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WindowsFormsHost overlap/overlay

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 07, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF
Hi all, i have a WinForms control that i would like to host within a WindowsFormsHost. Further i'd like to place some other controls above the host, but it seems that the host remains alsways top most and all wpf controls seem to be placed beyond the control. Is there a way to solve this? Regards

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Windows 2000 UI Innovations: Enhance Your User's Experience with New Infotip and Icon Overlay Shell


Windows 2000 includes some helpful new UI features you can customize and implement in your own applications. In this article you'll see how to provide infotips for files, after making the appropriate registry entries. Then create a custom column handler extension, resulting in a new column for the Explorer's Details view. In order to further extend the shell, additional UI goodies will also be examined and implemented including: search handlers, cleanup handlers, folder customizations using property sheet handlers and icon overlays, and context menu shell extensions. All the code samples are rolled up into a handy package which we've named, by tradition, ShellToys.

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TextSearch With Overlay Screen

The article TextSearch With Overlay Screen was added by miya2008 on Monday, August 09, 2010.

I create a code for overlay and TextSeach(ajax)Follow these Steps:->Step 1:-> In .aspx page:-First create two TextBox in HTML(txtsearch,txtlname (In my case)) and a ListBox(ListBox1)Write the Following Code in Head:head runat="server">

Not sure which section to post this, but hopefully someone can help with video overlay


We are going to be displaying videos within our application. We want to be able to overlay a semi-transparent layer or whatever over the video with data from our database about that video.

similar to some youtube video's where when you mouse over the video as its playing, a small portion on the bottom of the video displays or even at the end of the video when it gives you option to view 2 other videos.. we woudl like to do that affect but with data .

I guess another example of what we want is the effect of a modal popup but over a video file.

This forum may not be the place to ask, but i searched around and everything i found was video overlay software.. where you can create your own overlay by opening the video and editing.. we dont want to edit our video, they have to stay intact.. we simply want to place a transparent image over it with data about it.


How does work Outlook overlay in SharePoint 2010?

I want to add Calendar of Exchange in Sharepoint 2010. Does Sharepoint 2010 work with Exchange 2003? Thanks.

Please help me optimize this Overlap query

Hi, I have 2 tables: Table1: ls_activated (125,450 records) , screenshot: http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/3282/lsactivated.png Table2: alu (1,194,734 records), screenshot: http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/443/rmskalu.png I want to find how many ALU that are in  a ls_activated record's interval (start-end). basically i want to find the overlapped regions of these two tables (they have to be on the same chromosome) For example: if a ls_activated record has start-end from 3-10, any ALU records that has start-end position that in 1-10 is considered matching. ls_activated:                     3 |---------------------------------------! 10 ALU                              1 |-----------| 5 ALU                                                                          &nbs

Overlay Image in InfoPath with text field

Hi, We are currently designing a simple test for some employees to take and it will be delivered via InfoPath forms services. Upon successful completion of the test the userr will be invited to click a button to view (then print) their certificate. The certificate has been received as a .jpg. Is there any way to overlay the image with a text box, as this would enble the user to print a certificate where their name appears on it.

How Do You Get A TabItem To Overlap The Panel?

I have the following code below and I can't get the selected tab to overlap the bordered panel below it. I want it to overlap the panel so it blends in with the background but also keep it so that the light blue border is underneath all the other unselected tabs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Brian MainWindow.xaml <TabControl Margin="5" Style="{StaticResource blueTabControl}"> <TabItem Header="Test" Width="66" /> <TabItem Header="Test" Width="79" /> <TabItem Header="Test" Style="{StaticResource lastTabItem}" Width="68" /> </TabControl> App.xaml <!-- TabItem Style --> <Style TargetType="{x:Type TabItem}"> <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="16" /> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="#FFFFFF" /> <Setter Property="Template"> <Setter.Value> <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type TabItem}"> <Border Name="Border" BorderBrush="#1177CD" BorderThickness="1,1,1,0" CornerRadius="6,6,0,0" Height="37" Margin="0,0,3,0"> <Border.Background> <LinearGradientBrush StartPoint="0.5,0" EndPoi

What service is responsible for Calendar Overlay working correctly?

I'm having 2 issues with my SharePoint server.  User Profile Sync stuck on starting and Calendar Overlay not working. I created a calendar overlay a month ago, containing 7 other calendars and it works fine.  It currently still works if I add items to one of the 7 calendars, those items show up on the calendar with the overaly. But if I try and create a new calendar and add overlay to it - containing different calendars, nothing appears.   No calendar items from the overlay calendars that I've added. This has only started happening since my User Profile Sync stopped working - are the two related, somehow? I get no errors at all - just a blank calendar!  Frustrating!! Thanks for any help.  

Calendar overlay only works on list calendar in team site?

