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Odd SharePoint Survey behavior

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 07, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I created two survey's. Let's call them A and B. Created both from the same template. Have created over 100 other surveys from the same template in the past and have never seen this phenomenon before. Created survey A. Everything looks fine. Had a coworker put in a fake response and it was shown normally. Created survey B. Same result; everything is fine. Then I went back to survey A and I see the responses for B. The A responses are no longer showing. When I go to 'survey settings' for A, I get the page for survey B settings. I can hover over the response links in A and see they are pointing to B. However, if I go to 'all site content' I see both A and B listed. If I hover over A, it show the link going to A (as it should). If I click the link, I am taken to survey A....but it's still showing responses from B! The only way to get to the actual A responses is to use 'manage content and structure' to manually get there. Everything appears checked in and up to date. I have never seem this before and really have no idea what to try....

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Link Access 2007 to SharePoint 2007 Survey

So here is my problemo. I am trying to organize site requests into a system that will let us easially see what requests have come in and who are the particular owners or users associated with the requests. Currently we use a SharePoint 2007 Survey to collect all the requests. I was hoping to upgrade things by linking the Survey list to an Access 2007 db so we can manage the data better. However, whenever I attempt to link the Access DB to a SharePoint list, none of the survey lists show up. I was wondering if there was a way to make it so whenever someone completes a survey, it updates the Access DB. I have figured out a way to get this to work with InfoPath but I would rather use the surveys that already exist. Thank you, Jeb G.

Sharepoint Survey Question

I am making a single question survey to vote on a list a videos in a document library.  Is there a way to make the options links?  I have tried quote a few things including hard coding the link (it just displays it all as text) and trying to lookup from a links list but the URL column is not availabe.  I'm open to suggestions but don't really want to do any complex mods in sharepoint. 

SharePoint 2007 - Survey list - Getting user's Windows account ID from a web service using display

Surveys...grrrr.   I am developing a .NET console application that accesses survey data from a single survey list using the MOSS web service "Lists".   I am able to enumerate the survey list and get to the items except for the author of the survey response.  When I get to the column ows_Author, it appears to be a lookup value formatted like this:  "1066;#JOHN DOE".   How can I, using web services alone, lookup the corresponding Windows login ID of that user?  If I go to the survey in SharePoint and click on the name in the view, it takes me to a site-based user profile page that does show the account ID I want.  The page that displays appears to be a virtualized page like this "_layouts/userdisp.aspx?ID=1066".   What I really need is JOHN DOE's account ID like "domain\id". Can I get to this with the data I have available? Thanks

How to catch Sharepoint Survey "Cannot vote again message"?

Hi I want to catch the error thrown by Sharepoint 2010 that you cannot vote more than once and just put it in a nice message box popup. Any ideas? Juran

Custom Survey in Sharepoint 2010


Hi all,

We have the following Survey requirement in SPS 2010.

  1. Admin user should be able to create/Modify survey Questionairre with Branches and send mail to appropriate people in the organization for answering the survey.
  2. Once the expiry date of the survey is reached
    a. User should not be able to modify the data.
    b. Admin user should be able to export the data to excel for further analysis.
    c. Admin user should be able to view the graphical display of the result as in OOB Survey webpart

Out of Box Survey has the following features
a.       Provides feature for creating a survey questionnaire with branches. Once can set permission to access this survey link by setting access permission to the link in the portal.
b.      OOB Survey does not have feature for sending of mails to appropriate persons, once the survey is created.
c.    One can view the graphical re

Sharepoint 2007 Custom Survey


I have this "requirement" that I need to create a "Survey" like assessment. Its suppose to look like this way:

                              PART A ANSWER                              PART B ANSER

Question 1:        O       O        O      O      O              O       O        O      O      O 

Question 2:        O       O        O      O      O              O       O        O      O      O 


sharepoint alerts is not working in survey




I have craeted a sharepoint OOB survey(with custom permission) and set up an alerts on it ( all changes and immediate). but I'm not getting any alerts for this survey. I created another test survey(with custom permission) in this site and alerts is working fine for this one.


I already tried to remove the user and add him back but no luck.

Any idea???????????


Sharepoint 2007 Survey - View response - Firefox layout issue



I've got a survey running on a Sharepoint 2007 site but when I open the view response page (DispForm.aspx) using Firefox 3 the layout is incorrect - The question text is not wrapping and so I've got one massively wide column.

In both Safari and IE this isn't a problem, it works fine - the problem is Firefox capability.

Has anyone come across a fix for this? I've spent the last couple of hours searching on the net with little success.

Thanks in advance

how to create a quick survey in sharepoint 2010


Hi evryone,

Can you please advise on how to create an online survey in sharepoint 2010 instead of using info path, also the survery required statistical result.


SharePoint Survey


I am using MOSS 2007, in that survey feature is there, Can I modify the page
of creating survey. My requirement is as follows :

In create Survey Page of MOSS 2007, I want to add two more fields - Start
Date and End Date.
When start date comes the survey should be activated and its link should be
displayed on home page. When end date comes it should be deactivated and its
link should not be displayed on home page.

Or the user can respond the survey in the active period of the survey  and in the rest of the time he can't respond. only he can view.

Is this possible ?

If it is possible, How to achive the same?

Thanks in advance


Sharepoint Survey, change "READ ALL" to "READ OWN ONLY"



i played around with a survey, i then I got a go from the boss.

I just forgot to change Read Access from All to Own only.

I have changed it now, but the answers before i changed the setting, is still visible to all users.

How to i fix this ____ up ?



Jakob Olsen

SharePoint survey url autofill



i wanted to ask is there a way to send data to a survey by url?

for example i want that every title to response that was sent from entering X url will be home and by other url will be work


any other posible ways will be considered as well :)


SharePoint Survey Thank you page



I want to create a custom Thank you page for my survey which should appear once the finish button on the survey has been clicked, and the thank you page show redirect users to the home page. How can i do this without happening to do any coding. Thank you very much in advance!!!





SharePoint Survey Description appears twice



I've created a SharePoint survey in which the description for survey appears twice. Once above and once in the description!
how can avoid this redundancy?

Is there a way I can hide one of them???

Thanks in advance,


SharePoint Survey Result categorization



I'm creating a survey that has the following requirements!

Each user needs to pick out which organization he/she is from, once in the organization he/she needs to select which department he/she's from.

So now the problem is: I need to categorize the responses based on the organization and department. That is i need to have a "view" where i can select a particular department and the responses for that particular department show up!

Can anyone please help me with this?

How to customize SharePoint Survey?


Hi All,

Im new in SharePoint default Survey,

would like to find out what customization can we do to SharePoint Survey?

e.g display the result statistic of the survey in front page.


thank you in advanced.

Sharepoint survey- feature for export to spreadsheet


Hi All

I am working on sharepoint survey and I want to extend the functionality EXPORT TO SPREADSHEET of survey list. By default when I click on EXPORT TO SPREADSHEET  option it generates an MS Excel sheet with multiple columns. There is a column Created By in which default value is System Account.

I want to change this default value with currently login user`s Logon Name. Is this possible?

Is there any custom feature for this?


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