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Moving SQL Server between domains

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 05, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
We currently have SQL Server 2005 running using specific user accounts, i.e. DOMAIN1\!serviceSQL. Our old forest was DOMAIN1.OTHERCOMPANY.COM. We are running our own AD now using DOMAIN2.COM. We copied all of the users and groups using ADMT, retaining all of the same SIDs. Then we moved our SQL server to the new domain. It comes up fine, but all of sql service instances are still running under DOMAIN1\!serviceSQL. We tried to manually change the account that the service starts as to DOMAIN2\!serviceSQL, but get the following errors listed below when we start the service.  1) Any idea as to what could cause this error? 2) Are there any tools for migrating all of the service users? 3) Are there any tools for migrating all of the server logins from DOMAIN1\OurDatabase User Group to DOMAIN2\OurDatabase User Group? 4) Tools to migrate the database users and groups?  Event Type: Error Event Source: MSSQL$DEVSQL3_1 Event Category: (2) Event ID: 17190 Date: 3/15/2010 Time: 3:05:06 PM User: N/A Computer: DEVSRV07 Description: FallBack certificate initialization failed with error code: 1. Event Type: Information Event Source: MSSQL$DEVSQL3_1 Event Category: (2) Event ID: 26017 Date: 3/15/2010 Time: 3:05:06 PM User: N/A Computer: DEVSRV07 Description: Unable to initialize SSL encryption because a valid certificate could not be found, and it is not possible to create a self-

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Moving a Copy of SQL Report Server 2005 and Upgrade to 2008

Hello, We have SQL 2005 Report Server in a Windows 2003 64 bit server box. We want to create a copy of this report server database somewhere in the domain, so that we can access it for a different purpose. My question is, will there be any complications with this? I'm thinking about the encryption key that's needed to access the database. If we are successful with this, we might also want to upgrade to SQL 2008. Thanks for your help,   Elizabeth K.

Moving WSS 3.0 to a new server

Hi, The server that I have Sharepoint on is dying and I need to move it to a new machine. The new server has different hardware and a different hostname. Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide as to how to do this? What I've done so far is install Sharepoint on the new server and copied the databases over. I've changed the web application using the central admin so it points towards the copied content database. I'm was thinking that it could be an issue that the hostnames are different so I've also tried changing the host header of the site to the same one as the old server. There are no errors or anything just the sites from the old server aren't appearing on the new. Any help welcome, - Claire  

need help moving System Center SQL Databases to new SQL Server about30 databases to be moved...

We are running various System Center products, SCSM, SCVMM, SCCM, DPM, OPALIS. and a few other servers all using the same SQL server, which currently is a VM. We have configured and built a new Physical box that will replace this. In the past we have moved SQL databases by doing a full backup and then restoring the backup on the new server, then renaming the servers, both network name and internal sql name.  This has worked fine in the past. However I've never had to move 30 databases before, nor have I had to move reporting services. Is there a better method. a recomended method? 

Moving a feature from dev server to production server

Hi, I have created a feature in my sharepoint development server. The development server is one location and the production server is in another location. After testing the feature in the dev server, I am not sure how to move the feature to the production server. I want to move only that feature, that is newly created and not the whole site. How to move a feature from dev server to the production server. Please explain the steps in detail, if possible. Thank you

Best practices on moving SharePoint databases physically, while keeping them on the same SQL server?

I'd need to move the SharePoint 2010 databases (preferably all of them) with as little hassle as possibly from one partition to another. I tried once, and ended up with a broken SharePoint and had to recover from backups. What's the best practices for moving the databases without breaking SharePoint completely in the process? I'm guessing I need to shut down the SharePoint server for this... That's not impossible if needed.

Moving a larger Sharepoint 2007 site collection over to a new server



We have a Sharepoint 2007 site collection roughly 36 GB in size and have been having problems moving the site to a new server farm (Also 2007). We are trying the Sharepoint backup and restore method, but I understand that this method is not recommended for sites over 5GB. Has anyone moved a site of this size and how did you do it?

