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Using builtin SPFieldType in a BDC

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 08, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
(Sorry the Editor totally and for me unrecoverably destroyed the code sections so bear with me) Hi, ive built myself a BDC which basically maps a table in a MySQL database to an external list in a Sharepoint 2010 Foundation Server. Everythings works fine as long as I keep to the basic FieldTypes like System.String, System.DateTime, SystemInt32 etc. The type I set in the <TypeDescriptor> part of the bdcm XML file, like:   TypeName = " System.String " TypeName = " System.DateTime "   The properties dialog in the VS2010 GUI lets me choose only the System.* types and what I have in my local project as classes. Now ive seen all the builtin field types in the Designer and read about SpCustomFieldTypes, and want to use that with as less hassle as possible. So ive queried my Sharepoint Instance about the FieldTypes I could possibly use:   "Counter" -> Counter () "Single line of text" -> Text (Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldText) "Multiple lines of text" -> Note (Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldMultiLineText) "Choice" -> Choice (Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldChoice) "Choice" -> MultiChoice (Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldMultiChoice) "Rating Scale" -> GridChoice (Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldRatingScale) "Integer" -> Integer () "Number" -> Number (Mic

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Removing BUILTIN\Administrators

Hi, We had setup a SQL 2005 cluster active/passive server. We are going to use this one for production. Now we want to remove the BUILTIN/Administrators from SQL Logins. As far I know we need to add the Cluster service account to SQL LOGINS then we are good to remove the builtin/admin. Is there any other things need to be taken care? Is it possible to add BUILTIN/Administrators again to SQL login? Please advice

Considerations with 2005 Cluster when removing 'BUILTIN\Administrators'

I have taken the descision to remove 'BUILTIN\Administrators' group from my clustered instances. This is not done before I inherited this environment and some violation in my oppinion is happening on the SQL Servers. To do this Im asked to generate a risk assesment report. I have a couple of questions, but first my intended aproach. Today SA pwd is unknown to everyone, even me. If it's needed pwd is reset to something temporary, and a job resetting the pwd is created. To secure access I will create a AD group, add this group to the sql server and grant this domain group the sysadmin server role. I will also generate a new SA pwd and redesign the temporary SA pwd solution to reset the pwd back to whatever I generate. This pwd will go into a safe. I know how to fix it if I loose all access to SQL Server, by using a startup flag and then adding another domain group, should some clumsy admin drop the one I created. To my question, does the cluster service account need to be a member in this SQL access account? The SQL Service account, and SQL Agent is to be incorporated into this new domain group. My account and some other DBA will have their accounts added. No accidental DBA's will then have access from this point forward. What kind of application errors can I expect? The cluster hosts the databases for about 60 different applications. Can I Trace who logs on with the '

Substitute for Builtin\administrator....( SQL Server 2005 x86 on a cluster )


Hi Security Experts ,

Receintly , we had a situation where we were not able to login to SQL Server 2005 x86 on a cluster .The reason was that we had removed Builtin/Admin ....We had to add it back to bring the SQL Server resource up and running ...But due to Audit we cant keep Builtin\Admin and will have to remove it ...Is there a way to have a substitute for this ...I am sure there will be ..


Abhay Chaudhary OCP 9i, MCTS/MCITP (SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2005 BI) ms-abhay.blogspot.com/

Unable to set BUILTIN\Users to sysadmin



I am trying to set BUILTIN\Users as sysadmin using command line but it doesnt seem to work, can anyone see where I am going wrong. I am using SQL08 R2 Express


Unable to add SPFieldType.File to custom list



When I attempt to add a field of type File to a custom list nothing is displayed, the code I use is listed below.

Option 1 :

"RFCItemsList.Fields.Add(new SPField(RFCItemsList.Fields, SPFieldType.File.ToString(

Explicit Login and BUILTIN\Administrators question


I have a single instance of SQL Server 2005 Std SP3 running on a W2003 Server std SP2 called SRVBIZ.


I have a windows domain admin account named  ROB\business.


On SRVBIZ, ROB\business is a member of the Administrators group.


In SQL Server, The BUILTIN\Administators group login is enabled is granted permission to connect to the database engine. So ROB\business is a member of this group.


In SQL Server, ROB\business also has it's own explicit login and has dbo permissions on DB1


I now deny permission to connect to the database engine for the BUILTIN\Administrators group.


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