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SSMA Sybase to MS-SQL Conversions

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 08, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
I am using SSMA to connect to sybase and get "Error collecting Data" - I have Sybase 15.5 installed and MS-SQL 2008 Express.SSMA version is 4.0.1366Any pointers would be appreciated 

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Date/Time Conversions Using SQL Server

There are many instances when dates and times don't show up at your doorstep in the format you'd like it to be, nor does the output of a query fit the needs of the people viewing it. One option is to format the data in the application itself. Another option is to use the built-in functions SQL Server provides to format the date string for you.

select max record to join another table sybase

select a.pono,(select (user) from user where userid=a.userid having date=max(date)) as user from a inner join b on a.no=b.no  in the result , i have selected the same id and retrieve two records every thing are same except the date how can i select the record out of two record which date is max date as the where Clasuse to select correct user poid    date                name 1        12/08/2010      Mary 1        20/08/2010      Peter   now i would like to select name which id=1 and date is max and then use the name to join another table because name is foreign key  

Master/Detail with Northwind (SSMA) and ASP.NET

I'm trying this example: http://www.asp.net/data-access/tutorials/master-detail-filtering-with-a-dropdownlist-cs I got it to work before, like 6-months ago.  I'm coming back to this now and I can't seem to get the example working. Do I need to create a query in SSMS and then set up my Master/Detail views off of that?  It seems like the GridView is NOT linked to the DropDownList and it seems like there is no way to link the two Objects.  Any ideas as to what I could be doing wrong? Thanks everyone!!

SSIS And Sybase Source OLEDB connectivity issue with code page for character set

Hi I am using SSIS 2008 to connect the Sybase Server version 15.0.3 64-bit. The default character set id used by this Sybase server is 4 (i.e. roman8). (http://manuals.sybase.com/onlinebooks/group-charc/chg0300e/charsets/@Generic__BookTextView/1706;pt=266) I had installed Sybase Client for Sybase OLEDB Driver (ASEOLEDB) to integrate this in OLEDB Source Editor. As per guidance from one of the past MSDN forum discussion, I tried setting property of AlwaysUseDefaultCodePage property to "FALSE"  (http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/sqlintegrationservices/thread/f5af9328-e1fb-48d7-a85d-1d08bb7cf0e5/). However, I am still experiencing error message as follows:- ********************************************************* Error at Package2 [Connection manager "xxxxxx.xxxxxxx"]: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR.  An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80004005. An OLE DB record is available.  Source: "ASEOLEDB"  Hresult: 0x80004005  Description: "[00000] [Native Code: 30061] [ASEOLEDB]Could not load code page for requested charset". An OLE DB record is available.  Source: "ASEOLEDB"  Hresult: 0x80004005  Description: "[1ZZ001] [Native Code: 30016] [ASEOLEDB]Internal Error". Error at Data Flow Task 2 [OLE DB Source [1]]: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_CANNOTACQUIRECONNECTIONFROMC

SSMA Migration Tools

hi all   I am Facing problem for using this tools (Migrate from Sybase to SQL Server 2005) when i trying to connect to Sybase on Tools EM, this error apper Error Collecting Data . See the Inner Exception for Details   please anyone can help in this issue or advice me what can i do?   thank's

[OLE/DB provider returned message: [MERANT][ODBC Sybase driver]Distributed transaction enlistment fa

Ok, i have seen tons of articles on the error, but still can't figure it out. This is being executed through nested procedure calls, until it is roughly 3 levels deep, then makes a call to Sybase using dynamic SQL and OPENROWSET. The message that is returned is listed below. Yes, i looked up all I could find on it. The thing I find interesting is I can simply take the dynamic SQL and the openrowset call out and run it in query analyzer just fine. but when I run it through the procedure it generates the errors. Any thoughts?   [OLE/DB provider returned message: [MERANT][ODBC Sybase driver]Distributed transaction enlistment failed.] Server: Msg 7391, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 The operation could not be performed because the OLE DB provider 'MSDASQL' was unable to begin a distributed transaction. [OLE/DB provider returned message: [MERANT][ODBC Sybase driver]Load of XA library failed.] OLE DB error trace [OLE/DB Provider 'MSDASQL' ITransactionJoin::JoinTransaction returned 0x8004d00a]. John M. Couch Insight Enterprises Inc. 6820 S. Harl Ave, Tempe, Az 85283 Email: john.couch@insight.com

Connecting to Sybase using ODBC

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I am having problems connecting to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12 and was hoping someone could help. The server is set up as follows: Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Client .net Framework IIS 6 ODBC .net I have tried to connect a couple of different ways. First is using the following code: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <%@ Page CompilerOptions='/R:"C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\Odbc.Net\Microsoft.data.odbc.dll"' Debug="True"%> <%@ import Namespace="System.Data" %> <%@ import Namespace="System.Data.SqlClient" %> <%@ import Namespace="Microsoft.Data.Odbc" %> <%@ Assembly Name="Microsoft.Data.Odbc" %> <script runat="server"> Sub Page_Load(Source as object, e as EventArgs) If Not IsPostBack Then Dim sConnString As String = "Driver={Sybase ASE ODBC Driver};srvr=myServer;DB=myDatabase;UID=myUserID;PWD=myPassword;" Dim conn As ODBCConnection conn = New ODBCConnection(sConnString) conn.Open() ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ With that code I get the following error: Compilation Error Description: An error

ItemAdded fails after Microsoft.Office.Word.Server.Conversions.ConversionJob was completed

Hey, I defined a ConversionJob from doc to pdf inside and the doc-file is located in a  document library and the job goes through without any problems. The pdf is created as expected. However if I try to catch an ItemAdded event the debugger starts every time the ConversionJob is finished and if I agree to debug the problem the debugger proceeds after the first time I hit F10 no matter how much code is located in the eventreceiver. The "error" seems to occur in the first line of my event receiver no matter what's in that line. If I got something like "string test = "text";" the debugger will come up anyway. I'm really confused by this behaviour and I hope somebody has worked with ConversionJobs from Word Automation Services before.

