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cannot restore a site if it has been restored previously

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 03, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi there, I just found out that if I have restored a site but then realized that I need to put it on a different URL, I can't add it anymore. Here's what happen ... We have 2 SP servers, the live one and the test one: - live --> sp.company.org - test --> sharepoint2010 The plan was to backup the site collection from the live one and restore it on the test server. The site in question called mysite and the current URL (on live server) is http://sp.company.org/sites/mysite Using SharePoint2010 Management Shell, I did: restore-spsite -identity http://sharepoint2010 -path c:\backup\mysite.bak And I realized that mysite was restored at the root of http://sharepoint2010 ... I thought it will re-create the path (/sites/mysite). So I delete that '/' collection and tried to restore it again to a different path. I ran: restore-spsite -identity http://sharepoint2010/sites/mysite -path c:\backup\mysite.bak --> note that the mysite part is a non-existent path to avoid using -force switch but then it gave an error: Restore-SPSite : The operation that you are attempting to perform cannot be completed successfully.  No content databases in the web application were available to store your site collection.  The existing content databases may have reached the maximum number of site collections, or be set to read-only, or be offline, or may already contain a copy of t

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Not able to restore a site collection

We have 2 site collections in a farm   URL of site collection 1 is : https://teamsiteqa.portal.keane.com/sites/pdc    URL of Site collection 2 is : https://teamsiteqa.portal.keane.com/sites/pdc-arc   Both pointing to only one content db.   Requirement:   1<sup>st</sup> site collection has huge content and having around 188 sub sites in it. We would like to have entire same data to 2<sup>nd</sup> site collection  for that reason we have 2<sup>nd</sup> site collection is having blank site template   Requirement:   site collection has huge content and having around 188 sub sites in it. We would like to have entire same data to 2<sup>nd</sup> site collection  for that reason we have 2<sup>nd</sup> site collection is having blank site template   In order to meet this requirement we have tried out following steps but no luck. I really thankful to you who can help in this matter.   we have used stsadm restore option but it failed with error GUID ( backup is 1<sup>st</sup> site collection) we have tried to add content db by using stsadm neither this works we have used content deployment option to replicate entire data but this also failed with GUID   Please help us in this matter as this is something urgent.      Ram

Sharepoint - Site Restore Problem

'm unable to restore our Sharepoint site from backup because of a 'is already an object with the Id ..... in the database from another content site collection' message that I continue to receive during the restore. I have already delete the site collection and created a new one from a blank site on numerous occasions but I continue to receive the same message. Please assist.

version dependency while backup restore of SharePoint 2007 Site Collections


hi all

I am aware of a version dependency on the stsadm -o backup/restore operation.

But will the same dependency exist for a content DB backup restore..

i.e. for example will we able to restore a content DB backup taken from a server with version say to a server with say assuming that the versions of SQL is the same in both cases.

Will the version difference in SQL create issues

Thanks in advance




Restore Site Collection on a Different Farm with Taxonomy Field



I am trying to restore a site collection from my production environment into a staging environment (completely separate farm).  However, my site collection contains a Pages library which has a taxonomy field that points to a Managed Metadata Service term store in the production environment.  When the site collection is restored in the staging environment, the items in the Pages library have invalid content in the taxonomy field.  Ie. The values are there, but when I try and edit an item, the values in the picker are invalid. 

I have imported the same term set in the term store in the staging environment but it still doesn't work.  I am assuming it is because all of the terms have different guids in each environment so the values are not 'synching' up properly... 

Can I restore the Managed Metedata Service application from my production environment into my staging environment?  Or, am I going about this process in the wrong way entirely?

Thank you for any advice.


how to recover the site collection from restored database



i have a backup of one database which is used by existing web application. I want to access the same contents with different web application. i have created a web appln with restored database,and i could not see the site collections which are in existing web application. Please guide me to get the site collections. Please correct me if my approach is wrong...

Thanks in advance.

Restore script that previously worked now fails half way through restore



SharePoint1 – Farm installation = (Windows Server 2008 STD SP2 & SharePoint Foundation 2010 v14.0.4763.1000 ) + (Windows Server 2008 STD SP2 & SQL Server 2008)

SharePoint2 – Standalone installation = (Windows Server 2008 STD SP2 & SharePoint Foundation 2010 v14.0.4763.1000)

For months I have successfully used this combination of scripts to backup and restore my SharePoint site, since migrating to a new server the restore no longer works.

