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Looking for .net people in the USA to talk to on Live Messenger during work hours... talk code.. ide

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 06, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Im not sure this is the right place to ask but ill give it a try. If theres a better place for this someone let me know please anyways. I am a .NET dev and would love to have a couple people int/adv level .net devs I could IM a question regarding .NET things I am working on.. not 'do this for me please!' questions but Id want to ask more general ways to go about doing things and just conversation fun talk about coding ideas .. I am the only dev at work so it is lonely not having anyone I can ask questions to.. so if anyone would like to chat add me on Live messenger (punkouter@hotmail.com)

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How to set up microsoft application blocks 4.0 to talk to event viewer


I need to set up the microsoft application blocks 4.0 on the server and connect it to my web project.  I need to set it up so that all the errors are logged in the event viewer.  So far I have found out how to set up a flat file listener and send the error to a log file but, not to the event viewer.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Talk Back: Voice Response Workflows with Speech Server 2007


    Speech Server 2007 lets you create sophisticated voice-response applications with Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio tool integration. Here's how.

    Michael Dunn

    MSDN Magazine April 2008

    Toolbox: Live Chat, Code Conversion, Multiple Monitors, and More


    This month, more of the tools you need to get your job done.

    Scott Mitchell

    MSDN Magazine December 2007

    { End Bracket }: Let My People Code


    Charles Petzold discusses why limiting resources can spawn great creativity.

    Charles Petzold

    MSDN Magazine February 2007

    C++ at Work: Managed Code in Visual Studio 2005


    Many of you are no doubt in the process of upgrading to Visual Studio® 2005, so I thought now would be a good time to relate some of my own experiences with the new compiler. What took me so long? Hey, I'm a retro kind of guy! Better late than never!.

    Paul DiLascia

    MSDN Magazine June 2006

    Working with In-Memory Open XML Documents (Office Talk Column)

    Working with Open XML Documents without loading from a file or saving to a file is important when you build applications that work with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or Microsoft ASP.NET Web applications.

    Sharepoint: In Calculated Column, Code with multiple "IF" condition does not work.

    Implemantation:  Calculate expected resolve date exclude "Saturday" and "Sunday"  based on Priority and Severity.Columns are:1. Priority:2. Severity:3. Raised on: Date record createdCode: Below is the code which contains multiple "If" conditions. For quick undersatnding, i separated major If condition. Below code does not work and sharepoint gives me Sytax error message. =IF(OR(Priority="Critical",Severity="Critical"),IF(TEXT(WEEKDAY([Raised on]+1),"dddd")="Saturday",[Raised on]+3,[Raised on]+1),     IF(OR(Priority="HIGH",Severity="HIGH"), IF(TEXT(WEEKDAY([Raised on]+1),"dddd")="Saturday",[Raised on]+4, IF(TEXT(WEEKDAY([Raised on]+2),"dddd")="Saturday",[Raised on]+4,[Raised on]+2)) ,   IF(OR(Priority="MEDIUM",Severity="MEDIUM"), IF(TEXT(WEEKDAY([Raised on]+1),"dddd")="Saturday",[Raised on]+5, IF(TEXT(WEEKDAY([Raised on]+2),"dddd")="Saturday",[Raised on]+5, IF(TEXT(WEEKDAY([Raised on]+3),"dddd")="Saturday",[Raised on]+5,[Raised on]+3)) ) ,   IF(OR(Priority="LOW",Severity="LOW"), IF(TEXT(WEEKDAY([Raised on]+1),"dddd")="Saturday",[Raised on]+6, IF(TEXT(WEEKDAY([Raised on]+2),"dddd")="Saturday",[Raised on]+6, IF(TEXT

    Configuring sharepoint and IIS to talk to internal web apps

    Hi all, i hope someone can help.I have a sharepoint applictaion for staff to access both internally and externally. I have set an IIS server up to host web apps that are frequently used by staff, this has an external IP. I want to use web parts in sharepoint so that staff can access these apps externally. However, I can configure the IIS server to allow anyone to access this and it works fine but obviously this isnt suitable as there is confidential data. if i try to tie the IIS box down then i get no access at all externally even through sharepoint. I guess what I'm asking is that does anyone know how to configure sharepoint to talk to my IIS box through the standard user login authentication whilst tying down my IIS server so that it isnt open to the outside world.# :)

    "Live preview" while executing the code behind.

    Hello!I have some code running behind - in example adding rows to the datable in loop.I have button which execute this procedure. Now I want to add textbox(?) or literal as well on my page.After each row which is added to the datable I want to write it in textbox/literal but without stopping the process.Something like that:1. User press the button.2. In textbox we have:-- Connecting ...-- Connected!-- Executing the code ...-- 1 row has been added. -- 1 row has been added. -- End of adding rows.How can I do this? 

