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Windows Phone 7: Windows Phone and the Cloud--an Introduction

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

See how easy it is to create a Windows Phone 7 app and tie it to a Web service as Ramon Arjona walks you through the creation of a language translation tool.

Ramon Arjona

MSDN Magazine August 2010

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Building a Searchable Phone Directory with Windows SharePoint Services

I want to continue to build out the intranet site we've started in our previous articles. A standard item in every intranet is a staff/employee list. Most companies implementing Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) are large enough to have a database that contains all employees. We will use the aggregation features of SharePoint to include data from this database into our intranet.

Use a Windows Mobile Phone as a Bluetooth Modem

Many Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phones and Windows Mobile Smartphones can be connected to a Windows PC via Bluetooth for use as a wireless dial-up modem. If your Windows Mobile device supports Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking, or Bluetooth DUN, and your Windows PC Bluetooth-enabled, you have everything you need.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phones or Smartphones as a Bluetooth modem for Windows XP PCs.

August 29th Links: .NET, ASP.NET, IIS Express, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7

Here is the latest in my link-listing series.  Also check out my VS 2010 and .NET 4 series and ASP.NET MVC 2 series for other on-going blog series I'm working on. [In addition to blogging, I am also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Follow me at: twitter.com/scottgu] .NET/WPF/EF 5 Little C#/.NET Wonders that Make Code Better: Nice blog post from James that highlights 5 nice language/framework tips you can take advantage of within your apps.  I'm betting a lot of people didn't know about the StopWatch class. WPF Ribbon Control Released: The WPF team recently released the final V1 release of the WPF Ribbon control.  This makes it easy to build ribbon-based applications. Also read this WPF team blog post for lots of great details on what it enables. EF4 .Include() Method w/ Lambda Support: Ever wanted to use a Lambda expression instead of a string parameter when eagerly loading associations in EF4 using the Include() method?  This blog post shows you how you can. ASP.NET Performance Tuning tricks for ASP.NET and IIS7 Part 1 and Part 2: Mads has a nice set of posts that detail some great performance optimization tips you can use with ASP.NET and IIS7. Better ViewState Management in ASP.NET 4 with the ViewStateMode Property: Sc

Going Places: IronRuby on Windows Phone 7

IronRuby expert Shay Friedman goes mobile and shows you how to build a Windows Phone 7 app with Microsoft's implementation of the popular Ruby dynamic language.Shay Friedman MSDN Magazine September 2010

Possible bug in WebBrowser Control realization in WPF and Windows Phone 7

Hello, I'm tried to make authentication component for russian social network Vkontakte.ru (vk.com). In russian forum nobody answered me. The proplem: When authentication is complete WebBrowser component must be redirected to page like: http://vkontakte.ru/login_success.html#session={%22expire%22%3A%221272008089%22%2C%22mid%22%3A%22100172%22%2C%22secret%22%3A%229c8d8f0305%22%2C%22sid%22%3A%221131703552161ae352a1256402e3140d7cbde41b1602a93d15472c82%22} In Windows Form application all works normal. But in WPF browser was redirected to http://vkontakte.ru/login_success.html Without #session.... It happened not only in WPF Applications, but even in Windows Phone 7. It is a bug? Or this parameter can be accessed from another place?

Windows Phone 7 - Montreal Events

For those looking at Windows Phone 7 development, Microsoft Canada will hold two events in Montreal next week (Sept 9 and 10, 2010)  where you'll be able to see a real Windows Phone 7 device.  Well, it's a pre production developer device so it's the closest thing you'll get to the real thing right now  ;-) The 1st event is called "Microsoft Canada Windows Phone 7 Night in Montreal (featuring a developer device!)" and will take place on Sept 9 evening. Register here The second event is targeted at developers who used the phone emulator and wants to test their app on a real device.  This will take place on Sept 10.  You need to contact Christian Beauclair to reserve a spot. christian.beauclair@microsoft.com var addthis_pub="guybarrette";

how to get Active Directroy users into Windows Phone 7 Series.

hi,  how to show windows server 2003/2008 Active Directory User data in windows phone 7. in asp.net application we can use "System.DirectoryServices" Namespace. in didn't find this name space in .net compact framework. if  you found any API related to LDAP pls post it.

Accessing SharePoint 2010 data inside Windows Phone 7

Hi All, I have started building Windows Phone 7 Applications. So, I need to know how to access the Sharepoint 2010 data in my WP7 applciation. Is it possible to implement Client Object model in WP7?? If not then how do we access the Sharepoint 2010 data?? Can any1 pls help me out. Thank you.

