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any one i challenging u

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 08, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
actually our team will develop a sms application in my application we are sending the sms,only 140 chracters only why? is there any chance to sending the number of  sms charecters more than 140 ,in way to sms and 160by2 sms apps fix for 140 characters only,why.....pls dont give links.....sir i need straight forward answer.... 

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A Challenging Question for Advanced user....


Using  dot net How will you release .exe applicattion for 1000 clients.this question was asked by manager but i could not answer him.tell me if you can!!!

any one i challenging u

my requirement is in my project we are implementing the trasilator feature i ll simply downloaded the google trasilator and using,but the problam is i ll convert only one language? i ll provide the option to the end users can change language choosing option dynamically......

Challenging requirement in Workflow

Hi, As per our requirement, we need WCF enables workflows to be exposed as services(WF 4.0). Also, we need to provide a feature to modify the workflow service using rehosted designer from the client application. How can we load the hosted workflow service(xamlx) files into WF rehosted designer? Is there any facility to create the workflow services dynamically?

any one i challenging u

sir my doubt is:we will have 2 databases.one is bavaji and other is basha db's are there... present we are in basha db query window,it is possible to create the table in bavaji db using the bashadb query window.....

any one i challenging u

without using string fuctions how we can perform the reverse of a string.... for example: string s="bavaji"; output is:ijavab

any one i challenging u

we are sending the sms we have sms length is 140 characters only...but similarly we are having any limitaions to sending the emails means emails having the no  of charcters only ? pls tell me ? dont give the links? pls sir help me......

any one i challenging u

if i want to get the first two records are avaliblein the table with out using the top clause?

[challenging task] Read/Unread functionality. How?

Hi all, I have faced an interesting challenge recenlty and would like to know how would you solve the following one. So the original task is the following: There is a web part which should show items* from different SiteCollections and probably even Web Applications. We would like to add read/unread functionality (for example, if user have not read the news yet, link in this web part should be highlited. It is like in an Outlook). It should be pointed out that this solution should work under heavy load. * Item could be from the list/library or external list How you see an logical and physical architecture? Wait for you variants :)

Date comparision in Gridview - Challenging logic


 Hi dear friends,

I m working in vs 2005 project(Built before 2 years with deklarit and Infragistics) and not using Ajax Update panel instead I m using Ajaxprodll throughout the project and I cannot use the update panel as it requires the huge changes in web.config file and I dont want to play with config file so I keep using Ajax pro dll.

On my page there is a tab control in which there are 4 tabs.Each tab contain gridview and each gridview has same number of column.Firsttab is Daily has daily girdiew,Second Tab is Weekly and has a weekly gridview,Third Tab is Fortinght and has fortnight gridview ,4th is Monthly and has monthly gridview.

First two coumn named as Start Date,End Date in all gridview

My Q1: If user enters the start date, end date should be greater than start date,at the same time the data (period) entered in first row sholud not be repeated for second row or third row or any row in the gridview.It is applicable for all gridview .How should I achieve it?

My Q2(Logic????): When user enter the start date and end date in first gridview(Daily) that period should not be allowed to enter in the second gridview(Weekly) or third gridview (Fortnight) or Fourth gridview (Monthly) and Simil

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