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ListView update using Store Procedures.

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 03, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Hi,I have a list view where I use SqlDataSource with Store Procedures for teh Select and Command:<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDS_BasketDetails" runat="server"  ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:EcoDBConnectionString %>" SelectCommand="get_BSKT_details_SP" SelectCommandType="StoredProcedure" UpdateCommand="in_mod_del_BSPR_SP" UpdateCommandType="StoredProcedure" > <SelectParameters> <asp:Parameter Name="UserID" Type="Object" /> <asp:Parameter Name="ID_BSKT" Type="Int32" /> <asp:Parameter Name="myLang" Type="String" /> </SelectParameters> <UpdateParameters>     <asp:Parameter Name="ID_TNDA" Type="Int32" />     <asp:Parameter Name="ID_BSKT" Type="Int32" />     <asp:Parameter Name="ID_PRDT" Type="Int32" />     <asp:Parameter Name="cantidad" Type="Int32" />     <asp:Parameter Name="UserID" Type="Object" /> </UpdateParameters> </asp:SqlDataSource><asp:SqlDataSource ID="Sql_Basket" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:M

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SQL Server CE: New Version Lets You Store and Update Data on Handheld Devices


Handheld device users need to be able to synchronize with a main data store when it's convenient and, preferably, when the back-end database server isn't busy. SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition allows you to build a traveling data store that can be displayed and run on a variety of devices. SQL Server CE supports a subset of the full SQL Server package, and can be used as a standalone server or in tandem with SWL Server and IIS. The architecture of SQL Server CE, along with data manipulation, synchronization, and connectivity issues, are discussed in this article. Topics such as making your data public, choosing the right type of replication, and handling errors are also covered.

Paul Yao and David Durant

MSDN Magazine June 2001

store update sum

Okay, so i created the following query select a.cusip, SUM([UnitsHeld]) AS unitsSum From [GTC_PA_SQL2].[DW].[dbo].[HoldingsC] h inner join [GTC_PA_SQL2].[DW].[dbo].[AssetsC] A ON h.securityID = a.securityID Where cusip IS NOT Null AND MinSecClass In (9,10,58,59,60,64,65,69,70,79,80,85,87,215,216,220,229) group by a.cusip However, now i need i need to change this so that instead of a on the fly query, the values are stored and the query will run only once a quarter or so.  This is what i have so far: update dbo.finance set PAR= (select SUM([UnitsHeld]) AS unitsSum From [GTC_PA_SQL2].[DW].[dbo].[HoldingsC] h inner join [GTC_PA_SQL2].[DW].[dbo].[AssetsC] A ON h.securityID = a.securityID Where cusip IS NOT Null AND MinSecClass In (9,10,58,59,60,64,65,69,70,79,80,85,87,215,216,220,229) group by a.cusip) The table i need to store the UnitsSum value in the dbo.finance table under the field PAR which correlates with a PK of cusip, this table doesnt have any securityID reference. The issue with need these queries stems from the fact that i need a total UnitsHeld for each security class which has a cusip9 attached to it. However the database right now stored the unitsheld for each portfolio and not as a total for reach cusip which i need.

Is there a way to backup all my store procedures under a particular SQL 2005 database?

hi all, Is there a script, doc, VBS script, SQL statement out there which will read all my store procedures and save them as a TXT file? Currently I have to save all of them in text files before I update them when I get a new web site release. Thank you  JCD

C# WPF ListView: ListViewItem content will not update?

I am having a problem updating a listview item which I have bindings set. Here is my XAML code and behind code. Also, the DownloadProgress and DownloadSize do not update but when I debug I see the changes made under the DownloadProgressChanged delegate: mtitem.dlbtn.MouseLeftButtonUp += delegate { MTDLItem dlitem = new MTDLItem(); dlitem.DownloadName = mtitem.tbmusicname.Text; dlitem.DownloadProgress = 0; dlitem.DownloadSize = ""; WebClient wc = new WebClient(); Uri webaddress = new Uri(mtitem.MusicLink); if (mtitem.Group == "5") { } else { string songtitle = mtitem.tbmusicname.Text + @".mp3"; string fixtitle = songtitle.Replace("\\", ""); if (Properties.Settings.Default.CopyRightMessage == false) { if (System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("GINtech Systems is not responsible for user applications of copyrighted music which may be in violation of existing local, state, or federal laws.", "MusicTuner Disclaimer", System.Windows.Forms.MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel, System.Windows.Forms.MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation) == System.Windows.F

How to update the "ListView.SelectedListViewItemCollection" programmatically in C# ?