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Released

I'm pleased to announce that today we shipped the final release of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools.  You can download them here . What is Included? The Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools package includes everything you need to write awesome applications and games for Windows Phone 7.  All of the tools included in it are absolutely free . The following is installed with the download: Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone - Free edition of VS 2010 for Phone development. Express Blend 4 for Windows Phone - Free version of Blend for Windows Phone 7 Development. Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 - Rich framework for building great applications for Windows Phone 7. XNA Game Studio for Windows Phone 7 -   Rich framework that enables...(read more)

How to send sms from a desktop or web app using a windows mobile phone as a gsm modem


Hi to all,

I need to make an application that can send sms from a desktop pc using a windows mobile phone as a gsm modem. It can be a desktop app or a web app. 

The mobile phone is connected via USB. 

I don't want to use third party sms gateways.

Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

Phone developer tools crashing Windows 7 to blue screen



I have downloaded Phone 7 developer tools and starting to write a sample. While in Visual Studio - my laptop is crashing very frequently to blue screens.


Mobile Apps: Getting Started with Windows Phone Development Tools


Windows Phone 7 has shipped, and now it's your turn to start developing apps for it. We'll introduce you to the Windows Phone Developer Tools and walk you through the creation of a Windows Phone application that accesses a web service.

Joshua Partlow

MSDN Magazine October 2010

Windows 7 Phone Database Rapid Repository-Beta Release


I've release a beta version of the Rapid Repository Windows 7 Phone Database which can be downloaded from CodePlex here : http://rapidrepository.codeplex.com/releases/view/54909

I would really appreciate any comments, ideas or bug reports.

Hope you find the repository useful.

There are some tutorials below to help get you started. it is really easy to use so you should be up and running within minutes.


Kind Regards,


Sean McAlinden


  1. Introduction
  2. Set up the Rapid Repository
  3. Create, Read, Update and Delete
  4. Windows 7 Phone Database Rapid Repository Create Read Update and Delete


    Download the code and a fully working example application from http://rapidrepository.codeplex.com/


    1. Introduction
    2. Set up the Rapid Repository
    3. Create, Read, Update and Delete
    4. Cannot connect Windows Phone 7 to Sharepoint 2010


      Hi all,

      What are the exact conditions to enable the connectivity from Windows Phone 7 to Sharepoint 2010 ?

      I have a Sharepoint site, with access from outside through https://remote.domain.com:987 and will access from the WP7.

      The mobile say that is an error in the authentification process.

      I'm searching and found that NTLM is not supported from the mobile ... I see the ASP.NET FBA must be used ?

      The access within Internet browsing is OK on the mobile. I can browse the sites and download documents. I don't want change the authentification method for other devices (PC/notebook).

      What I need to change in my Sharepoint site and how ?

      Thanks by advance !


    Going to VSLIve ? Catch the Windows Phone 7 Sessions

    After seeing Joe Biafore demo all the cool stuff about Windows Phone 7 (Especially for Developers) - I'm hooked. If you'll be in Orland the week of the 14th for VSLive be sure to check out the great Windows Phone 7 Sessions. Easing into Windows Phone 7 Development Designing and Developing for the Rich Mobile Web Digging Deeper into Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 7 and Azure: Enhancing the User Experience with the Cloud Sensors, Locations, Notifications Oh My: Advance Topic in Windows Phone 7 Read More......(read more)

    Windows Phone 7 with your Mac


    Yes, I might report to the Death Star every morning and Darth Ballmer (and I like it, too), but it's true that I still have plenty o' Macs around the house. I'm just not able to be religious one way or another, even for the company I work for. But you may have heard that Microsoft was buying their employees Windows Phones, and today was the first day we could get them. Truth be told, I was converted a long time ago, when I saw some of the first demos.

    So today, I happily relinquished my iPhone 3GS, and put that naughty SIM card into the Samsung Focus at an AT&T store in Redmond. It. Is. Awesome. For all of the messing around with prototypes and such, you don't really start to appreciate it until you start populating it with your various accounts. If I were to describe the promise of WP7, it's that the age of syncing crap to a desktop computer is almost gone. Almost.

    I always sync'd my phone to my iMac, because I use Aperture for photo stuff, and, for reasons I can't quite explain, the Mac version of iTunes has always been a stronger performer. When I learned there was a Mac Connector app, that sealed the deal for me. I would get the new phone as soon as I could. So here's how you evolve to the new world as a Mac user.

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