I have them on scheduled tasks, the backup running at 1am and the restore running at 4am.


Backup Script:



restore site collection

i try to restore site collection taken from a web application and overwrite it over a site collection from the same site collection, but it tells me i can't restore to a same content database, so now i tried to attach the site collection i want to a new database, how do i do that ?

backup and restore site collection



I'm just trying to move a site collection to a different server (to a virtual machine). I used the backup and restore feature in central administration but I'm not able to view the site on the new server. Is there some step I am missing during this migration?


Thank you

restore site failed --access deny


Hi, I just configured SharePoint Site Recycle Bin based on http://governance.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=SharePoint%20Site%20Recycle%20Bin&referringTitle=Home

when I run the commond stsadm - restore -url http://samplewebsite.ca/testing -filename e:\backup \sites\testing site.bak -force. It shows access deny.

I login as farm adim to run this.


Please help!



How to attach a restored DB to a WSS 2.0 site.

The question is in context with WSS 2.0.

As a part of backup and restore activity we are taking daily backup of our PROD database(SQL 2000). Accidentally we have deleted some files. Now to recover them we have restored the DB  (which contains those files) to our Development DB (SQL 2000). The DB is of approx 62 GB !!. Now I want to attach this DB to my Development site. I tried attaching this restored DB thorough front end ; but it is not working. I created an altoghther different Web application and attached this restored DB (and removed the default DB assocaited while creation new web app). Still the DB is not getting restored.

I read somewhere to use stsadm upgrade command to reflect the changes but still is not working...

In WSS 3.0 I have attached content DB thorugh addcontentdb command. Somehow in WSS 2.0 there is no addcontent DB commnad . And adding through Central Admin is not working.
Any help or suggestions!!!

Backup & Restore sharepoint site



I want to be able to back & restore of subsite in same application, or in another application, or another server. I want to make backup of site and restore it whereever I want :)



How to Deploy MOSS Site Collection using backup/restore with DB attach

Can anyone give pointers on Deploying Moss Sites from Development Environment to Production Envirnment Using backup/restore with DB attach?? TIA
Thanks, Devi Prasad M

How to Specify Content Database for a Site Collection Restore from Backup


I have prepared code that first creates a new Content Database within a specified Web Application, then restores a Site Collection backup to that same Web Application.  Unfortunately, the Restore doesn't provide an option to select the Content Database that was just created.  So, is there something that I might do to ensure that the Site Collection gets restored to the Content Database of my choice, programmatically?  If not, is there something I can do to change the Content Database for the newly restored Site Collection?  All ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Can I back up a site from SharePoint 2010 server and restore it on a SharePoint 2010 Foundation serv



I had a simple site in a SharePoint 2010 server, and I backed it up. That server is not available anymore, and all I have available is a SharePoint 2010 Foundation server. Can I restore on that server? I got an error message saying that the versions of "SharePoint Foundation" on the two servers are different. Note that only one of the servers (the destination server) was running SharePoint Foundation, the other one had full SharePoint 2010.

I don't think I am using any features that are not part of SharePoint Foundation... it's an extremely simple site. Just a list with custom list forms edited in SharePoint Designer.



Backup/Restore 404 File not found error ;Site site created besed on Custom Site Template




I am using SharePoint (Version: 12.0.6318.5000). The scenario is like that;

  • I have created a Site Collection and under that I have 2 sub sites and under each sub sites again I have a sub site (Site Collection [level 1]>>>SubSite+Lists [level 2]>>>SubSite+ Lists [level 3]>>>Lists, Doc. Library and Picture Library

File Restore after Site Collection Recycle bin




Is there any way to restore the file after get deleted from Site Collection Recycle bin like restoring from Data base. I have details of file like file name, deleted by, path of the file.





How I can restore sharepoint site which is get corrupted ?

Hello all expert, I am using sharepoint 2007 since one year, but last week my database get corrupted and i am not able to get my database on server. i am facing huge problem. I think my database get corrupted due to virus attack. Please suggest me what i should do to recover my database. Is any recovery method present in sharepoint or any other option ?
Sharepoint recovery
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