Thanks  Ron


Moving SharePoint Database to non trusted domain SQL server



We have SharePoint and SQL server in a extranet domain. We would like move the SQL server databases for SharePoint to our corporate SQL server (on the corporate domain). 

The Corporate domain does not trust the extranet domain, and thus the web farm account cannnot be specified on the corportare SQL instance. If it possible to migrate the databases to a non tusted domain?

I've seen the script to create a new Config database using SQL authentication

psconfig -cmd configdb -create -server <SQL server name> -database <database name> -dbuser <SQL account> -dbpassword <SQL password> -user <AD user account> -password <AD user password>

Can I edit the config of SharePoint to point to the new SQL server, or do I need to create the entire sharepoint enviromnent again and attach the content databases?

I also have a SSP database that's heavily customised for searcvhing and the BDC. Will this need recreating again or can I move the BDC database  to the new server and attach?


Moving a WSS 3.0 site from one server to another


I currently have an old physical server running our company's Intranet.  I am virtualizing all of my servers to a new Dell running ESXi.  The VMWare tool is chocking on the conversation for this physical box, so I'm looking into just moving the site to a new virtual server.  Is this possible, and what's the best way to do so?  The old server is running Windows Server 2003 and the new one would be running Server 2008 R2 Standard, if that matters.  If there is a problem with it being a 64-bit OS, I can always use Server 2008 x86 Standard.

I found this link http://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/sharepointadmin/thread/8923f5c2-b972-4cb3-90c1-d174d7ad47cb/ that suggests a method of archiving the site to a .cab file and then importing it to the new server.  Does this work, and maintain permissions?  All servers sit on the same domain.

Would a higher end version of Sharepoint, such as Server 2010, installed on the new virtual server have any kind of import/upgrade feature that WSS 3.0 doesn't?  We're a non-profit, so I could purchase the product from TechSoup if it would help out.


Moving full-text catalog from one server to another using backup / restore


Dear Sirs,
I'm having a problem with Full-Text Catalog in SQL SERVER 2005.
The problem is: I did a backup of a database that has a full-text catalog from one server and restored on another server.
The restore worked perfectly, but the catalog is down because it is pointing to the physical path from the source server.
To recover this full-text catalog I tried the commands below:

use master

sp_detach_db 'SiteEng2004'

(FILENAME = 'D:\SQL SERVER\DADOS\SiteEng2004\SiteEng2004_Data.MDF'),
(FILENAME = 'E:\SQL SERVER\LOGS\SiteEng2004\SiteEng2004_Log.LDF'),

Unfortunately it did not work and the following error message occurs :

Msg 5120, Level 16, State 101, Line 2
Unable to open the physical file "D:\SQL SERVER\DADOS\SiteEng2004". Operating system error 5: "5(error not found)".

Could anyone help me on what I should do to restore this full-text catalog on the destination server ?
Thanks in advance.

Errors moving Integration package to server


I'm trying to deploy my integration package a server suing the Dtutil command line utility. The code below is what i am using, however i get the following errors:

*Error while checking for the existance of 'package'

*Could not save package "Package" because of error 0x80040E14

Description: Could not find stored procedure 'sp_dts_putpackage'

"dtutil /FILE C:\Development\Deployment_Application\package.dtsx /DestServer servername /COPY SQL;Package"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Moving directories/files from the server to another network location


In my asp.net wep application i would like to move the folders from the server to a network location so that the server doesnt get filled up...................

i was able to move the files within the same drive but not to other network locations ..........

So please help me in finding a reliable solution

Moving Sharepoint 2007 from Virtual Server 2005 to Hyper-V


I'm a little unsure of the exact sequence to move my Sharepoint 2007 Virtual server from VS2005 to Hyper-V.  In my enviroment, my sharepoint machine and SQL machine are on 2 different boxes.  SQL 2005 is on Hyper-V and Sharepoint is on Virtual Server 2005.  Do I shutdown the SQL VM before I move Sharepoint???   Will the new VM and SQL sync back up without any help??

