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Acces a varaible by name in WF4

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 05, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application
Hi all, Context : Workflow 4 I have to acces a variable by here name in a custom activity (in the execute method). I know only the name of this variable     public sealed class MyActivity : NativeActivity //, IManageVariable<String>     {         protected override void Execute(NativeActivityContext context)         {                 String myVaraibleName = "varaibleX";                 // Here i would like to use my variable,                 // How can i do?         }             }

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Acces the file upload path

how can i acces the file upload text. I mean if i choose a file , then the file path comes in file upload e.g. c:/data/fil1.txt.All i want to acces this full path and show in a label.

Need help with granting acces to a procedure

Hi, I am  beginner in SQL server world. Logging in as SA, I would like to grant access for one of the system procedures to another user id ? Can anyone help me here with correct syntax/ way to do the same ? Thanks,Arg82

Editing cells in Excel web acces web part

Hi, I am using the excel web access web part that displays an excel spreadsheet in my web page. In order to edit the cells I need to name each cell,add the name in the parameters section in the Publish options and then publish it to Excel Services. I was wondering if there is a way to edit the spreadsheet of the web access web part similar to a normal excel spreadsheet? Thanks

no acces to http localhost reportserver. How to provide the access?

Hi! I have no acces to http localhost reportserver. How to provide the access? I have make it under SQL Managementstudio. Under the "Security" I have assigned the sysadm-role. But it does not working. rsAccessDenied Thanks in advance Sebastian

Cannot acces sharepoint 2010 when PC is online

Hello, I have instaled sharepoint server 2010 on windows 7 (notebook 4G RAM)fallowing this article: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee554869.aspx I got no error and everything went smooth ... Now i cannot acces the sharepoint server with browser when PC is connented to the internet when I unplug the cable everthing is working normaly... Does anybody know why it is happening ??

about using excel sheet to acces a cube?

how to access an ssas cube using excel? any information about pivot table in excel, please provide

WPF - How to acces the tags of 3 comboboxes inside a ListViewItem


Hey I have the following problem:

I have a form with a ListView on it and this listview consists of listviewitems with some kind of template which is defined in the gridcolumn celltemplate.  The listview has elements of type "LeidingViewModel.cs" and that class consists of a Property Choices, which in turn consists of 3 observablecollections, which I want to bind on the 3 comboboxes inside the listviewitems. This isnt a problem, I know how to do this.

When I select something from the combobox I want the tag of the first combobox in a listviewitem to contain the choices of all 3 comboboxes together, I have done this using multibinding.  And now comes the problem: how can I acces the tag of the first combobox, when that combobox in fact is declared in a <DataTemplate> and referenced to from the ListView.View GridView.GridViewColumn.CellTemplate?.

Here's my code:

<Window ... xmlns:local="clr-namespace:PiconSalesWPF">

I am getting Error when we acces WCF in sharepoint 2010


I have hosted WCF in sharepoint 2010.

when i try to access this http://server05:4098/_vti_bin/AccessList/sample.svc

I am getting the below error:

   An error has occured on the server.

Troubleshoot Issues with Microsoft SharePoint Fo undation.Correlation ID: 90b2f4b8-834e

                  Thanks in Advance

With Best regards,






How to acces a folder which is created within a list?



My collegue already created a folder "a" within a "Sample" list, which i can see in Sharepoint designer 2007.

When I tried to copy some .js file into it, it gives error as 'Object reference...".

So I want to know that how to access folder through web application/site in which it resides.

Or there is any other way to access it?

Thanks in advance.



cannot allow anonymous acces to page



I'm developing in moss2007

despite i have granted anonymous access to my entire site, there is one page that is constantly shows password prompt .

i think the problem is with the following code:

PublishingWeb publishingWeb = PublishingWeb.GetPublishingWeb(SPContext.Current.Web);
PublishingPageCollection publishingPages = publishingWeb.GetPublishingPages();

PublishingPage[] pages = (from p in publishingPages
             where p.Layout.Name == "MyLayout.aspx"
             elect p).ToArray();

i have tried to wrap the whole thing with:



not working.

how can i overcome this issue?

SherePoint 2010 ERROR visual update and acces site configuration.



I migrate a version upgrade sharepoint 2007 to 2010, using the method for database. I used the stsadm command, exactly addcontentdb method to add the content database. The problem is when entering the site collection I try to access the site configuration option or the option of a visual update of second level site, this is the error that shows me:

File Not Found.


Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Correlation ID: d248fd36-e4b5-405e-8115-ac2acb21e85c

Thanks for the help


I receive error "Does not exist the server SQL Server or the acces is denegated..." when I create a



I´ll appreciate if you can help me with the following message error.  I want to create an ODBC conexion but when  try to connect using sa/sa the following message appears:

Microsoft ODBC SQL Server Driver Named Piped No existe el servidor SQL Server o se ha denegado el acceso al mismo.

I have 2 network but the conectivity between both is total.  The problem is when i create an ODBC conection in the network 161.0.0.x (Sql Server is in 192.168.0.x).  Is important to note that ping to (Sql Server) from 161.0.0.x work fine.

What could be the problem?

Tahnsk in advance




Cannot acces WCF service. WCF hangs after few calls when Streamed mode is used


I am using WCF service with streamed mode. WCF/IIS hangs after few calls. Client not able to access WCF service after few calls. But I am able to access the service from browser. It is happening only with streamd mode. With Buffered mode application is working fine. Tried throttling also but not working. I am accessing WCF service from windows application.



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