Issue with Connection of Sybase in SSIS and Linked Server in SQL Server

Iam having problem connecting with Sybase from SSIS or Link Server of SQL Server 2008.

 I have installed Sybase 12.5.1 OLE DB Driver and have also registered by running command:

 C:\sybase\DataAccess\OLEDB\dll>regsvr32 sybdrvoledb.dll

 We are also able to create System DSN from ODBC Administrator in Windows 7. I am also able to import data in the MS Access. Here is the System DSN I created, successfully.

 I would really appreciate you can help us out.

Instructions for setting up a Sybase ASE Server as a SQL Server 2005 Linked Server?


I have a Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise server which I need to set up as a linked server in SQL Server 2005.  The Sybase server is version 12.5.2, and the Sybase ODBC driver version is  I have already installed the Sybase client software on the server.

I also created a SystemDSN on the SQL Server to connect to the Sybase server.  I tested the connection and it was able to connect.

I ran the following code to create the linked server:


EXEC master.dbo.sp_addlinkedserver @server = N'LinkedServerName', @srvproduct=N'Sybase', @provider=N'MSDASQL', @datasrc=N'Sybase System DSN'

SSMA tester error

Hello Everyone

I used SSMA to migrate data from Sybase ASE to SQL Server 2008, and I am trying to use SSMA Tester for testing migrated data.
I have created a test case, selected only one table from a database but when I am trying to Run, getting following error message

"Cannot connect to Sybase ASE via SQL Server tester extension."

Following I can see in SSMA log file:

[Tester: Error] [5364/6] [2009-09-22 14:33:28]: An error occurred while connecting to Sybase ASE via SSMA Tester extensions.
[Tester: Error] [5364/6] [2009-09-22 14:33:28]: Exception: A .NET Framework error occurred during execution of user-defined routine or aggregate "ExecuteUnidimensionalCommand":
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Microsoft.SSMA.Framework.Sybase.Tester.Extensions.SybaseTesterExtensionsUtils.IsConnectionAlive(IDbConnection connection)
   at Microsoft.SSMA.Framework.Sybase.SqlServer.Tester.Extensions.S2SSExecuteCommandExtensions`1.CheckSourceConnection()
   at Microsoft.SSMA.Framework.Generic.Testers.Extensions.Default.DefaultTesterExtensions`2.ExecuteBatch(String encryptedXml)
   at Microsoft.SSMA.Framework.Sybase.Sql

Migration from Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 9.0.2 to SQL Server 2008



We are planning to migrate our current database (Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 9.0.2) to SQL Server 2008. Is there any Tools or Utilities available to migrate ?

Thanks in advance





Configure Document Conversions



I want to use Document Conversions feature of SharePoint 2010. For this, in configure document conversions page, I do not see any converters under Converter settings.

I thought, SharePoint 2010 supposed to have out of box converters (like xml to html, words to html) but it says "No converters are currently installed."

Any idea on using this feature in SharePoint 2010 ? I am using SharePoint 2010 version 14.0.4763.1000

Thanks in advance.

Suman Pradhan


Error with SSMA when trying to migrate Access DB



I'm not certain if this is the right area of the forum for this question or not. If not, I apologize. We have a simple Access database that was created for the purpose of tracking bank deposits we make every week and this database has to be accessed from a number of location across our network. Lately, the database is crashing/entering an inconsistent state almost every day and has to be recovered by replacing the current .mdb file that's corrupt with an older backed up copy. After doing some reading on the subject, it seemed like migrating this DB to SQL Server 2008 made sense.

I downloaded and installed the latest version of SSMA (4.2), downloaded and registered the License, etc... and have started a new migration project. The issue is that as soon as I add the database, either through the wizard or manually, I get an Output error that reads as follows:

Error occurred while loading children.
Access Object Collector error: Database
     Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.Dao, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
     Error occurred while loading content.

I'm hoping someone here can explain this error to me since I can't seem to find specific infor

Sybase advantage.net data provider





I'am trying to add an advantage data connection to visual studio. I donwloaded the advantage data provider for that. Somehow i cant speciafy the server port address in the provider. I've tried to add servername:port and servername,port but it throws error 6420.


Anybody having experience with this?


Thanks René 

sybase .net connector


Hello group,


I'am trying to connect a sybase ASE server with the advantage .net connector. I'am unable to set the port property in the connector. The ASE server is version 12.5

I'am i missing something?


Help is very appreciated


EnterpriseLibrary.Data 5.0 for SYBASE


Hello guys,

I know we can use EnterpriseLibrary for SYBASE Database. This is my first time to use SYBASE. What I client, pluging or dll I need to run SYBSE with EnterpriseLibrary Data? In others words What I need and I how run EnterpriseLibrary data with SYBASE?


Thank You 

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