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Question in row group not updating on when the column value changes

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 03, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
I'm using Report Builder 3.0 and created a row group column and then moved it to a row about the detail columns instead of leaving it as a column at the left.  When I run the report the group value doesn't change  but the page break occurs.  I added the same field as a column so I can see the value is different. Why is the row group field not changing?

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Sharepoint list group by column data ,display in webcontrol like panel or label


I  have a sharepoint list[Managers] with groupby sector column. like below




Each Sector group by column data i want to display in label or panel control.

How to do that ? how to write the logic?



Regards, Mansoor

Updating a group of procedures.

Hi all, I just came across a situation where i need to update many procedures in different databases. I can script them out and make changes that i need to and then run them again, but wanted to know if there is an easier way around it. Thanks in advance...Regards, Deven ----------------------------------------- Please vote if you find any of my post helpful.

SharePoint 2007 to Access 2007 - Issues grouping by "Person or Group" field type/column

We are on SharePoint 2007 and using Access 2007.  The SharePoint list contains a column called Assigned Person, column type: Person or Group, single selection, displaying only the name 1) When we Open with Access and Export a copy of the data, then create a report from that table, we do not have the option to group on Assigned Person.  2) When we Open with Access and Link to data on the SharePoint site, then create a report from that list, when we group by Assigned Person... The same person has 2 groups - there are is no other grouping or sorts on the list, and i can't locate a correlation to another field to show why they would have to collections for the same person The Person or Group column sorts "from smallest to largest" as though it is a number field. The list is a task/activity tracking system we created custom for our needs.  We want to pull a weekly report, grouped by Assigned Person, but cannot get access to work.  We do not want to resort to anything more complex, as it takes a much longer process to have reports pulled by Chrystal or one of those types of applications.  And we cannot change out the field for something like a Choice column as the list already has a very large amount of content.  Can anyone assist? Is there a setting hiding somewhere that is causing the problem? 

Fill person/group column with workflow

Hi all, I would like to retrieve the 'Department' value of the creator of a list-item. Therefore I created a column named 'Department' of type person/group, show field 'department' From a worflow created with SharePoint Designer, when a item is added to the list, I fill the column 'Department' with the field 'created by'. The result is that the column 'Department' nicely displays the Department of the creator of the added item. When I do the same for a library, the column Department don't get filled, and the workflow keeps the state 'Started'. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Kind regards. #Update When I add a new document te the library, the column 'Department' stay's empty and the workflow keeps the status 'Starting' But when I save a new document, open it again, edit it and save it again, the column 'Department' shows the department of the creator !!

Group Results By Month, showing each month as the column

I have to list 50 states and the # of population per month. right now my results look something like..   CA, June, 5000 CA, July, 6000 CA, August, 7000 CA, September, 7230 I want it to show.. State, June, July, August, September CA, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000 NJ, 4013, 5030, 7020, 7310   I was going to use a PIVOT table but.. I want the columns to expand as the coming month  comes upon us.

Problem when using calculated column as column group in a view

Hi,   I have a list with a calculated column named 'FullName', the formula is: "FirstName & " " &  LastName". I created a view group by 'FullName' column. The follow error appeared on the column:   <!-- #RENDER FAILED -->   Please help

Custom user selection in Person or Group type column as per other list.

I have two list in the Sahrepoint Foundation 2010 site. 1) Projects with Title and members(Person or Group - multiple selection) 2) Tasks (Team site default)  - added lookup column Projects form the first list (required) Now I want to assign task given users in the projects list. ex. I have users A,B,C,D,E and Two Project P1 and P2 I have defined that P1 project has users A,B,C so task is distributed/assigned between this members, not to D and E I need some validation or lookup which restrict selection or D and E.   Thank you.  

sub totals for column group but not as SUM of groups values but as difference(minus -) between 2 val

I have a tablix control in my report having 3 row groups and 3 column group as Day Vs Last Week Day, Week Vs Last Week and MTD to Last Year MTD, now I want to Subtotal in my report after each group but not as SUM but rather as difference between 1st value of group and 2nd value of group, is this possible in tablix control?

Group by question

Hi, We are using sql server 2005. Data looks like this: ID       Name       CommonID   City 1        Rob           1                 Chicago 2        Mike          1                 New York 3        Peter         2                 Alabama 4        Joe           2                  LittleRock 5        Mary         2                  Houston My requirement is I need to return result set with commonID with number of IDs. Like  CommonID 1 has 2 IDs. CommonID 2 has 3 IDs. My result should look l

Statments not updating one column


This function is a virtual copy and paste from another function working just fine.  It updates two columns in the database. One is a date and the other is a byte.

