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Build a weekly status report for a team

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 03, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I am using an InfoPath form to build a weekly status report for a large team. Each section must submit the form, then I want them to merge and still contain who submitted which portion. I have gotten as far as getting the template to be on the server, updating it with new data, but when I merge the data it does not retain the project name or delineate which project submitted which part of the data. Below is a generic list of the form. I would like to merge all of the basic reports into one large report which still shows the same basic information in a large merged document. Is this possible? and if so how? Thanks in advance for your help Program:   this is a dropdown list of the programs                            Date: date picker   Received From:          Upcoming Events     Team Vacation     Program Risks    

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Workflow automatic weekly/monthly status report



We have an error reporting system on WSS 3.0. The responsible person for this system wants to get a weekly or monthly status email that tells about number of unclosed items, number of items that are done 50% etc to her mail address.

Is it possible to create a wrokflow that does this?

best regards

Team System: Team Build 2008 Customization


See how to modify the default behavior of Team Build, extend your builds with custom tasks, and make use of the enhancements in Team Build 2008 SP1.

Brian A. Randell

MSDN Magazine March 2009

Team System: Team Build 2008


Brian Randell introduces you to Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server Build (Team Build). Then he creates and runs a team build.

Brian A. Randell

MSDN Magazine November 2008

Share The Load: Report Visual Studio Team System Load Test Results Via A Configurable Web Site


This article discusses a new load test tool in Visual Studio 2005 Team System for performance and stress testing your Web sites, Web services, and other server components. Combined with its handy reporting capabilities, the load test tool provides some powerful options for sharing and managing test results.

Wen Ding

MSDN Magazine June 2006

sql report viewer-advanced team silverlight report viewer

I would like to give feedback to the sql reporting services advanced team I would love to see  sql report viewer using silverlight I am a bit disappointed that it is not available now. Can we  expect this in  with vs 2010? Thank you

LS Status Report showing false alert state

I have log shipping every 15 minutes working between 2 servers, and while the secondary server reports everything ok (time since last copy, restore are all under 15 minutes), the primary server reports that the time since last backup is 7400+ minutes.  I have verified that the LS backup job has no failures.  How can I correct this false error state and get the primary server to start reporting actual statuses?   The LS monitor is on the secondary server.

Using the FindMatchingFiles activity when creating Team Build 2010 workflows

Has anyone figured out how to create complex pattern matches for the FindMatchingFiles activity that duplicate MSBuild's use of ItemGroup inclusion and exclusions? I want to be able to select all the assemblies in a folder, but not the debug symbols or XML files, but it seems to me that FindMatchingFiles's MatchPattern only supports basic inclusions and not exclusions.

Customising Report Category and Status

Hi there,   Does anyone know how to customise the Report Category and Report Status in SharePoint?   At the moment we are stuck with the defaults (below)   Report Category: Category 1 Category 2 Category 3   Report Status Final Preliminary Period To Date   Thanks.   Regards, Jamie

Cannot create Team Foundation Server project: report server not initialized.

(TFS 2008, SQL 2005, SharePoint 2007) OK.  So the Report Server isn't initialized.  I get that. I open Report Configuration and Initialization is grayed out.  I look at SharePoint Integration and it tells me to create a database that can be integrated with SharePoint.  No problem. Go to Database Connection and try to Upgrade - can't do that unless I create a new database.  Select Change...it tells me it would be happy to change out of native mode but will have to create a new database....great, since that's what I want to do anyway.  Yes.  Using Current User credentials (signed on as domain administrator) I enter a db name check the sharepoint integration box and hit OK.....I have a new database in SharePoint integrated mode.  SharePoint Integration is green BUT Initialization is still grayed out and I still can't create a new TFS project. What do I do now????

Adding a table or view multiple times when building a query with BI Report Designer and Report Build

How can I add a table/view multiple times to a single query by using BI Report Designer or Report Builder 3.0? In Report Designer I managed (workaround) to add one table multiple times by creating multiple Named Queries and having the same SELECT. Still I don't know how to add one table multiple times in Report Builder 3.0.

Status of Accessing Nested Objects in Data Source of Local Report Does Not Function


We recently upgraded out platform to .NET 4.  We are also using Microsoft Reporting dlls.  Unfortunately, we found that the upgrade broke all of our reports.  Researching the cause, we found this article:


It seems that this issue has been open for some time now and I have not seen a good workaround (except for the shim class which is not really feasible for us).  Can I please get a status update for this?  Is there some other type of resolution?

Thank you,

Benjamin Strum 

Ben Strum

Report Builder button missing - exec rep defs ticked & rep build ticked

I can see report builder in IE (I am report admin), but my users are not able to, despite having ticked 'report builder' against their name in folder security.

They have
Browser, Report Builder

Why can't they see it?

"Site Settings - Security - Config sys wide role defs - sys user " has "execute report defs" ticked.

Anyone, hmm?

Why Microsoft Ajax Minifier dosen't minfi the file when used with team build 2010?



I just used the wonderful tool Microsoft Ajax Minifier and it's working very well when I build my MVC application on my machine but when I check-in in source control and started build by the Team Build 2010 it doesn't create the min files, for sure I can't put the mini files inside the source control as the recommendation from the Microsoft Ajax Minifier because it's like the dll it's generated every time you build your application so no need to put it in source control beside it can't be because you  will need always to check-out this file to build and this will prevent other from build using the team build, so what I need to do to make generate the mini file with team build 2010????

replication status report


Hi everyone,

From last week, my company introduces the replication as the new HA method and my boss wants me to create a report to show the replication status and send out hourly.

I know for the log shipping, we can let the SSRS call the sp_help_log_shipping_monitor SP to get the LS status report. But I am very new to replication and replication looks much complicated.

Could someone advise me how I can get the replication status information? It is better if it has the same style as the Transaction Log Shipping Status report, including the publisher, distributor and replica server and db name and the latency information ... etc... (as detailed as possible). Please tell me which DMV could I use.

----> Kinect

Build Report using asp.net with .RDL template and report viewer


hi i am trying to build a report using VS 2005 ,i have a sample .rdl file ,i used report viewer and in code page i gave the fallowing details



i amgetting the fallowing error can some one please help me out

An error occurred during local report processing. The definition of the report 'Main Report' is invalid. The report definition is not valid. Details: The report definition has an invalid target namespace 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/reporting/2008/01/reportdefinition' which cannot be upgraded.




SharePoint Tutorial - Team Sites

Team sites are small web sites that are created to store everything about a particular thing. For example a site can be created for a department in an organization like human resources. I site can be created for a particular project. A site can even be created for a meeting. Everything about the thing (department, project, meeting) like documents, lists, calendars, etc. is stored in that site.

Use jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX to build a client side Repeater

By sending only data to the client, you can profoundly reduce the size of what you send and see a substantial increase in performance. You also allow yourself the ability to easily add features like light-weight sorting and paging on the client. This can not only improve your users' experience, but reduce server load and bandwidth requirements.
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