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How to design centralized document management solution for Intranet

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 07, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Our need: -SharePoint Server 2010 based Intranet with the document management solution.(about 200-300 documents) -All documents are centralized to one place -Managed metadata are added to every document. Metadata are used to search as well. -Folders are needed because of user permissions. Not everybody can open all documents. -Automatic item copy process to desired target place are desired to help end-user My design I planned this way, but did not work in practise. I created 1 centralized document library with several folders based on category. I user Content query webpart to display documents in other sites. This works fine. I wanted to automatic process to move added documents based on metadata. Example: When document include managed metadata "personnel" or "HR", the document is move to the folder named "Personnel". I made 2 different tests, but neither of them filled all requirements: 1. Using Content organizer, I was not able to make conditions based on metadata, but was able to move documents to the folders. 2. Using Workflow, I was able to make conditions based on metadata, but not able to move documents to the folders.   I failed to use metadata to move items to the Folder. Do you have any idea to me? I'm open to any ideas.Kenny_I

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Command Management: Use Design Patterns to Simplify the Relationship Between Menus and Form Elements


In Windows Forms applications, similar commands, such as those in a menu and their counterparts on a toolbar, are not automatically related. They don't fire the same event or run the same handler routine. Yet code that allows the same or similar user commands to fire the same code simplifies development.This article describes the principles of command management and why it's important to have functional commands that are not exclusive to any one UI element. In order to provide an MFC-like command management infrastructure, a design pattern is developed and applied as a series of C# classes.

Michael Foster and Gilberto Araya

MSDN Magazine October 2002

Integrate LOB Document Management System



I think this is the right forum but forgive me if not. 

As part of an interim solution we need to integrate an LOB document management solution within SharePoint and i need some expert advice on how to do it and hope this is the right place.

The LOB system has document indexes (meta data) stored in a database linked to documents held on hard disk. For now we can't pull all of the documents into SharePoint but i need a way to access them from SharePoint, i also need to acces them through the LOBs existing web site.


1. Be able to use the Entreprise Search within SharePoint to search the index data  with the LOB database.

2. The search results page to provide links to a SharePoint page which hosts the LOB's web site. Pass some unique document Id to the LOB website so that it can show the document within SharePoint.

My thoughts (i'm new to SharePoint and don't know if this is feasible or the right way to do it so shout if you think it's a load of tosh);

1. Create a new SharePoint site or add a new page to an existing site.
2. Add a Page Viewer web part (or a custom one) to the site which points, to the LOBs web site.
3. Define the LOB system to the BDC telling it how to find the indexes (meta data) in the database tables.
4. One database record corresponds to one document. So

Can't save SQL Server Management Studio sql file back into Sharepoint Document Library

I created an sql query file in SQL Server Management Studio and saved it onto my hard drive.  I then moved that file into a Sharepoint Document Library so others on my team could use that query.I opened the file from within sharepoint, it launched SSMS.I made a change to the file and pressed save.here is the error message that comes up."The operation could not be completed.  The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"Am I doing something wrong?

Document Compare feature in Sharepoint Document Management

We are in the design stage of implementing a Document Management system in Sharepoint.  My client wants to compare versions of documents.  Can anyone tell me if this feature in Sharepoint is using the Doc Compare function of Word or is there a more robust feature in sharepoint?  My client is looking for something more robust than what is offered by MS Word.

Need to design geocluster sharepoint solution for both 2007 and 2010

Hello, I need to have both remote datacenter (chicago and new york) to run active / active SP application. User in Chicago should use node in Chicago and user in Ny should use node in NY.  if a datacenter fail user in both chicago and NY should be able to continue to work using data from the available datacenter. Can anybody let me know where to find design to have geocluster solution for SP 2007 and 2010. Also if you have technical information to allow this type of desin this would be great? Thanks for your help guys  

Document Management

I am running SP 2007, Enterprise. Assume i have a 30 page document & several people make changes to it. How can I see the changes, that each person makes. Ideally I am looking for something similar to track changes in Word. Version control does not show where the changes were made.

SharePoint Feature / Solution - Unassociate/Associate existing document libraries to a DLL



Previously we have a document library feature that contains a DLL.

Over time we have created document libraries using this feature, so document libraries created were associated to the DLL.

Now we need to change the solution to NOT include the DLL, but we found out that even though we retract / redeployed the solution without the DLL, those document libraries that were created is still calling/associated with the DLL.

Is there a way to unassociate/associate back the document library to the DLL?

Thank you for any help! :)




User Interface Design Document


 I need to create a user inteface design document for the screen shots of aspx pages that the client has provided.

Please can someone guide me where I can find a sample document?..

Need Solution for SharePoint portal design


Please provide the solutions for the below scenario,

We have three seperate portals says employee, department, administration. But based on the logged user i need to open the respective portal either employee or department or administration. The condition says user has to see either one portal not all. There are four user groups available and logged user should belong to any one of the group.

Please suggest me that how i can design these three portals like (Site collections, subsites or any other way).



Thanks, Mubarag Ali

Document management features in sharepoint 2010



We would like to use document management using sharepoint 2010.

We would like to know what are its advantages over documentum.