Currently, I have a site collection with a top-level site and 7 sub-sites (all on an equal level just below the top-level site). I have created a calendar at each site.  On the top-level site, I've used calendar overlay to add the 7 sub-site calendars to its calendar.  It works just great! But if I try and edit the main page of the top-level site to add that calendar as a list item on the page, or as a web part (rather than having the user have to click on the Calendar under the Lists in the Navigation) - the overlay doesn't show up on the calendar. Why won't it work when I edit the home page and try and add it a web part or as an "existing list"? I get no errors regarding this - it just doesn't work!  Frustrating!!! Thanks in advance!

jqModalPopup Stuck Behind Overlay

Hi,I am attempting to use jqModalPopup in an application.  However, when the PopupDisplays, it is always behind the overlay (it is under the gray.  I have tried adjusting the z-index.  Nothing seems to fix this.  Here is my code and html.  Any suggestions would be appreciated:function initAssignmentEditor() {    $j('#EditOneModal').jqm();    $j('#EditOneModal').jqmAddClose('#btnCloseEditOneModal');    $j('#SharedContentModal').jqm();    $j('#SharedContentModal').jqmAddClose('#btnCloseSharedContentModal');         setEditButton();}function setEditButton() {    $j('p.assignment-controls').children(':submit:eq(0)')        .click(function(event) {            var selectedAssignments = getSelectedAssignments();            if (selectedAssignments.length > 1) {                if(duplicateContentSelected(selectedAssignments)){                    $j('#SharedContentModal').jqmSh

Jquery Overlay in aspx page

Hi,     I am new to the forum. I am not a hardcore asp.net programmer. I am an absolutly beginer in C#. Now to my problem. I try to impliment Jquery Tools overlay in my webapplication as the demo in this page. When the user click on the hyperlink, It will pass a variable to another aspx page (like view.aspx?id=3265) and the result will be displayed as a overlay using Jquery Tools. It works perfectly. But the problem is, when I click any serverside control after getting the result in the overlay window,  it will throw an error showing the view state of the is currupted. This only happening in the case of IE. The application works flawlessly in Chrome. Hope experts in this site can help me.

z-index property does not overlap in IE8

The z-index property of a style does not make a control to overlap. I tried specifying higher value for z-index property, also tried adding position property as relative to the style but none of the methods worked!!The HTML part for the CSS is mentioned below : <a id="aPhotos" href="SubscribersPropertyDetail.aspx" runat="server"> <img id="imgPhotos" border="0" height='130' width='150' title='Click to view full details about this property' runat="server" /> <span id="spanZoom" runat="server"> <img id="imgzoomphotos" src='~/images/PropertyImages/NoImage.jpg' runat="server" /></span> </a>  The styles for the above HTML are:.thumbnail {    position: relative;    z-index: 0;}.thumbnail:hover {    background-color: transparent;    z-index: 50;}.thumbnail span {    position: absolute;    background-color: lightyellow;    padding: 5px;    right: -500px;    border: 1px dashed gray;    visibility: hidden;    color: black;    text-decoration: none;}.thumbnail span img {    border-width: 0;    padding: 2px; &

overlay image over an imagemap


Hi folks,

I'm working on Framework 3.5 in an asp.net project.

I need to overlay an image over an imagemap.

can you help me? 

Cross-Thread Exception at a WinForms control hosted by the WindowsFormsHost in WPF



I have a WPF Application and inside hosted existing WinForms controls.

In WPF i'm using the 'Dispatcher' with the 'CheckAccess' method to check if invoke is required, in my old WinForms controls i use 'InvokeRequired'.

The problem is, that if one of the WinForms controls gets created but not yet shown (drawn) and the application gets to the line, where it has to invoke, the InvokeRequired property returns 'false' even the code is not running under the Main Thread and so it resumes in a Cross-Thread exception.

The strange thing is, that it works fine, when the control gets visible (drawn) before changing it (in my case by switching to the specific tabpage).


For me it seems as if the 'InvokeRequired' property doesn't work reliable when the WinForms control gets hostet by WPF.


It would be great, if someone has experience with this issue and could help me!





Best way to create an "Overlay"?



In certain situations i would like to have a message overlay my application window.  The most important characteristic is that even though it's visible, the application continues to perform as it would without the overlay (ie, the overlay is transparent to all control inputs etc).

Any ideas on how I would do this?



Hide ribbon, Hide site content/recycle button. Caledar overlay. Document publishing. Other questions


I have a 2010 farm operational and working well. I had a few questions.

(1) How to disable ribbons from appearing on the top (for anonymous sites).

(2) When I move the mouse over a tab in the top bar, how do I display a banner. It was easy enough in 2007, but I am not sure in 2010.

(3) I have disabled quick launch. But it still displays all site content and recycle bin. Is there a way to not to show those.

(4) Calendar overlay - Is this to display multiple calendars in one calendar using different colors to differentiate them. But if I had calendars in different site collections, then I guess due to the gallery boundary, I cannot calendars from multiple site collections.

(5) Document publishing - For some reason, this was easier in SPS 2007. I am not able to get it to work in 2010. Basically update a web page dynamically from a word document. Could anyone kindly provide a link. Also, would I be able to update a page in one site collection from a document from another site collection.

(6) Is it possible to move a folder/doc from one document library to another in one site collection (without webdav). Further, can I move a document library from one site collection to another.

Please advise. Sorry if I asked too many questions in the same post. I am newbie and this is my first post.



showing transparent overlay on listbox


Hi There,

we have a requirement where in , we need to have a list box, with some list items , assuming this would be my bottom layer , on top of this,we need a layer which shows up transparent element at some specified positions.Also  i would like listbox items to be drag within and across list boxes. 

i am on WPF 3.5.

hope i am clear

Thanks In Advance


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