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WebParts with audiences based on SharePoint groups containing AD Groups are not visible.

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 06, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
My client has two webparts on a page. Each of the webparts is audienced with a SharePoint group. Each SharePoint group contains one or more AD groups. The groups are not deep nested. I.e. SharePointGroup -----> ADGroup -----> list of user accounts.. When a user in any of these groups browses to the page, they cannot see the webpart. An AD user added to the SharePoint group sees the audiences webpart properly. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/948681 references this issue, however these servers are all recently built with Service Pack 2 slipstream install media, so this hotfix is not valid. They believe that the webparts were working fine previously, but then some ILM work was carried out in the AD over the weekend and it's possible that this has changed some fo the group memberships. Given that we're using SP Groups and AD Groups, Does the actual SSP Import bear any relevance to these memberships or does SharePoint use a (potentially cached) Group memberships object on the SPPrincipal? Paul.  Overweight SharePoint addict!

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Sharepoint delete groups


How do I delete groups from companyweb ?


Thank You

WebParts +Domain Groups

This might be asked a few time before. I want to set special permissions on a webpart. Therefore we created Domain Security groups. I can use those groups for permissions on a List. When I want to use the same groups for the webpart (Edit..Advanced..Target audience) Sharepoint 2010 only accepts the Sharepint groups that I created for testing. Despite the fact that I can choose Global/Distribution-security (!!)/Sharepoint groups. Putting the domain\group in the search gives no results. Am I missing something or do I need the create a double administration (Sharepoint Groups besides AD groups)?thx

Creating default SharePoint groups for upgraded sites



I am doing some testing in preparation for a DB attach upgrade from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010, and I've run across a bunch of old sites that do not have the default Owners, Members, and Visitors groups. Without those groups (specifically, without Members) we won't be able to take full advantage of the My Sites Memberships page. 

I noticed, though, that when I "Enable Enterprise Features" for all current sites from within Central Administration, sometimes those groups get created on a site that didn't have them before. I've done this on a few different environments and it doesn't seem to always create those groups. Now, I didn't think I had to run Enable Enterprise Features because our 2007 environment was Enterprise, but then I realized some of the sites were created back in SharePoint 2003 and enterprise features might never have been run on the sites when it was upgraded to MOSS 2007. 

So the question: is running Enable Enterprise Features for current sites supposed to create the default groups if they don't exist (along with everything else it does)? Is that the recommended way to get groups made for all sites so site admins/owners can add people to that new Members group which allows the users to visit their My Site page to view all the sites they are members of?


Unable to delete groups in SharePoint Foundation 2010

I have a test group I created in SharePoint that I want to delete (I'm the only user in the group). In the "People and Groups: All Groups" screen I click the edit icon next to the group and then click on the "Delete" button and ok the following warning dialog. However, the group doesn't get deleted. Any idea why this is happening and how to finally delete this group? Thanks.

SSIS SharePoint List Adapter - how to query Users & Groups?


I am using SSIS SharePoint List Adapter to load data in and out of my SharePoint Lists from within SSIS, and most of it is working fine.  However, I need to perform a lookup against the Users & Groups collection in SharePoint so I can retrieve the UserID and set the value when writing back to SharePoint.  Any help would be tremendously appreciated!


SharePoint, Active Directiry Groups and Caching


Hello.  I support a portal running on SharePoint.  For some of our SharePoint sites that have larger memberships, we manage the membership through AD groups.  In some cases, clients seem to encountering a caching issue.  As user will be added to the AD group, but SharePoint will continue to give that user an Access Denied message to the site.  Other users who are in the AD group can access the site without issue.  In some cases, creating a new AD group, copying the membership of the original group over, and adding that new group to the site permissions resolves the issue, but not always.  Typically, adding the involved user directly to the site permissions resolves the issue for that user.  Can anyone tell me where SharePoint is caching this information and/or what I can do to clear it out?  Thanks!

How to modify Send E-Mail subject ("Welcome to the SharePoint group") in People and Groups?


Hi All,


I am using WSS 3.0 in our application. Whenever user is added to the SharePoint Group using People and Groups page, user will be alerted using Send E-Mail option. We want to modify the subject “Welcome to the SharePoint group: Portal Visitors for site: Home”. I found that I can modify AclInv.aspx to modify the subject.


Could you please tell me is there any other way to change this text since modifying Layout pages are not recommended in our environment?


Thanks in advance.