My working function

Public Function UpdateAdvLink(ByVal advlink As Integer) As Boolean
        Dim con As New SqlConnection(DataFuncs.GetConnectionString)
        'Dim con As New SqlConnection("Server=SCOT\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=linkexchanger;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=8")
        'Response.Write("we made it here")
        ' Exit Function
        Dim Numemails As Integer
        Dim adv As New AdvanceLink(advlink)

        If Not IsDBNull(adv.TimesEmailed) Then
            Numemails = adv.TimesEmailed
            Numemails = Numemails + 1
        Else : Numemails = 1
        End If

        Const sSQL As String = "UPDATE tblAdvanceLink SET LastEmailed = @LastEmailed,TimesEmailed = @TimesEmailed WHERE ADVLinkID =  @ADVLinkID"
        Dim xSqlCommand As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sSQL, con)

            xSqlCommand.Parameters.Add("@LastEmailed", SqlDbType.DateTime)
            xSqlCommand.Parameters("@LastEmailed").Value = DateTime.Today
            xSqlCommand.Parameters.Add("@TimesEmailed", SqlDbType.Int)

Financial Reporting Measure Group question in Adventure Works 2008 R2


I need some help understanding the Financial Reporting measure group in Adventure Works 2008 R2. I get a value of $12,609.503 when I just drag amount into the query pane. Which accounts is this made up of, and how does it get to this result? Thanks.

Noob question about updating label.


I'm having a label in a page which I need to be updatet multiple times when a method in the codebehind file fires, like this:

protected void updateLbl()


lbl1.Text = "test1";


lbl1.Text += "test2";


but the label first updates when the method finishes. How can I solve this? Do I need AJAX?

Thanx in advance.

Updating column DisplayName


Hello, I've got a question concerning the updating of a column in a list. This list has an inherited site content type in it, which has the Title column. The column is actually renamed in the content type, but when this is deployed to a new list, the column is called Title again (a known problem). So I now try to rename the Title column with the DisplayName property.

The following code works:



SPFieldLink titleFieldLink = derivedCType.FieldLinks[new

question about gridview updating


Hello, i have some GridView Using LinqDataSource1 (GridView1). i want the gridview to update everytime the user make something on page so im using GridView.DataBind() in the Page_Load method on code behaind (isPostBack statement) and its working fine!!! (the user make something on view1 on Multiview and then jump to view2 to see the gridview) the problem is, when the user want to edit some row in the gridview (using the gridview commands) the data dont update!! he can only delete rows. when im removing the isPostBack statement its working and the user can update and delete but i need the isPostBack so the gridview will update his rows. any idea?????

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" 
            CellPadding="4" DataKeyNames="userFileId" DataSourceID="LinqDataSource1" 
            ForeColor="#333333" GridLines="None" Width="540px" Font-Names="Arial" Font-Size="X-Small">
            <RowStyle BackColor="#EFF3FB" />
                <asp:CommandField ShowDeleteButton="True" ShowEditButton="True" />
                <asp:BoundField DataField="fileName" HeaderText="?? ?????" 

Updating "Modified By" Column Via SharePoint Web Services


Here is my situation:  I have a web app running on a non-SharePoint machine that uses the SharePoint web services (specifically, the Copy web service) on another box to shoot documents to the Shared Documents library.  That works all fine and dandy.  Then a requirement came in that fields need to be updated when the document is uploaded.  Again, not much problem there.  However, then a requirement came in where they wanted the user's name displayed in the "Modified By" column.  When documents are currently uploaded, the "Modified By" column displays the name of the resource account that the web app runs under on the remote machine.  This isn't really helpful to users.  They want to know the name of the user who uploaded the document, not the resource account they were impersonating in order to upload the document.  Is it possible to accomplish this using the FieldInformation class that accompanies the Copy web service provided by SharePoint?  I tried something like the following but it did not work:

fieldInfo = new SPCopyWS.FieldInformation();
fieldInfo.Type = SPCopyWS.FieldType.Text;
fieldInfo.DisplayName = "Modified By";
fieldInfo.Value = "Ruslander, Andrew";

Updating Person/Group Field when Current User Clicks Button


Hi all,

Im trying to either add the current user to a multi person/group field or remove them if they are already in the field when they click a button. My code works to decide which button to render on the page - it will show "Add" if the current user is not in the multi person/group field (titled Members) or it will display "Remove" if the current user already exists in the multi person/group field.

My problem is that when the user clicks the button, i want to take the value in the multi person/group field and use XSL string functions to either add/remove the current user to/from the string and push the updated string back into the multi person/group field - This is not working for me. I can reference the correct column with javascript, but it seems the value i get from the person/group column is not just a simple string, its got all sorts of HTML in there. I was hoping just to get a string like, "member1;member2;...). Ive tried changing the field to just display the account (rather than the name with presence), but it still pulls back a huge chunk of code that i cant work with.

Below is my code so far, just to give you an idea - anyone know what im doing wrong?


Gridview column line wrap question


I have a ASP.NET gridview (embedded into a DIV) with several columns. For some columns line wraps are definied and for some not(with ItemStyle.Wrap = true/false). For all columns ItemStyle.Width is set to a specific value. Now I am wondering, that there is a line wrap in a column, where ItemStyle.Wrap = false. What could be the reason for that?

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