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Documents linking to physical cluster member names

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 07, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I have a WSS 3.0 SP2 environment with two front-end servers behind a load balancer.  For some reason, when a user tries to open a document, they get routed directly to one of the cluster member servers using their physical name, instead of the DNS entry hosted on the load balancer.  I believe this is the cause of a second login prompt each time a user attempts to open a document.  Any ideas?

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Ignoring Blank member names in SSAS

Hi all, I was wondering if there is a quick and easy way to ignore any member name that has a blank name?  Currently I have a cube where I get (Blank) as the member name which has a value associated to it and I need to hide/delete these. I didnt design the underlying fact and dimension tables so wanted to know if there is a quick way within SSAS/MDX to say something like "If member name is (Blank) then ignore. Thanks in advance for you help.

incorrect attribute member names


i'm seeing incorrect attribute member names in my degenerate dimensions.

the dsv looks like this:


SO records, AR records, and Customer records are all associated with a Location.  SO and AR records are also associated with a Customer.  in some cases, the SO or AR record LocationKey is different from the LocationKey of the customer record that a SO or AR record is associated with.

when i create a cube and dimensions based on this dsv, it seems like initially everything is fine.  however, inevitably i eventually see the following:

the AR and SO degenerate dimensions each have a Location attribute, with the fact table LocationKey column as the key, and the Location table LocationName column as the Name.  at some point, the attribute member names will begin to appear as the Location name that is associated with the LocationKey from the Customer table, rather than the appropriate fact table (AR or SO).  it seems that this begins to happen after the relational database is updated. that process generally consists of deleting all fact table rows and repopulating.  when this problem appears, "Process full" on dimensions, partitions, measure groups, or the cube does not seem to resolve the problem.

i witness this error

Linking Documents

I have multiple documents to upload to our Document Libray that include links to other documents within the Library. Will i be able to include the link?

Linking multiple paged documents, and using them on sharepoint.

Hi guys,

I am having trouble creating a "Master" Word document that links to other "Child" Word documents that are more than one page in length.

For example, I have a Master document called "Introduction.doc" and two child documents called "Contact details.doc" and "Prices.doc".

How do I insert the documents so that my document would be structured as follows:

Sample text.........Sample text.........
Sample text.........Sample text.........


Sample text.........Sample text.........
Sample text.........Sample text.........

<<Contact details.doc>>

I can insert single paged documents into standard Word files just fine, but when trying to do this and open them up in Sharepoint the files don't work unless you check them out first... also, I cannot insert multiple paged documents whether using sharepoint or not.

Linking to Documents in Sub-Folders in SharePoint


I have some sub-folders and files within a document library, when I create a link in a word document, the link will only open to the main docuement library. It defaults to that area folder even though the link seems to be pointing ti the sub-folder.  Basically the user will have to click twice to get to the desired document. Can someone please help with a solution? I am using SharePoint Server 2007.

Thanks Mary.

Export Visio Database Table Names to Excel

If you use the Enterprise Architect edition of Microsoft Visio for data modeling regularly, then there is a good chance that at some point you've wanted to export just the table names into Excel. You might want to do this to map logical ERD entities to physical data model tables, track project status by entity, or track overlap between database versions.

SharePoint Tutorial -SharePoint Physical Architecture

The SharePoint physical architecture consists of services running on one or more servers.

There are three types of services that together run the SharePoint farm: web, application and database services. Web services through Internet Information Server is what processes the ASP.Net and sends back the html to a user's browser. Application services is where the "brains" of SharePoint are located. All of the SharePoint specific logic and services are processed there. Database services are run by SQL Server and it's where all the data/content for SharePoint is stored.

Web Service for uploading documents into SharePoint

WS UploadService is a web service written for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and is meant for uploading documents into SharePoint. I have just uploaded the zip file to GotDotNet.com so it will take some time before the zip file appears in the list of downloads. For the time being, you can download the zip file from the following location

Draw lines excactly on physical device pixels

When you draw a line in WPF you will experience that they often appear blurry. The reason for this is the antialiasing system that spreads the line over multiple pixels if it doesn't align with physical device pixels.

Creating A Stored Procedure Which Searches Team Names



I'm have on my web page a text search box which I want users to type in there favourite football team and this will display a gridview of the teams with the replica shirts I offer.

This is where I thought about creating a stored procedure to carry out this task.

I looked online for ideas but I not found anything as yet.

If anyone done anything similar to my request please let me know.

Get Member from LDAP using C# 2.0


I'm currently writing a process where I need to determine if an User on my LDAP string is an Admin.

How can I accomplish this?  What would be the easy and quickest way?

I've been trying to use the code below..... Any feedback is greately appreciated. Tks



Microsoft Office Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available


hi all,

     i am new to asp.net programming i am trying to create an ms excel file with charts drawn in it,

i wrote the complete code for it but the it is saying

Microsoft Office Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory or disk space. 

i have set the permissions to my complete disk space and all user accounts, and i tried with anti-virus disabling also it didnt work please try to help me out and my code is :

Imports System.Data.OleDb
Imports Microsoft.Office.Interop
Imports Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel
Imports System

Merging PDF documents


I've generated some PDF documents.
But i like to merge all PDF documents to 1 PDF document, withouth saving it first.

So i would like to have 10 byes ans bound them together if possible...
But how?

Code i use right now:

////Then create new pdf file
            string strMime = null;
            string strEncoding = null;
            string strfileNameExtentions = null;
            string[] stream = null;
            Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.Warning[] warnings = null;
            bytes = rep.Render("PDF", null, out strMime, out strEncoding, out strfileNameExtentions, out stream, out warnings);      


dynamically change column names in Crystal reports


I need to develop 3 pages.

On the first page user defines atmost 7 column names to be displayed on the report. I'm saving these names in a Sql DB table 'Columns' with Column_Nm and Column_ID as Table columns.

On the second page I'm retrieving column_Nm from the table and displaying them on the page so that the user enters the data. This data is saved in another table 'Summary' with the Columns column1 through column7.

on the 3rd page I need to show a report of 'Summary' table.

How do I dynamically replace column1 through column7 names with that of 'Column_Nm' on the report?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


Office Services: Merging Word Documents on the Server Side with SharePoint 2010


Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 include a new set of components called Application Services. These put a rich set of tools in a developer's bag for Office automation. We'll show you how to use Office OpenXML, Word Automation Services and SharePoint to build a simple application that merges separate status reports into a single document.

Manvir Singh, Ankush Bhatia

MSDN Magazine July 2010

SharePoint and Open XML: Generating Documents from SharePoint Using Open XML Content Controls


This article describes how to generate documents that contain data stored in SharePoint lists. The example demonstrates how OpenXML content controls can be defined to capture list data in a Word document and how LINQ to XML can be used to query the lists. The documents are generated from a SharePoint Web Part.

Eric White

MSDN Magazine October 2009

Dynamic WPF: Create Flexible UIs With Flow Documents And Data Binding


Flow documents offer enormous flexibility in arranging text layout and pagination, but they don't support data binding, so you can't dynamically change content. Here we build a component to solve that problem.

Vincent Van Den Berghe

MSDN Magazine April 2009

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