Sharepoint Groups Across Site Collection



 Is there any work around to inherit the permission groups created in "Root Site collection" to the other site collection in MOSS 2007?Any limelight on this would be of great help.


Karthik S

How to retrive Data from SharePoint List to Data Grid View in Visual WebParts based on the Condition

Hi Friends... 
Here i write this Code for Retrieving Data Form SharePoint List to Data Grid view (st_attendance) in Visual Web parts....  But it doesn't work Properly....

SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Web;
            SPList list = web.Lists["Student Profile"];
                string caml = string.Format(@"<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Academic Year' /><Value Type='Text'>{0}</Value></Eq></Where>",DropDownList2.Text );
                SPQuery query = new SPQuery(list.DefaultView);
                query.Query = caml;
                SPListItemCollection items = list.GetItems(query);
                st_attendence.DataSource = items;
                Controls.Add(st_attendence );

How to retrive Data from SharePoint List to Data Grid View in Visual WebParts based on the Condition

Hello Friends,

I am Srinivas, I want to know the How to retrive the Data from SharePoint List to Data Grid View in Visual WebParts based on the Condition.

Example: I want to retrive Students information from Lists to Grid View based on the Condition(based on 'Academic year' or 'Class' and 'Section'). In Student Status Page Grid view should be show the Student Details in their Status.

please any body help me



How to retrive Data from SharePoint List to Data Grid View in Visual WebParts based on the Condition


Hello Friends,

     I am Ali, I want to know How to retrive the Data from SharePoint List to Data Grid View in Visual WebParts based on the Condition.

Example: I want to retrive Students information from Lists to Grid View based on the Condition(based on 'Academic year' or 'Class' and 'Section').         In Student Status Page Grid view should be show the Student Details in their Status.

please any body help me



Building Groups in Active Directory versus Using SharePoint Groups



Can someone point me to an article or blog that discusses the pros and cons of setting groups (owner, full control, contributor, read only) in the Active Directory verus just connecting MOSS 2007 to the AD and building the groups directly in MOSS?  MOSS 2007 only.  Is there any functionality that is lost by building the groups in AD and adding people there rather than building groups in MOSS and adding people there?


Thanks! Patti N.

sharepoint security groups, ACL of site collection or subsite need to move in to sql server 2008 usi


HI Team,

I am new to sharepoint here is my query. i am working on MOSS 2007, SQL server 2008

I want to move the sharepoint security groups, ACL(access control list), user groups all the security and permission related data to sql server 2008 from a particular site collection or subsite. After getting the data in to sql server we should be able to update the users from sql server itself which should reflect in sharepoint sites.

How to retrieve Data from SharePoint List to Data Grid View in Visual WebParts based on the Conditi


Hi Friends..

I am Srinivas Devi

I want to retrieve data from SharePoint List to Data Grid View using Visual Web parts. I want know how to write a LINQ query for retrieve data from Share Point List to Grid View based on two or More Conditions.

Like based on Employee Number, Employee Department etc...

Please Help me Sir..

Thank U Sir..



SharePoint Permission Groups


Hi All,


I want to disallow team members from editing a particular field in a custom list. But this same field must be edited by site Owners. How can I check for this?


 I hope to do something like the below.. but i dont know how I can read the roles;i.e the sites People and Groups


if (SPSite.Role["TeamMember"]=="true")


SPListItem order["Checked By"].Readonly="true"


else if (SPSite.Role["TeamOwner"]=="true")


 SPListItem order["Checked By"].Readonly="false"



Any help will be great!


Thanks n Regards,



Re-create sharepoint default groups


Using Sharepoint Foundations 2010

I have deleted the sharepoint default groups, <sitename> owners, <sitename> members, <sitename> visitors from my root site http://sharepoint

I am not able to recreate them manually as they already exist (somewhere hidden). This is proven by creating a new subsite (http://sharepoint/testsite) which indeed creates the default groups.

How do I re-create them in the root site once again.

Thx, Joe

ADDS groups renaming does not change lookups in Sharepoint 2010


I had orginally added some Active Directory groups to exisitng sharepoint default groups <sitename> owners, <sitename> visitors, <sitename> members

After renaming the ADDS group names, I try to add those AD security groups to other Sharepoint Custom Groups and the OLD name shows up in sharepoint not the new renamed security group name. Even the lookups dont reflect the new group names or even find them correctly upon searching the AD.

Suggestions? Thx

Thx, Joe
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