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Site variations Releative url is not updated in other language sites

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 06, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
  I have a site called “en-us” and I need to create 3+ variations of it for different countries. When I create the variation all relative links with in the content stay the same. For example /en-us/Products/.. does not change to: en-CH/products/… it stays the same. I was under the impression that variations would automatically update all relative links and URL’s within the site. Is that true? is there any other way to update the relative url. please let me know Any help and response would be greatly appreciated. muthu

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Site variations: limited to publising sites?



I have following requirements:


My SharePoint site collection must be multi-lingual (MOSS 2007 installation). So I thought: I fix this by using the site variations feature.


However, to enable this feature, I need to have a publishing site as top-level site. No problem for me. But apparantly, underneath a publishing site, only publishing subsites can be created. That is a problem for me. Because underneath my publishing top-level site I want to create a team site, a site base on one of the 40 fantastic templates and so on.


How can this be achieved?

Question on using variations on an existing site


I've been using MOSS 2007 for my company's CMS system for the last 2 years or so. Recently, the marketing department has asked us to include the option for multilingual support so naturally, I looked to using variations to accomplish this, however, the site was setup without variations since this was "definitely" not a requirement back when we setup the site.

My problem is when I enable variations, it seems to create new sites off of the root (e.g. English, Spanish, French), however,  it isn't copying anything from the Root site that already exists or any of it's subsites or pages. Is there any to keep my existing site content intact and still use variations, including all of the update features?

Thanks in advance

Is it. Is it really?

Video: SharePoint 2010 Web Applications, Site Collections, and Sites

This demonstration shows how to work with Web Applications, Site Collections and Sites programmatically. (Length: 4:02)

MOSS Site with Basic Authentication and variations does not work on one node

Hi, We have one MOSS Farm with two nodes, on this we have several sites. For one specific site we have Basic Authentication and variations enabled in it, on one node site works fine. When we browse it pops-up for credentials and once credentials are provided it works fine and properly redirect to source variation home page. But on the other node when we browse the site it pops-up asking for credentials then after providing correct credentials it again asks for credentials twice and then it throws the following error : Access denied.   You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource. And if we directly put the source site homepage url it throws following error: 401 UNAUTHORIZED We have checked the Alternate Access Mappings for the site and it is perfectly fine, if i enable windows authentication on the defected node the site works fine. This issue is just like pain in the neck still no resolution, please help us to resolve this issue. Regards, Jasjeet Singh

How to post comments in blogs created on My Site sites

Hi all, I've been trying to comment in blogs created on My Site sites of other users in my SharePoint 2010 organization. But the only one allowed to comment a blog is the owner of the site. Does anyone knows how can I enable this option to other users? Thanks in advance for you help.

How to change WSS 3.0 Home site language?

Hi there, I have WSS 3.0 + internal database + Latvian language instaled, but home site is still in English, how to change home site language ?

how to copy sites over site collection in MOSS2007?


Hello there:

  I know it is just button click actions in admin GUI to copy sites inside same site collection in MOSS2007.

  However, if we do want to copy site across site collections, how can we do that? shall we involve other tools?


Thanks for your kind help and

best regards,

Xi Xiao

from Finland :D

Host-named site collections and content deployment jobs (SharePoint 2007 Internet facing Web Sites)



I have an editing web application with multiple site collections (only accessible internally on a dedicated port), and I've one public facing web application (on port 80). Now I want to create several host-named site collections in the public facing web application (to limit the number of web apps in the farm), and then use content deployment jobs to push the content from the site collections on the editing web app into these host-named site collections.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
Do you see any issues?


Activate Language on more Site Collection with Script

Hi, I installed three Language Pack on a Sharepoint Server 2010, runned SPCONFIGUI.EXE and all work fine. Now I have to activate it for some existing Site Collections, so user can select the display Language. Will a Powershell or stsadm command allow me to do that in a script ? or must I change every Sites Settings manually ? (ca. 150 SC's !) Thanks

SP2010 enable variations root site ERROR

SP2010\ Variations : As indicated under the Note, I am adding the root level to the site webaddress by adding slash (/) . then I got error FILE NOT FOUND. any advice! thanks

Site Variations Navigation


Hi there!

I'm kind a newbie in Sharepoint. I'm having a problem with variations.

When i'am at a random page, like: http://../en-US/Pages/default.aspx and i click in my menu to another page, i should go to that page in the target variation like: http://../en-US/Pages/xxxx.aspx, but it goes to variation home as http://../Pages/xxxx.aspx.

Can anyone tell me why that happen? Why it doesn't assume the variation label?

Upgrading My Site Web sites without upgrading shared service database



We have upgraded our My Site using database attach upgrade approach - it took a very long time but apparently the site is working.

We have NOT upgraded the shared services database as described in http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc263299.aspx / http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc263299.aspx#SSP .

'Are we asking for trouble' or is this approach without anny real consequence?

SharePoint Site Template Not Showing Up In Sites and Workspaces Custom Tab



I've done this so many times with no problems so i'm unsure what might be causing it this time.  I'm simply taking a SharePoint "Team Site" template with a few added web parts and saving this site template so I can use it over again throughout my SharePoint sites.  The .stp does show up in the Site Template Gallery, but for some reason the site template is not shown in Sites and Workspaces to select.

I made sure that all version numbers match by checking the verions via Central Administration -> Operations -> Servers in Farm  
I'm on version

Any ideas on something i'm missing?  In the past all I had to do was save site as template, and than boom! it would show up in Sites and Workspaces.

Any suggestions on what I might be missing would be of much help.

Thank you,


creating new web site in IIS that only shows FTP sites


I was successfully able to deploy my asp.net web app by copying all bin contents to the server I was assigned. Now the next step I was told was to create a new website in IIS manager and direct the virtual directory to the folder where the bon contents are. Now IIS only show FTP sites so I was wondering if I can still run a web application on a ftp server and if so how. If not, what do I need to do to get this to work since I need to be able to run the app from that server which by the way had windows server 2003 installed on it.

How to apply a custom master page to all the existing site collections, sub sites in sharepoint 2010



my custom branding master page is applying to the newly created site collection or sub sites using feature stapling.

but my intension is already created site collections and sub sites, here i am not able to apply custom master page to site collections and sub sites.

pls help me. i need to complete this task today EOD.

Issues with Enterprise Wiki Sites unavailable when create Intranet Team Site


I have created Enterprise Wiki Sites and have created an Extranet Team Site and was able to create an Enterprise Wiki Site as well with it but for some reason I do not have the ability or option to create an Enterprise Wiki Site or even page when I have a Team Site on an Intranet.  I have turned on all of the publishing features but the only wiki item available to me is the wiki library.  

I'm assuming I must have to activate or deactivate some other feature but I have no idea which one.

MOSS 2007 Search - All Sites vs. This Site


Environment - MOSS 2007 Enterprise SP 2

I noticed that the search bar in SharePoint defaults to "All Sites".  I have a dropdown arrow where I can change it to "This Site" which is relative to whatever site I am on.  How can I configure the search to default to "This Site" instead of "All Sites"?

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