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Going Places: Gesture Magic

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Windows Mobile 6.5 is the first version of the OS to expose gesture support to developers. Marcus Perryman explains how five touch screen gestures are handled, detailing message routing, the physics engine and some handy tips and tricks.

Marcus Perryman

MSDN Magazine February 2010

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Going Places: Enhancing Windows Touch Applications for Mobile Users


This article describes how to use the Windows Touch API and related APIs to enhance mobile application. The discussion focuses on general usability, object selection and implementing a natural user interface.

Gus Class

MSDN Magazine December 2009

Going Places: An Introduction to IPsec VPNs on Mobile Phones


Many commercial phone models, including Windows phones, come with a VPN client. This article covers some of the basics of the technology behind IKEv2 and MOBIKE and how to use them to create and manage a VPN for a mobile phone.

Ramon Arjona

MSDN Magazine September 2009

Going Places: Gaming In The Key Of Zune


Mike Calligaro shows you the basics of using XNA Game Studio 3.0 to write games for Zune.

Mike Calligaro

MSDN Magazine May 2009

Going Places: Mobile Device Provisioning With SyncML


OMA Device Management (OMA-DM), based on a dialect of XML called SyncML, can be used to provision and manage mobile devices in an enterprise scenario. We'll show you how.

Ramon Arjona

MSDN Magazine February 2009

Going Places: How Connection Manager Connects


Marcus Perryman explains the correct use of Connection Manager when a Windows Mobile application requires network data.

Marcus Perryman

MSDN Magazine December 2008

Going Places: Ink-Enabled Apps For Tablet PC


We show you how to create ink-enabled apps quickly with the Tablet PC SDK and the InkEdit and InkPicture ActiveX controls.

Gus Class

MSDN Magazine October 2008

Going Places: What Can a Robot Teach You?


Learn about mobile device programming through WiMo, a Windows Mobile-powered robot.

Mike Calligaro

MSDN Magazine August 2008

Going Places: Adaptable Apps for Windows Mobile.


We show you the techniques for building adaptable applications that can make the best use of different screens and capabilities on Windows Mobile devices.

Michael Saffitz

MSDN Magazine June 2008

Going Places: Provisioning Mobile Devices


Learn how you can set up every mobile device in your company with a few lines of code and some XML--thanks to the provisioning APIs in the Windows Mobile SDK.

Mike Calligaro

MSDN Magazine April 2008

{ End Bracket }: The Magic of Software


Are the transparent computer screens in the movie Minority Report or the flashy fingerprint analysis software programs used on CSI closer than we think? Maybe so.

Julia Lerman

MSDN Magazine April 2008

Adding Accelerometer to Detect Shake Gesture




Validate input has up to 2 decimal places

I need to validate hours put into a textbox.  I want to allow hours to be from 0-24 and allow up to 2 decimal places. so it has to accept not 2.225 or 25I put a range validator that check that the value is from 0-24 but it doesn't check that there are 2 decimal places or less.  how do I do that?

Going Places: IronRuby on Windows Phone 7

IronRuby expert Shay Friedman goes mobile and shows you how to build a Windows Phone 7 app with Microsoft's implementation of the popular Ruby dynamic language.Shay Friedman MSDN Magazine September 2010

Java function needs to return only two places

I have this java function that works great, but I need it to only return two decimal places like 333.33. Currently it returns 333.3333333333. What can I do to modify this? plannedpmt = (pledgedamt / numberpayments) 

Magic - Can someone help me understand the dynamicquerystringparameter.

How did the dynamicquerystring parameter solve the problem below. It works but I don't understand why?   Situation: Two tables   table resource contains personal entries and has a primary key attribute "id"   table projects contains a primary key attribute "id" and a foreign key attribute "ResourceID" that is constrained to an id attribute from table resource.   I wanted to create a details view for the resource table that displayed in a gridview all of the projects to which a given resource was assigned. I used the details.aspx template as a starting point and added linq2sql and gridview controls. The linq2sql control was a select all from table projects and became the datasource for the gridview. I registered the gridview with the dynamicdatamanger and changed the databoundfields to dynamicdatafields.                    The problem Of course the gridview displayed all entries from table projects and as I didn't have vs2010 I didn't have the dynamicqueryextender. I was about to give up when I playing around added the dynamicquerystring parameter to my linq2sql datasource just for grins. All of a sudden the gridview automagically started filtering down to only the entries that had a ResourceID that was equal to the ID of the c

Is there a way to have the same named control in two places on one web page?

I have a project where I'm rebuilding a legacy app and need to combine multiple similar web pages onto one ASP.Net web form.  I thought I could easily do this with MultiView / View groupings.  The problem I'm encountering is that each View control doesn't isolate controls of the same name.For example, I wanted to do this:<asp:View ID="view1" runat="server">   <asp:Label ID="TEXT01" runat="server" /></asp:View><asp:View ID="view2" runat="server">    <asp:Label ID="TEXT01" runat="server" /> </asp:View>   The reason for keeping the "TEXT01" name consistent is that tens of thousands of records in the legacy DB have this exact string, so to avoid a translation algorithm it would be nice to keep the historical names.  Note: The example I gave is one of about 20 such names.Anyhow, if there's no way to do what I'm trying to achieve in ASP.Net then so be it, but I thought I'd ask others for advice,Robert
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