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Enabling Indic text (hindi language) support in MySql and asp.net

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 05, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Dear all,I have an asp.net site that stores user messages in a mysql db, now the problem is if the user inserts any indic (hindi and other indian languages) text in the database it isn't displaying in the message board and it renders like ??? ???? ??? or other symbols.HelpThanks

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Change Button Text in Multi Language Website


Hi i developing multi language website

using Master pages

everything fine

Page_Load i set the Text property of Button Control from Resource file

like this

Button1.Text = GetLocalResourceObject("Button1")

then in the button click event i cnage the text of the Button control

Button1.Text = GetLocalResourceObject("Button1_new")

but the text doesn't change and no error messgae

what is the problem how to solve this


Speak Up: Support Dictation With Text Services Framework


Learn how to make your apps speech-aware by supporting Windows Speech Recognition and the Text Services Framework.

Eric Brown

MSDN Magazine July 2007

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With the much-anticipated release of the .NET Framework 1.1, developers are eager to know what's been added to their programming bag of tricks. In this article, the author focuses on new developments in Windows Forms, such as namespace additions, support for hosting managed controls in unmanaged clients, and designer support for C++ and J#. Integrated access to the Compact Framework and new mobile code security settings also make this release noteworthy. Along with these features, the author reviews the best ways to handle multiple versions of the common language runtime and highlights some potential pitfalls.

Chris Sells

MSDN Magazine March 2003

Converting Hindi Text to English Text

Hi,Can someone guide me in converting hindi text to english text using c#.  The application will be windows based.  When I googled it says it will be possible using google/translate.  However I am not aware of how to use that in my application.Any ideas?Regards,Karthizen

RDLC reports with Rich text support

Hi, I am looking for the solution to display the Rich text in RDLC file with local processing mode. I have read from the following link which stated that Microsoft made this feature available in Visual Studio 2010. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/brianhartman/archive/2010/04/20/visual-studio-2010-is-now-available.aspx Can anyone please tell me how to use this? Thanks in Advance!!! Best Regards, Subalakshmi Vijayarajan.

Arabic Language Support in SQL Server 2005

ummary: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 supports Arabic data in Unicode and non-Unicode formats. Get information about the Arabic language code page, collations, components, and functions, as well as feature-specific information concerning set up, administration, replication, data transformation, and more.

Need help with uploading a text file in to mysql database


I want to upload a text file and stored to my database. the column on my database it is longblob type. I don't know much about this so if anyone can help I will thank you. 

Why doesn't Visual Studio support MSIL as a first class language?


I'm dissapointed that Visual Studio (I'm running VS 2008) doesn't support IL as a project language, so that we can select it when starting a new project. We could then edit/assemble in VS and build debug test etc just like any other language. There seems to be no support for this either from MS or as an add-on.

The main motivation is to ease the development of dynamic methods, where we can actually see the stack, operations, memory etc in a proper debugger, right now developing dynamic methods is hit and miss, and very time consuming to debug (because the only assembler we can see in VS is native CPU !)

Also even if I debug C# code and select assembler in the source window I do NOT see IL assembler, only the jitted native assembler.

Is there any way to debug IL as IL, and see the stack etc etc?


Does windows XP support English-Singapore language ?


Does windows XP support English-Singapore language ?

On windowns 7 I can see this language on the regional settings, but on windows XP it is missing


Is there any other plugin than RepositoryFactory That support mysql?


I'm currently playing with the Repository Factory plugin and I was amazed with the functionalities it provides. However, I can't add a connection to Mysql database using the Repository Factory tool. Does Repository tool doesn't really support mysql? if yes, is there any other plugin that can support mysql but have the same functionalities as the repositoryfactor?


Does SSRS 2008 Support Rich Text Formatting?

Couldn't find any recent responses to this. Does anyone know if the 2008 version supports rich text formatting? Thanks

Russian language support in visual studio 6.0


Hello sir/madam

I am working on localization project for Russian langauage support.

In operating system windows 2003 server

visual studio 6.0

I update the string in  .RC file or in string table from visual studio 6.0 resource editor

when I editing  Russian language  .

I am getting Junk letter in Visual studio editor.

please help me on solving this problem.


if there any way to solve this problem.




Need help enabling Network support for SQL databases

I have read and re-read the following KB release,  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304261, and I am still unable to find direct instructions on how to enable SQL2008 to support UNC paths for databases. I have all my databases sitting on a NETAPP device which meets or exceeds the I/O requirements set forth by Microsoft, however I am enable to find directions to enable NAS support....can someone PLEASE HELP! 

writing web application with language support



My client has few requirements for his website he want to built. want to discuss best practices to start this project and make this a learning experience. 

  1. accessible from all browsers and platforms. (mobile as welll)
  2. language support
  3. scalable
  4. should be CMS style so he can assign roles etc for editing.

except above my question is what will be best to use as a new project in VS2010 (MVC, web application etc)

Any ideas?

Enabling IIS Express support in VS 2010 Sp1

With the Sp1 release of Visual Studio 2010 now available for download , you now have the option to use IIS Express as the development server for your web projects instead of the built-in Visual Studio Development server (aka. Cassini). Here are some previous blog posts explaining the IIS Express integration features in VS 2010 Sp1 Beta, which are also available with this new release of Sp1: VS 2010 SP1 (Beta) and IIS Express Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta IIS Express Integration VS 2010 SP1 and IIS Express should both be installed to enable IIS Express support To enable using IIS Express as the development server for your web projects, you need to have both the Sp1 release of VS 2010 as well as the IIS Express web server installed. See the 'Installing...(read more)

SQL install language support problem

I don;t know where there is the problem?
I install sharepoint 3.0 64 bit english with sql 2008 trial version + english windows 2008 standard server...

Can't edit SQL Jobs on server with International Language Support

Our dba team has a standard database that we install with utilities on all servers we support.  It's on over a thousand sql servers currently without issue.   I attempted yesterday to install it on 2 servers that had international language support enabled and found I could not edit the SQL Server Agent jobs that we commonly use to do backups, maintenance and common functions.    One server had 9.00.1406 for the base service pack for the database engine (I cannot remediate yet--new customer) and 9.00.1399 for the Client tools.   Will this cause inability to edit the sql agent jobs or is there something else at work here.   This server also has international language APIs enabled and is in South Africa and the other was in the UK.  I need to find a solution to this.
Cathy S.
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