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'theForm' is undefined?!?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 09, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
I'm using some small atlas on the page (just update panel and script manager) and I keep running into this javascript error every time I try to submit. I was sure it was a validation thing, so i pulled all the validation tags off the page, but it's still firing. Any ideas? If it's not clear, my form is not named "theForm" and i have no idea where that comes from. In FF, I was able to see the code, and here's what's happening Error: theForm is not definedSource File: http://localhost:13656/WebResource.axd?d=s3dJX5e_e431rKXwpmcp9w2Line: 19function WebForm_PostBackOptions(eventTarget, eventArgument, validation, validationGroup, actionUrl, trackFocus, clientSubmit) { this.eventTarget = eventTarget; this.eventArgument = eventArgument; this.validation = validation; this.validationGroup = validationGroup; this.actionUrl = actionUrl; this.trackFocus = trackFocus; this.clientSubmit = clientSubmit; } function WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(options) { var validationResult = true; if (options.validation) { if (typeof(Page_ClientValidate) == 'function') { validationResult = Page_ClientValidate(options.validationGroup); } } if (validationResult) { if ((typeof(options.actionUrl) != "undefined") && (options.actionUrl != null) && (options.actionUrl.length > 0)) { theForm.action =

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jQuery is undefined


I have been developping something for about 2 months including a popup with jquery.

Of course during dev I never had any issues on my system.  I also tested on 5 other pcs in our network all using IE 6,7,8.  Again no problem with jQuery nor javascript.

Now, loooking at the same site, same release on the same server from a client of ours (outside our network) using IE 6,7 there's nothing I can do to make this work.  I've googled around and I tried changing the path in the jQuery source and even using google's servers.


I'm getting the error "'jQuery' is undefined"

I've moved all the libraries as the first file to load, and even made sure to put them in the right order (not that I ever had to before).

I've tried putting the code that calls those functions completly at the bottom of the page (not that it would make a difference since everything is based on user events rather than page load).

I've also cleared the cache, went on another pc, nothing can make this work.

The only I can figure is either IE site setting (trust, script block or AV). 


Can't anyone tell me what could solve this issue??

Live URL :

jQuery is undefined


 Hi All,

I am using jQuery.ui.dialog.js to show the modal pop up.. But this Jquery.ui.dialog.js is throwing a jaascript error 'jQuery' is undefined. Please help . How can i resolve this.

I am using this 2 .css and .js

1.jquery.ui.dialog.css & 1.jquery.ui.dialog.js

2.jquery-ui-1.8.2.custom.css & query-ui-1.8.2.custom.js

Please advice.......

Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'net' is undefined.

I get an error at the statement new net.ContentLoader("MyPage.aspx") in Default.aspx page. I am using Visual Studio 2008 and .net framework 2.0.   Please help!

Javascript "Undefined is null or not an object" error in IE :S

I read around and tried everything to figure out the reason of the issue i'm getting, but i give up, the error i'm getting is only on IE and it's the "Undefined is null or not an object" error.This is it:Line: 29Char: 13Error: 'undefined' is null or not an objectCode: 0This is the script:<script type="text/javascript">    function checkV1() {        if (document.getElementById('CB1').checked)            ValidatorEnable(document.getElementById('CheckBoxListValidator1'), true);        else            ValidatorEnable(document.getElementById('CheckBoxListValidator1'), false);    }    function checkV2() {        if (document.getElementById('CB2').checked)            ValidatorEnable(document.getElementById('CheckBoxListValidator2'), true);        else            ValidatorEnable(document.getElementById('CheckBoxListValidator2'), false);    }THIS IS LINE 29---->    fun

Ajax Error Sys undefined

My application is working fine on local system,but not on web server.web server has IIS 7.0 It is giving javascript error 'Sys is not defined' Error: ASP.NET Ajax client-side framework failed to load. Plz help

asp:Menu causes sys undefined with URL rewriting

Hi, I'm developing using the new ASP.NET 4 and I ran into the following issue. When I put a Menu control into the web form, the menu causes the following code to generate just before the closing </form> tag:<script type='text/javascript'>new Sys.WebForms.Menu({ element: 'NavigationMenu', disappearAfter: 500, orientation: 'horizontal', tabIndex: 0, disabled: false });  As long as I don't use URL Routing, the page compiles and loads properly. But when I try to use URL Routing on the website, VS starts to throw "Sys is undefined" exception. However, this does not happen always. Most frequently it happens when I change somenting positioning-related in the CSS file, but sometimes the exceptions seems just arbitrary. I'm not sure which parts of code could help, if any. I would appreciate any help. Thx

'sys' is undefined

I have an asp.net ajax web site that is giving me the error message "sys is undefined" My asp.net ajax is displayed within an iframe. Within the iframe I was getting the error message "Access Denied". I then found this page and this page . So I downloaded the latest version of the MicrosoftAjaxLibrary and stuck the files within a folder called Scripts and changed my ScriptManager to this <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" ScriptPath="~/scripts" /> That is when I started getting the SYS error message. Funny thing is before I changed the ScriptManager the site worked outside an iFrame. Now I get this message whether the page is within or outwith an iFrame. I've looked through this thread (http://forums.asp.net/p/1040236/1446560.aspx), not every post to be honest, but I couldn't find an answer. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.   

