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Quest lotus notes to sharepoint 2010 migration

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 08, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi, I am using Quest tool for migrating from notes to SharePoint 2010. However, i cannot find any method using which I could validate the integrity of the migrated data which could be a problem when a large number of databases are in the picture. Also, is it possible to migrate the various views in a notes database to sharepoint, instead of selecting just a single view (using Quest) ? Waiting for replies!!      

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Email this Post in SharePoint Blog is not working for Lotus Notes 6.5


I have tried "Email this Post" in a SharePoint blog. I got the email as desired, but the doesnot resolve the post.

Here are the link examples:

I got the link in email as mentioned below:


But i should get as below to resolve the link:


Any ideas?


SharePoint Enterprise Search Migration Tool for SharePoint Server 2010

Use this tool when you upgrade to SharePoint Enterprise Search to migrate search-related data, such as best bets, search scopes, and site collection search settings.

Interoperability for SharePoint Server 2007 and Lotus Notes or Lotus Domino

Learn the standards, technologies, and techniques to use the capabilities of SharePoint Server 2007 in conjunction with those of IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino.

Sharepoint 2010 user's migration.

Hello everybody, I've migrated my Sharepoint 2007 (Windows 2003 AD 1) to our new Sharepoint 2010 (Windows 2008 R2 AD 2) and I've found problems with the users (migrated them with ADMT 3.2 preserving SiD). They cannot connect in this new Sharepoint, probably because they are still registered in Sharepoint as AD1\user and not AD2\user? There's a way I can complete this migration without losing the old Sharepoint users security\permissions? Thanks in advance, Yuri.

WSS 3.0 Knowledge Base Template doesn't function properly after SharePoint 2010 migration

I migrated our WSS 3.0 instance to SharePoint 2010 in a dev environment.  So far, everything works with the exception of the most heavily utilized portion of our WSS 3.0 installation – which is a "Knowledge Base" sub-site utilizing the following features:   Knowledge Base List Instances: List Instances for the Knowledge Base Application Template Knowledge Base Modules: Modules for the Knowledge Base Application Template Knowledge Base Provisioning Handler   Link to Knowledge Base Template http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=BC4E5C4E-FBBB-4666-8E32-C4CEE09E1FE6&displaylang=en   Two issues exist with the Knowledge Base after migrating.   1.       The “Write new Article” feature which uses a content type called “Wiki Knowledge Base Article” use to open a “New Wiki Page” that provided the all of the associated fields specified in the List Content type settings.  Upon creating the new Wiki Page (i.e. Knowledge base article) it would associate it with the “Knowledge Base” document library.  The “Write new Article” feature now fails to utilize / recognize the Content Type settings and instead create a blank New Page without any fields except for “New page name:” and also creates a “Site Pages&

Migration from WSS 3.0 & MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010


Hi All,

I am kiran and working on some migration project.

I am stuck with some basic questions,


1. I have got couple of hudred WSS 3.0 sites

2. I have got couple of hundred MOSS 2007 Enterrprise sites

I need to migrate both the above to SharePoint Server 2010 platform.

My Question is,


1. Can I directly migrate WSS 3.0 sites to SharePoint 2010 env? Is there any need to step up to MOSS 2007 and then to SharePoint 2010? Becuase all documentations talk about migrating MOSS 2007 to SS 2010.

Your help is appreiciated.

Also can you link me to some sound help links please?






Looking for guidance: Integrated SharePoint SSRS migration and upgrade from 2007 to 2010


Our existing prod farm is MOSS 07 with an integrated SSRS instance using SQL Server 2008, both on Windows Server 2003 64bit boxes. SharePoint databases are on a different SQL Server 2008 server.

I have built a new SharePoint 2010 farm on Windows Server 2008 R2 boxes, using a single SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise server as the backend for both SharePoint databases and Reporting Services (installed in Integrated mode). We are going to be using the database-attach method of upgrading our SharePoint farm.

Is there any specific guidance out there on exactly how to migrate/upgrade Reporting Services in this scenario? I've read through some of the MSDN content (How To: Migrate a Reporting Services Installation) but nothing seems to deal specifically with doing this when in Integrated mode with SharePoint. Our business heavily relies on SSRS reports in SharePoint and also shared and custom report subscriptions via email.

We do have a dev SharePoint 2010 farm in a similar configuration that I can test migration/upgrade steps. Thanks.

I am new to sharepoint.. Migrating Lotus notes to sharepoint


I am trying to connect Lotus notes data to sharepoint using web services.   After connecting to the database, I am not able to creaate "New Read List Operation"

1) At least one field should be spefied ( Not able to check fields)

2) Cannot find collection element of specified type.........

Something wrong in the connection ?