Granular control for document management


We are using a product from NSI called AutoStore.  The way we have it configured, it monitors an e-mail address, and as new e-mail arrives, the message body, as well as all attachments, are converted to PDF, renamed, and uploaded to a SharePoint document library.  The end goal is to provide external users a way to access uploaded documents through the SharePoint web interface, but restrict them from seeing anything in the document library other than their own documents.  Is this possible?  Right now they can see their own documents, and other users' folders, but cannot see other users' documents within those folders.



How to implement robust Document Management application using MOSS 2007


I want to implement an efficient document management system using MOSS 2007.

I know Sharepoint 2007 offers OOB document management capabilties but I am facing strong challenge in uploading large files(500-1GB file size) into document library. If I have to avoid direct storing of files in document library then pointer/link to files in physical drives is possible but in that case I will not be able to leverage the full capabilities of sharepoint.

Need some views or directions in regard to this. Any link to custom solution/source code is most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Cannot drag an Entity Framework Data Source (created in a separate solution) onto WPF Design Surface


I receive the error Cannot add the control to the design surface or bind to the contol because the type Pec.CustomerEntity.Carrier, Pec.CustomerEntity,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null cannot be resolved.  Please try to build the project or add necessary assembly references  (I have rebuilt and it still doesn't work)   -  when I try to drag the data source onto the window. 

If I create an entity framework project within the wpf application solution and create a data source and reference to it, it works fine when I drag the data source onto the window.  I only get the error when I create a reference to an EF project .dll created outside of the wpf project.  I am using Visual Basic 2010.    I have also tried adding the project to the wpf solution and it still gives me the error. 

3rd Party Document Management Migration to SharePoint 2010



I am scoping out a document migration project to SharePoint 2010. I would like to ask a couple of questions about using the SharePoint SDK's to perform the migration to SharePoint from a 3rd party document management library. I would appreciate any comments or feedback. 

After reviewing the SDK's there are 2 I focused on. The Content Migration API and DocumentManagement API. Am I correct in assuming that the DocumentManagement API is used primarily for accessing documents and not necessarily perform a migration?

Second, the Content Migration documentation implies that it can be used to migrate 3rd party document libraries to sharepoint. From what I've seen, the method to do this would be to produce the XML files required by the Admin tool and store them in a .CMP file, which is just a CAB file. Yet, I don't see any methods outside the Run method for the SPImport and SPExport classes that can be used to produce the .CMP file.

Are there API's that i am missing or is this correct? If there are no other API's available to produce the .CMP using the SharePoint SDK, would it be feasible to use the CAB SDK to produce the .CMP file instead? If so, is there compression issues I need to be aware of and so forth?

I appreciate any insight regarding these questions.


How to create a Release Management solution?


Dear Members,

I ceate a website in Sharepoint 2010. In that website i create a Release Management Tab in which i create sub tabs. It like

Main Tab: Release Management (left Side)

Sub Tab:

Request release

Test Release

Prepare Release

Approved Release

We have software house and for software version release i use this sharepoint 2010 created website. I want that if I add something in Release management with different colomns (define the Software details and version- ), attaching a picture as sample of Release Management and after that how I assign this thing in Request release that are specified in Release Management. When Request release approve this then it will go to Prepare Release. When it will prepared then it will assign to Approve release.

Please helping me out to sort this problem

I need when I add software version and particular details in release management then it will go to Requested Release and go onwars in this Process.



Accessing solution properties in code at design time


Hello all,

We have a project working with WCF embedded in a WindowsService. To facilitate testing, we have a Client Form and a Host Form. This project has multiple WCF services so we have 4 ClientForms and 4 HostForms. We are using multiple start up projects in the solution which is accessed by right clicking the Solution file at design time and selecting multiple clients and hosts. I would like to put that functionality on a form to allow dynamic switching (eg a series of check boxes for Client1, Host1, Client3, Host3, etc).

I'm guessing this pertains to using EVNDTE but I have not used that very much recently. Can this be done fairly easily, and if so, would someone be kind enough to post some code to get me started? Thanks in advance for any ideas and / or suggestions!

Have a great day!

Document management


Hi Folks

I am creating a application that does document management. I have created part of it where the user can upload the document to the server. It tracks each upload by user and organization and date time and so on.

I now want to create a way to view the documents. I  really just need a link so that when they click it they can open in word or excel or whatever type of document it is.

My data is in a table and the document is on the servers folders.

I need ideas on how would be the best approach or approaches to do what I want.

I want a page that a user can select a account number and then see how many of which type of documents have been uploaded then be able to click those document types to see the documents then from there pick the document to view.

I have a view setup to go get me some flat data from a couple of the tables the view looks like this.

DocId, coopcode, locationid, doctypeCode,docname, dateuploaded,docstorename, username, doctype, docdescription, fileurl

the data looks like this

1,   group123,  accountno123, 3, invoice.docx, 10/26/2010, 102610-xx.xx.xx-invoice.docx,myname, Invoice, Invoice of work done, ~/Uploads/doc/group123,acccountno123/102610-xx.xx.xx-invoice.docx

with this as an example

i log in with myname and then choose accountno123 in a dropdownlist and then it

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