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Expression Editor

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 05, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application
We are rehosting Workflow Designer inside our Configuration application (developed using WPF) and we need to have expression editor there. Workflow Editor without expression editor intellisense is not option for our business users. Beside that we want to use same vb expressions to define custom validation rules for UI where we do not use WF designer.   We found out that out of VS there is no IExpressionEditorService and that vb expression editor does not work in wpf applications (some functionalities work, but the intellisense which is the most important for us does not work). Is this supported?   I investigated and found Microsoft.VisualStudio.Activities.AddIn.ExpressionEditor service and passed it to Designer.Context.Services.Publish method but it looks like rehosted designer does not uses it. I also investigated with EditorSession class from Microsoft.VisualBasic.Editor dll but it throws exception asking for a list of services: ITextEditorFactoryService, IContentTypeRegistryService, ITextMarkerProviderFactory and so on.   I would like to ask for suggestion, should we continue with exploration of possibility to use vb expression editor in WPF application using Microsoft classes? We may spent more time investigating and to find out finally that this is not possible?We also would not like to develop custom support for expression editor if there is already editor

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Designer rehosting and Expression Editor(s)

Dear all, we are building a standalone designer for our workflows by rehosting the WF designer.
However one feature that we really like to have is the expression editor service in order to give the users a feedback on formula editing.

Normally the designer (in our case) is not given to application developers, and for this reason, writing also simple formulas could be a complex task, especially for the novice. I think that providing Intellisense or something like that could help on the same,... what could be done in this area?

I currently downloaded the BETA 2, and I am going to install it in the next few days. However, is there something new on this stuff, any example on the same?

Thank you for help,


Embed Youtube inside Ajax Html Editor- problem



When inserting a simple embed of youtube inside the ajax editor, on firefox and chrome problems occur. On the other hand on internet explorer 8 everything works fine. I found this solution http://www.nopcommerce.com/boards/t/4228/bug-in-ajax-html-editor.aspx . 

My question is where do I find the DesignPanel.pre.js ?


Roderick Vella

text editor


 I format lines in a .aspx file (source view) the way I can use them, and if I switch to design view or view in browser or debug, the many lines get reformatted to flow all onto one line.

I can't seem to find the correct setting to keep this from happening.

Any suggestions?


[How??] Lamda expression with ByRef parameter


How to write lamda expression with ByRef/ref parameter in c# ??

The code below causing syntax error:

item.OnAction = (p1, p2, ref p3) => {
   return true;

item.OnAction = (p1, p2, & p3) => {
   return true;

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