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"no memberships" problem for ~70% of users

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 03, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I am stumped!  I've read all the posts and blogs I can find on this stupid thing.  We have not done a deleteoldsites 0 yet )or any stsadm commands really) Profile Properties show that the syncs are working, there's nothing in the sync logs stating they are not working, just a few warnings for accounts we've deleted.  Both Incremental and Full Imports are working, the last full was this morning at 4am. stsadm -o sync -listoldsites 0 gives 1 single result, which was dated about 6 hours before I ran the command, so its not real old. Also I have one user who has the same username, but a new SID for his account... he doesn't have a My Site, and gets an error when he tries to auto-create one.   Accounts that have been deleted from AD are also not having their names removed from "All People". Then there's the handfull of accounts that look fine - thought I can't say for sure if changes are being propagated.  I just made a new Universal Distro List in AD and added myself to it.  I'll see if it shows up.  Sadly I don't have access to the SSP Admin pages, I have access to about 90% of the administration in Sharepoint, just not the SSP pages for whatever reason.

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i let 23 users (people) use my computer, the problem im having is that i cant do anything not even

i just want evrerythig back Administrator/owneri dont understand

Problem with users needing sysadmin server role to connect to db

When we create a new user in SQL Management Studio 2005 and give it just the public server role, it does not allow us to connect to the db. We found that we had to give it the sysadmin server role in order to allow it to connect to the db. We are using a UDL file in order to test connect. It seems that this is true for all users we create in SQL Management Studio 2005. Is there a way where we can change it so that users are not required to have the sysadmin server role in order to connect to a db? We would like it so that if they have at least the public server role, they should be able to connect to the db.

Problem sending an email to all users of a sharepoint group

Here is what we did so far: 1. created an OU in AD and delegated full control to Sp service account 2. Configured incoming email settings 3. on sp site created a new group with full control permission 4. created an email distribution group for this group with an email address 5. in CA approved the distribution group to be created in OU 6. In Ad we can check the OU is there with the specified email address 7. added users to the group, but when we send an email to the group email address it does not forward to the group members. Please advice  

Profile synchronization problem - can successfully import single users but not from a group - can yo


I can successfully import a single user into SharePoint 2010 from AD (proves settings permissions are correct) and the number of user profiles increases and I can locate the user including profile data from active Directory. But when I try to import an Active Directory global security group no users get migrated. In fact the single users profile gets deleted.

Can somebody explain whether it is possible to migrate users into SharePoint 2010 from with security groups in Active Directory?

Also when I retried to import the group of users it deleted the single user that I had successfully imported, I didn’t think this was possible, I ran an incremental synchronization, i need to import roughly 2000 users and was going to do it in stages to make sure all users were imported but if the process can remove users then each sync run could be adding users and removing users, how will I ever keep track?

Below is the synchronization run report, are there logs files that could give me more information?

SharePoint Designer workflow task - problem with multiple users selector in InfoPath form




I have got an issue with InfoPath form generated for my SharePoint Designer workflow task. There is a multiple users selector that requests users from a task assignee. The problem is that only the first user entered got saved.


I am using SharePoint 2010 Standard Server (release). Steps to reproduce are the following:

Event id 55555 on Moss servers. Users getting problem to authenticate.


I am frequenty getting this Event id 55555 on Moss servers. Users getting problem to authenticate. Please help how to fix this event on my sharepoint farm.

Error description: Error occured while retrieving customer details from Webservice. Thread was being aborted.

Odd Logins / Users Problem



  • I have 2 different databases on the same server supporting two different websites through SOAP endpoints.
  • I have 2 different logins with Windows credentials, one for each database.
  • We had problems and had to change the passwords for the two Windows accounts.
  • One of the web sites came right up after entering the new password in the site, the other is still giving us problems.
  • Both SQL Logins are public server role and dd_datareader, dd_datawriter & public database roles.
  • One login / user will execute all the stored procs in the database using exec ('...') as login = '...' under the above roles.
  • For the other login / user I have to either grant explicit execute privileges to each stored proc or make the user db_owner.
  • We have opened the user and login properties for both accounts side by side and compared every item on every tab and can find no difference beyond the name and the database.

What have I got here?


Problem With space When updating password of active directory users from asp.net


Hello Friend's

From long time i am facing problem with Reseting password of users of active directory from asp.net.