Also, what happens to the SQL database if the new Sharepoint VM (on Hyper-V) has issues or problems??  Does that make my SQL server

out of sync with my old Sharepoint VM???  I have done multiple moves between VS2005 and Hyper-V so I really familiar with the process.

I usually keep the old VM around for a while after moving just in case there is a problem.   I can always blow away the new VM and crank up the old.   Viola!  I'm back to square one.

Any ideas??



Moving Reporting Service database to a new server.


I have a reportserver database on a 2005 instance.  I've moved it and reportservertempdb to a 2008 server.  In the config tool > Database > Change Database,  I'm getting

"The database you have selected is not a report server database.  Please select a SQL Server database that contains report server specific tables and stored procedures and try again."

I have done exactly what is noted in this thread:  http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqlreportingservices/thread/f8be967e-2126-4b1d-bcbe-9903d5c6b66a

Thanks for any help.



Upgrade Publication Database by Moving to New Server


I currently have a published database on SQL Server 2000 that we intend to upgrade to SQL Server 2008 by detaching the database from the 2000 server and attaching it to the 2008 machine.  This database is being replicated via merge replication to about 70 mobile subscribers running MSDE (2000 SP3) who aren't consistently docked and synchronized.

From my understanding of the documentation the only way to move this database and re-setup replication from 2008 down to MSDE is to delete the publication on the current SQL 2000 publisher and re-create it on the new SQL 2008 publisher.  The issue is that our subscribers aren't regularly connected and it would be very difficult to have most of them connected at the same time to push new subscriptions from the 2008 server.  Deleting the SQL 2000 publication would also prevent any subscribers from uploading changes back to the publisher database and all of that user's local work would be lost.

Is there any sort of migration path for merge replication from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008 that doesn't require the subscribers to all be connected at the same time and also prevents data loss from the subscriber's DB?

SharePoint 2010 Foundation - Standalone - SQL Server Express 2008 R2 - Moving databases to another d


Setting up a new install who will be using SharePoint Foundation 2010 in Standalone mode. They do not have SQL SERVER 2008 so need to utilize the Standalone option and the latest version of SQL Server 2008 Express R2. They are just getting started with SharePoint and it is unknown how much the technology will be embraced to afford to purchase SQL Server at this point. I wanted to get that explanation out of the way before everyone tells me the best practice of installing in Farm mode only! I realize the best practice but sometimes we have to roll with the punches because getting a client to begin using SharePoint on their current budget is better than never getting the chance to use it at all.

So SharePoint Foundation 2010 is installed with the default SQL Server 2008 R2 Express instance. Is there a procedure for moving the databases to a new drive? What is the default instance name that is created? I'm having a hard time locating that information in the documentation. I've done this before with WSS 3.0 without issue but wondered if there were any documents on moving the newest databases and what the default instance name is. Thank you in advance.


moving sharepoint server 2007 to another domain


We are moving from our company location to another location with different network and different domain.at the first location we are using sharepoint server 2007 on windows server 2003

at the location that we are moving to,we are trying to install sharepoint server 2007 on windows server 2008,so I installed sherepoint server 2007,opened the site ,it got opened with me,took restore from the old company location,tried to restore it on the new location got error hresult ox80040e05,also when i tried to open the site ,i got error accesss denied

does moving sharepoint to different domain not on same network require more steps

Moving from Client Server to Dynamic Data


I am a Visual Basic 6 Client- Server's applications developer. I have followed the first steps to create a scaffolded site. It was easy and it works fine, roughly. Dynamic data seems very powerful but it just makes me believe that it could be an excellent tool for supporting development only. Any real experience deployed with it? I understand that ASP.Net is of the disconnected type but I feel a little lost when variables are not there? How do you manage state? D.D.

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