    Why is the code not work?

    Hi to all. Why is the code not work? In this code I take the Value (object from class) and transfer it to Store Procedure but before I check if the ClientData.CompanyCode == null  transfer to SP null else transfer the value in the  "CompanyCode" cmd.Parameters.Add( new SqlParameter("@Corporation_code", ClientData.CompanyCode == null ? DBNull.Value : ClientData.CompanyCode)); there is not my code than I don't very well understand this code. Get this error : Type of conditional expression cannot be determined because there is no implicit conversion between 'System.DBNull' and 'string'

    Is there a person that knows the ins and outs about web development that i can call and talk to over

    Hello i am new and am understanding alot but there are a few key missing links for me to go further on what direction to go  with my development of websites and someone who is current that i can speak with for about 15 minutesis this posible. 

    MySite Turned off and People search does not work.

    Hi everyone, as one of the requirements for our sharepoint server we have turned the "Mysite" functionality off.When I try to click on a resault of a people search to view someone's profile I get a 404 error. Obviously this is due to turning off Mysite.My question is, is this a bug in SharePoint? Why would turning off MySite not redirect the profile to Userdisp.aspx instead of Person.aspx (releated to mysite)??What I am interested in knowing is has anyone been able to edit the people resault page and redirect the profile information to userdisp.aspx instead of person.aspx?Thanks for any help!

    Parsing flat files or tab delimited files.csv with Visual Studio and or Biz Talk Server.

    Hello msdn community, I need help with finding the proper Microsoft application that will allow me to parse a .csv  flat file / tab delimited file for its text, The data will be queried client side dynamically populated to my web page form with Visual Studio 2008.  I have read that a MS Biztalk Server will perform a similar function, I am still checking on this. Has anyone in the community had experience with flat file parsing with Microsoft software and or hardware? Any and all help will be appreciated in helping me resolve this issue because I am not well versed with the Microsoft products. Spidaweb Web Designer /Webmaster Virtual Web Dev, LLC.

    How can I make this code work?


    I have this code it is work almost correctly but now this code populated data to ALL comboboxes at the time(in the start of UI) the User open the UI.

    I need to split the code so when the User select value in combobox corporationCode1 I will advance to combobox WorkSpaceCorporation

    for some like this if user select something in combobox CorporationCode1 so advence to combobox WorkSpaceCode..

    There is a code/

    private void Window_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)



    Ecommerce and Calendar controls that talk to each other?


    I have a client who runs a music business. Part of it revolves around giving lessons. He wants me to create a site where the user can purchase a lesson or group of lessons and then schedule that lesson using an online calendar. "Whoa!" I think. "That's a great idea. But I've never seen anything like it. I wonder if my friends over at the ASP.NET forums have?"

    So here's my question. Can I make the ecommerce portion of a site talk to a calendar? If I purchase 100 dollars worth of lessons, can I "tell" that to the calendar and then debit that account every time a user schedules a lesson?

    Interested to hear your responses. Eager to see any examples. Infinitely grateful if you've already developed this, and are sharing the code...


    Why my checkbox override does not work ? ( code attached )


    I try to create 3 state button. This control will will change the image on each of those 3 state ( normal, pressed, mouseOver ). The images of each state will be define as a property from the c# code ==> that mean i will be able to re-use this code and change the properties of the image source.


    <CheckBox x:Class="StateButton.StateCheckBox" 

    Gridview row sometimes has to be selected twice for code to work


    I'm using the code below to extract data from a gridview and populate it into textboxes for the days and two drop downs for Project and Category.

    For some rows in the gridview everything but the category ddl populates correctly. If I click the row a second time the category ddl displays the correct category.

    Can anyone tell me why I have to click twice for some rows? And how do I fix this?

    Thank you

    protected void GridView1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        //// Get the currently selected row using the SelectedRow property.
        GridViewRow row = GridView1.SelectedRow;
        txtSunday.Text = (row.Cells[6].Controls[0] as DataBoundLiteralControl).Text.Trim();
        txtMonday.Text = (row.Cells[7].Controls[0] as DataBoundLiteralControl).Text.Trim();
        txtTuesday.Text = (row.Cells[8].Controls[0] as DataBoundLiteralControl).Text.Trim();
        txtWednesday.Text = (row.Cells[9].Controls[0] as DataBoundLiteralControl).Text.Trim();
        txtThursday.Text = (row.Cells[10].Controls[0] as DataBoundLiteralControl).Text.Trim();
        txtFriday.Text = (row.Cells[11].Controls[0] as DataBoundLiteralControl).Text.Trim();
        txtSaturday.Text = (row.Cells[12].Controls[0] as DataBoundLiteralControl).Text.Trim();
        // Set ProjectList ddl to Project in selected row
        if (ProjectList.Items.FindByText
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