The coding is work fine when there are no space in username but it's cause a problem when there are space in username.


usernametochange = "Ketan Patel";
                       ds.Filter = "(&(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=(" + usernametochange + ")))";
                       ds.PageSize = 100;

                       SearchResult account = ds.FindOne();
                       DirectoryEntry user = account.GetDirectoryEntry();
                       object[] oPassword = new object[] { "krtya#123" };

                           object ret = user.Invoke("SetPassword", oPassword);

if you have any idea about it please help me.

Thank you.....

Function pulls PCs along with users. Wrong Class? Problem with AD setup?


I am creating a web app that interacts with AD. The issue that I have is I am trying to get all users in our domain  and the code I'm using seems to pull all the users however is also seems to be pulling all the PC names as well and I cannot seem to figure out why. Not sure if this will tell you anything but the PC names seem to be ending with a $ sign. ie a PC named LAB comes out in my list as LAB$.

    Public Function UpadateEmployees() As Boolean
        Dim boolreturn As Boolean
        Dim strADUser As String = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("ADUser")
        Dim strADPass As String = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("ADPassword")
        Dim entry As New DirectoryEntry(_path, strADUser, strADPass)
        Dim search As New DirectorySearcher(entry)
        search.Filter = "(objectClass=User)"

        ' Declare objects
        ' Loop
        For Each result As SearchResult In search.FindAll()

                Dim dirEntry As Directory

Problem with upload a file with special characters for the contribute permission users



I have a problem when a user with contribute permission try to upload a file with special characters, it gives a access denied error.

Is there a way to solve this problem?


MS SQL Server: Disconnect Users From Database - Kill User Session

If you ever wanted to restore your database from a SQL backup file (.bak), but there are still users connected to your database, the backup operation will fail causing the error: Exclusive access could not be obtained because the database is in use.

Enabling Users to Maintain SharePoint Content

When SharePoint is installed as a corporate intranet, there is a considerable amount of effort involved in maintaining the content to keep the site relevant. As we discussed in the first few parts of this series, SharePoint has many built-in features to reduce the burden on the site administrator.

Some areas of the site usually contain less-dynamic information. Internal memos and corporate policies are common examples of this information. One option for this information is to post these documents in a document library. Documents in a library are often stored in a few different formats: Word, Acrobat (PDF), or HTML. Each of these formats has its drawbacks.

Problem to group radio button across gridview rows

In general no one can easily group or make a single selection from radio button list inside gridview rows. There are a lot of way to make a single or unique selection from list. Here i want to share how i can address this problem in the most easiest way. Googling the problem most of the cases i saw the grouping in horizontal way. Thats why i tried to group the radio buttons in vertical manner. Let i have a requirement like below:

Enabling Users to Maintain SharePoint Content

When SharePoint is installed as a corporate intranet, there is a considerable amount of effort involved in maintaining the content to keep the site relevant. As we discussed in the first few parts of this series, SharePoint has many built-in features to reduce the burden on the site administrator.

Regrading Sharpoint 2010 problem and solutions

We can write your question and problem on this blogger.you get ans.use.

This sharpoint 2010 problem solving threads

Hi friend,

you can use this thread to solving problem and solutions.

Virtual Path Problem


 I get the following error on last line below (working on remote host): 'E:\web\sfcascom\ls_admin/uploads/images/001.JPG' is not a valid virtual path,

Note that the slashes go in different directions

I've tried a number of things but nothing seems to work. Thanks-


Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Drawing.Drawing2D
Imports System.Drawing.Imaging
Imports System.Web.UI.WebControls

Imports System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageCodecInfo
Partial Class Protected_imageupload
    Inherits System.Web.UI.Page
    Private Sub btnUpload_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnUpload.Click
        ' Initialize variables
        Dim sSavePath As String
        Dim sThumbExtension As String
        Dim intThumbWidth As Integer
        Dim intThumbHeight As Integer
        Dim sFilename As String = ""
        ' Set constant values
        'sSavePath = "images/"
        sSavePath = Server.MapPath("~/") + "ls_admin/uploads/images/"

        sThumbExtension = "_thumb"
        intThumbWidth = 160
        intThumbHeight = 120

        ' If file field isn?t empty
        If FilUpload.PostedFile IsNot Nothing Then
            ' Check file size (mustn?t be 0)
            Dim myFile As Http
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