Pl find WSDL file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

- <definitions targetNamespace="urn:DefaultNamespace" xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/" xmlns:apachesoap="ht

Sharepoint 2010 migration ISSUES - need help


Hi All,

The prechecker utility is giving us following issues list. How to resplve the issues below:-

1) It says that we should manually upgrade all custom list views to the new XSLT-based list views. How this could be done?

2) It is recommend that you manually upgrade all custom field types to the new XSLT-based field types in order to have full rendering and customization support. How this could be done?

3) Some InvalidDatabaseSchema errors. How could this  be resolved?


Migration from MS Access 2003 to Sharepoint 2010


I need to Migrate from MS Access 2003 to Sharepoint 2010. Please suggest me the approach to achieve this.


Rajanikanth Rayala

3rd Party Document Management Migration to SharePoint 2010



I am scoping out a document migration project to SharePoint 2010. I would like to ask a couple of questions about using the SharePoint SDK's to perform the migration to SharePoint from a 3rd party document management library. I would appreciate any comments or feedback. 

After reviewing the SDK's there are 2 I focused on. The Content Migration API and DocumentManagement API. Am I correct in assuming that the DocumentManagement API is used primarily for accessing documents and not necessarily perform a migration?

Second, the Content Migration documentation implies that it can be used to migrate 3rd party document libraries to sharepoint. From what I've seen, the method to do this would be to produce the XML files required by the Admin tool and store them in a .CMP file, which is just a CAB file. Yet, I don't see any methods outside the Run method for the SPImport and SPExport classes that can be used to produce the .CMP file.

Are there API's that i am missing or is this correct? If there are no other API's available to produce the .CMP using the SharePoint SDK, would it be feasible to use the CAB SDK to produce the .CMP file instead? If so, is there compression issues I need to be aware of and so forth?

I appreciate any insight regarding these questions.


SharePoint 2010 Migration - Site Definition (default.aspx ignored)

We have attached a 2007 content db to a 2010 instance of SharePoint and now...the site is not using the default.aspx that is in the file system.

In fact, I am not sure which default.aspx page it is using.  I had expected that after the migration it would be using the site definition default.aspx and the customMasterpage which is located in the site definition.

I have confirmed via the database that it is using the appropriate site definition (web template and configuration id) however it seems to be using some other default.aspx and it is ignoring the custom master page designation in the onet.xml file.

Any ideas on what is going on here?


SharePoint 2010 content growth AFTER migration



After upgarding our SP 2007 instance to 2010, our main content db has mysteriously grown to almost double the original size.

Has anyone experienced this and is this due anything particular or flaw in the upgrade process?

Sharepoint 2010 and Exchange 2010 migration and installation SBS 2008


Hi, I am currently in the process of migrating the server for my small company.  We have aren't likely to have more than 20ish users on the server at the same time.  My boss would like to transition our server from Windows Server 2003 to Windows SBS 2008. Along with that we would like to migrate the data(if possible, if not copy/paste the important folders/data) from our exchange 2007 and sharepoint 2003 to exchange 2010 and sharepoint 2010.

I have been looking around and people seem to imply that SBS 2008 would be a solution for implementing both.  However nobody explains why it will work on SBS 2008 and how to implement it.  Can somebody please give me an overview of what to do in order to implement and migrate both programs successfully?



Sharepoint 2010 Migration (from Non SP site)


My company is looking at migrating to a new sharepoint 2010 site from a non sharepoint site.

I have been tasked with making sure that we manage URL's in the migration to keep SEO and stop dead pages. Our current site has over 15,000 pages to which not all are being migrated. secondly we are not migrating look and feel that will be a whole new site with a ifferent structure.

To make this work i need some way of getting sharepoint to recognise URL's being accessed by the old site and redirect to best suited page. Now i had thought about doing a complete migration into sharepoint of our existing site but then realised this probably wont work as sharepoints /pages/ would break the old sites URL???

This what im looking for...


A method of importing URL structure from old site

Importing this structure into Sharepoint
making this structure aware of the new site and then knowing where to redirect it in the new site

Hoping i have made this clear... oh and btw im Sharepoint Noooob... So would be greatful if you bear that in mind in your replies?!?!





Short Overview of SharePoint Features in Visual Studio 2010

As you probably know, Visual Studio 2010 was announced earlier this week and it contains a lot of cool features and project templates for SharePoint developers. Below is a short overview for some of the SharePoint development related features and project templates.

How to get more information about the exceptions that can happen in SharePoint 2010 projects?

In case there is an exception anywhere in the SharePoint 2010 project (most common place an exception would happen is during deployment of your SharePoint project, custom deployment configuration or custom deployment steps), there's a registry key EnableDiagnostics available for you to use.
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