How to modify the contents of "ListView.SelectedListViewItemCollection" programmatically ? Mouse clicks in a ListView are recorder in this collection. Can I access to the collection programmatically ? If YES, please provide me with some code samples. ListView.SelectedListViewItemCollection selectedItems = this.listViewFile.SelectedItems; Thanks

Renaming Store Procedures

What's the best way to rename them? Do I actually have to create a new one with the new name and drop the old one? Thanks a lot, Chen

How do I control using ListView when to show the Update/Delete/Insert buttons and when not?


It should be simple, but I didn't found yet how to do it.

There is only one user (Admin with user name and passowrd, he has a cookie so I know when he is watching the page) I would like to show him the Update/Delete/Insert button options in my ListView, but to the other users I don't want them to be able doing this kind of things, So it should be hidden from them.

How I am doing it in C# code?

Showing/Hiding these buttons?


Deadlock: Store Procedure that only contains select statement owns an update key lock


I have a seemingly simple deadlock graph that contains 2 SP's. One SP is updating a table, while another SP (the victim) is selecting from it. The interesting thing about the graph is that the SP that contains the select (and only a select) is shown to own an UPDATE lock on the table that SP2 wants to update. How is this possible?



SQLCE 4.0 "Update ... From" "Views" "Stored Procedures"


Is there documentation on 4.0? 

Are the following implemented:

Update ... From


Stored Procedures

Auto-Update Managed Metadata Term Store from External DB or List

Hi all,

I have been able to import terms using the .CSV file within the MMSA Term Store, but is there a way to auto-update the terms from an external list. Example: An external database already has terms and adds terms on a regular basis. Is there a method for updating the Term Store automatically when terms are added in the external source. Perhaps creating a SharePoint List populated with external data and somehow linking this up to the Managed Metadata terms? I know that System keywords are added to the term store when a user tags an item, but is there a way to tie into this functionality for managed metadata?

How to update data and store a value based on a comparison



i want to implement a stored procedure that updates values from a field named MYVALUE with


but if the result MYVALUE is greater than 100 (MYVALUE > 100) then set MYVALUE equal to 100.

I can't figure a way to do this. I am trying to implement it into a stored procedure so that i schedule it to run every dat.

Thanks in advance

Tool to update Stored Procedures


It has been a bit since I have worn my SQL hat guys so bare with me. I have over 400 stored procedures that I am migrating from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008.  In those procedures an old SQL server name is hard coded. I would like to do a global search and replace of all those sprocs. Or even better if I could reference a single file for all 400.

I was hoping to find a tool that could do this but have not had luck. The few examples I have found online were not applicable because of the version of SQL we are migrating away from or not documented well enough for me to pull off.  [http://www.sqlmag.com/article/tsql3/find-and-replace-keywords-in-stored-procedures]

I can replace all 400 manually if needed, just that by now some kind of search and replace functionality would exist in a SQL Tool. Also, just looking for advice on the matter relative to any potholes in going from 2k to 08.....yes scary...these peeps are also big fans of access 97...baby jesus save me now.  

- Noobtacular out






Using ASP.NET 3.5's ListView and DataPager Controls: Displaying Data with the ListView

Prior to ASP.NET 3.5, developers who needed to display a set of records could choose between the GridView, DataList, and Repeater controls. The GridView provides rich data features, but has a very boxy layout; the DataList and Repeater allow for a more flexible layout, but lack the "point and click" data features found in the GridView, DetailsView, and FormView controls. The ListView bridges the gap between layout flexibility and built-in data features.

This article, the first in a series of articles on the ListView and DataPager controls, looks at the ListView's many available templates and illustrates how to display data. Read on to learn more!

ASP.Net Gridview Edit Update Cancel Commands

In ASP.Net 2.0, GridView Control also provides the functionality to edit and update the data retrieved from the database using CommandField template. You can cancel the action using Cancel Command of the CommandField. GridView consists of events that can be used to perform the actions like edit, update and cancel upon the Data items displayed in the ASP.Net GridView Data Control.

How to format and update GridView and DataGrid rows using JQuery

The behavior described in this question is as expected. When you set text of a cell in grid, it directly affects HTML that is going to be rendered. When you set text value of a cell, it means that you are setting innerText of the cell. The column that GridView creates for command fields (Edit, Delete and Select) are a (anchor) or button elements. So you can see what will happen if you set text value in that cell. It will wipe out those link or button controls and replace them with simple text string.

Transact-SQL Built-In Stored Procedures

To assist you with managing Microsoft SQL Server databases, Transact-SQL provides many built-in stored procedures.

Renaming an Object

Sending Email

Update Vs SystemUpdate

Many of you might noticed that share point ListItem has Update() method as well as SystemUpdate().

What is the difference between these two methods and why MOSS has two different APIs for updating an ListItem
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