The expression contains undefined function call MyUserFunction() error :Telerik Reports

  Hello All, I am getting the error."An error has occured while processing textbox:The expression contains undefined function call FormType()". I have a report..where in i used a user function called "FormType". My datasource  for teh report is sharepoint list. I am passing a parameter to the user function in the code.My user functions retrieves three values(one each time based on the conditions)But when i select the user function..in the edit expression dialog box.. i am not writing any parameter inside the user function as i am not sure what to write there. I have gone through http://www.telerik.com/support/kb/reporting/designing-reports/the-expression-contains-undefined-function-call-myuserfunction-error.aspx and thought i might fall in 2nd cateogry..but unable to find a solution for that Please help me. Here is the code. InitializeComponent();             string strType;             SPSite oSite = new SPSite("spsiteurl");             SPWeb oWeb = oSite.OpenWeb();             string[] parameters = { "10", "100", "1000" };             T

Ignoring Undefined Query Strings in XLSTListView Webpart


I'm using SharePoint Designer to add a custom view to the default page of a site. I want to filter the data on some query string values - but only if the query string values actually exist. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that, either in the gui or by hacking around with the actual where clause. The where clause is below. Anyone have any ideas?

                                               <FieldRef Name=

getScrollPosition undefined in production MicrosoftAjaxWebForms.js??


I have a site which I've been implementing MS Ajax a little at a time for the past year.  I have been trying to clean it up and implement some of the best practices which I know I should have done in the first place.  So last night, I went to the web.config file on my production server and changed the <compilation debug="true" /> to say debug="false".  This supposedly will allow better script & resource caching, but since the web application was built in debug mode, I'll still get the detailed exception stack traces which are so helpful in finding errors.

After changing the compilation debug="false", I am now getting the following error from the pages of my site which have implemented MS Ajax:

'Sys$WebForms$PageRequestManager$_getScrollPosition' is undefined


Changing that compilation debug switch was the only thing that has changed since yesterday when I was not getting these errors.  Everything else seems to work correctly, and I am catching this error and reporting it correctly without displaying the error to the user.  However, my inbox is getting flooded with these errors which seem completely unnecessary.

Anybody seen this before?  Obviously, I can flip that switch back to

Sys.Extended is Undefined after upgrading to newest version of AjaxControlToolkit



I just recently updated to the latest version of the AjaxControlToolkit and now my TabContainers don't work (only thing i'm using the toolkit for). It looks like the client code to make the correct tab visible is never getting called. The error I'm getting with Firefox is "Sys.Extended is undefined", and with IE I get "'Sys.Extended.UI' is null or not an object".

I'm using the .NET framework 3.5

1). I already changed all the ScriptManagers in my project to ToolkitScriptManagers per a javascript error message I was getting earlier.
2). I already checked my web.config and it looks good:


'currentCtx' is undefined


While trying to create/upload a document in a document library, Ie throws the below exception

'currentCtx' is undefined

what it means and how to fix this?

'Sys' undefined .NET 4 AJAX works locally but not on server

If you recently created a .net 4.0 site and AJAX doesnt work when on the server, read below.
I was going out of my mind looking for a resolution to this problem. My AJAX enabled website worked great on 
my local computer, but as soon as I uploaded it to the server. BANG!!! I no longer had any AJAX. I would get the 
error: 'Sys' undefined. I finally found the resolution and figured it should be shared.
I spent 2 days doing everything that I could find. This is the only thing that fixed my prob.  
ADD, the following to your web.config and it may fix your problem. It did for me.
     <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true"/>
      <add name="ScriptResource" preCondition="integratedMode" verb="GET,HEAD" pa

Ajax enabled WCF Service stops working with Undefined error


 I have an Ajax Enabled WCF service that I call from Javascript.  It works fine, but often after I make unrelated changes to the website it will fail and Javascript will report an 'Undefined' error.  I can easily fix it by deleting the service, removing the system.serviceModel section of the Web.config and then recreating the service.  I don't have to change any of the references in the .aspx or .js files.  Also, the replacement service has identical code in the .config, .cs and .svc files (I don't see any differences).  This morning, I only made some cosmetic changes and the service stopped working again. 

Any insight into what I am doing wrong?

i get a DOMparser undefined error message

how do i fix this problem

'calendarShown' is undefined - Got it to show up in modal popup (on one page)

I managed to find the way to get the calender to show in a modal popup by searching the forum.  However, I now have a problem in which the calendarShown function throws an error.  


The strange thing is that it works fine on one page of my website - no error and the calendar shows up but on the other it throws the 'calendarShown' is undefined on page load.  Then the calendar doesn't show up.  I've gone as far as copying the exact function from the working page and pasting it in to the non-working page.  Still get the same error!!!


<asp:TextBox ID="txtEffDate" Width="100px" MaxLength="10" runat="server" onkeyup="enableAddSave();" ></asp:TextBox>
								<cc2:CalendarExtender ID="CalendarExtender1" runat="server" TargetControlID="txtEffDate" OnClientShown="calendarShown"></cc2:CalendarExtender>


 function calendarShown(sender, args)
  	sender._popupBehavior._element.style.zIndex = 10005;

Anyone run in to this problem??


variable transfered is undefined



I want to transfer a variable to another page when a button is clicked. I

include the html code in label.text.

Source code is as follows:

MyLabel.Text += "<button type=\"button\" onclick=\"location.href='a.aspx?oid='+this.oid\"><b>Detail</b></button>";

oid is the variable that I want to transfer.However, It says "http://localhost:61884/OBJ_Browser.aspx?oid=undefined" when I click this button.

Any ideas that how I can transfer the value of oid to another page?

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