tables/views etc that I need, I just can't run it from within RB2

Report Builder 2.0 Permissions

I set up the a 2008 report server with a report model and I am trying to set up limited access for users.  I have it set up and working however the user can not Run(preview) the report in the report builder 2.0 app itself when creating the report.  The user can run the query in the query designer of the report builder, create/save a report to the server using the model and report builder, and can run the report they saved on the report server.  But for some reason they get a "The permissions granted to user '****' are insufficient for performing this operation." error when trying to run the report from in the report builder 2.0 app.  Any idea why this one thing would not work?

Thanks for any help,

SharePoint tool - sites, subsites,lists,listitems creation


Hi All

Recently I am investigating on a tool which can do the following-

1) helps in creating multiple number of sites, subsites, lists and list items

without having me to manually do all those actions.



This is because I am in the process of building a test environment for SharePoint which needs to have 100GB of data dispersed among different sites and subsites which turns out to be really tedious for me to create all these manually and fill the data

Does anyone have any idea of existence of such a tool.


Can some one help me with ideas to achieve this





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