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Stacked BreadCrumb Appearing

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 03, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hello, I have a site collection in MOSS 2007 with Publishing Features turned on.  For some reason, when a user goes to create a new page (Welcome page with summary links for ex.), when the page is publilshed; two different breadcrumb trails appear.  Does anyone know why this could be happening?  I have never run against this before.  I have started to filter through the attached CSS and the masterpage and page layout, but everything matches up to my other environment which is rendering correctly. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Tim

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Hide a node from appearing on menu not on breadcrumb (using SqlSiteMapProvider)



I am using wicked code sqlsitemapprovider and it's VB version. Most of the things are going OK! But when I wanted to hide some of the nodes from appearing on menu while staying shown on sitemappath I cannot figure it out. I tried to change the sqlsitemapprovider code but was unsuccessfull. I have found David Sussman's answer. but it was for a .sitemap file. So how can I manage to do the same with the sql sitemap provider mentioned above.

I added a column named visible to my SiteMap table it's type is bit and then I have done these changes (Sorry for such long code):

Imports System
Imports System.Web
Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Imports System.Collections.Specialized
Imports System.Configuration
Imports System.Web.Configuration
Imports System.Collections.Generic
Imports System.Configuration.Provider
Imports System.Security.Permissions
Imports System.Data.Common
Imports System.Da

Advanced Basics: Creating A Breadcrumb Control


Hansel and Gretel had the right idea when "they followed the pebbles that glistened there like newly minted coins, showing them the way. " The deeper you get into the forest or into your data, the more likely you are going to need help to find your way back out again.

Duncan Mackenzie

MSDN Magazine July 2005

SPGridView Not Appearing When Rows Exist


I have added the contents of a DataTable to an SPGridView control.  When there are no rows in the DataTable it shows the message "There Is No Data" which is correct. 

When there are rows in the DataTable the SPGridView does not appear at all.

What could the issue be?

The code is below:

DataTable gridTable = new DataTable();
gridTable.Columns.Add("Assigned To");

queryDPM.ViewFields = "<FieldRef Name='AssignedTo'/>" +
					  "<FieldRef Name='RequestDPMReviewerComments' />" +
					  "<FieldRef Name='WorkflowOutcome' />";

sQueryStr = "<Where>" +
				 "<And>" +
					"<IsNotNull>" +
					 "<FieldRef Name='RequestDPMReviewerComments' />" +

Stacked Column Chart: Workaround for busted InsertEmptyPoints

I had to struggle with this a bit so I'm gonna share what I figured out. To make a stacked column chart from a SqlDataSource you need to use DataBindCrossTable like this... CHART1.DataBindCrossTable(SqlDataSource1.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty), "proceso_estado_nombre", "max_fecha_final", "valor", "") Now, each series created needs to be converted to StackedColumn type, which you do like this... For Each series As DataVisualization.Charting.Series In CHART1.Series    series.ChartType = DataVisualization.Charting.SeriesChartType.StackedColumnNext The problem at this point is that the chart wont work if you don't have the same number of points in each series and each set of points should have the same X values. So to fill in the empty points in each series you can use InsertEmptyPoints like this... CHART1.DataManipulator.InsertEmptyPoints(1, DataVisualization.Charting.IntervalType.Months, series.Name.ToString) However, when I did this I got inconsistent results. See below... <Series>    <Series Name="Terminado" Legend="Default" XValueType="Date" ChartType="StackedColumn" ChartArea="ChartArea1" ToolTip="Terminado: #VALY{C0}">      <Points>      

Stacked collapsible panels lose spacing after being collapsed

Hi all- I can't figure out why these collapsible panels are losing their white space inbetween each header after the panel is collapsed.    CSS: .collapsePanelHeader { border: 1px solid #333333; color: #333333; background-color: #e5e5e5; font-weight: bold; padding: 5px; margin-top: 5px; cursor: pointer; } .collapsePanel { height: 0px; background-color: #ffffff; overflow: hidden; border: 1px solid #333333; border-top: none; padding: 5px; padding-top: 10px; }  Panels: <div> <asp:Panel ID="HeaderPanel2" runat="server" CssClass="collapsePanelHeader">   Category 1 <span class="alignRight"> <asp:Label ID="collapseStateTextLabel2" runat="server" CssClass="labelInsidePanelHeader"></asp:Label> <asp:Image ID="HeaderImage2" runat="server" /> </span> </asp:Panel> <asp:Panel ID="ContentPanel2" runat="server" CssClass="collapsePanel"> <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox2" runat="server" BorderStyle="None&

How to prevent a C# Winforms program from appearing in Task Manager?

How to prevent a C# Winforms program from appearing in Task Manager?   thank's in advance

I want to encrypt the query string appearing in the URL

I want to encrypt the query string appearing in the URL when pass to other page. For Example: I have a Hyperlink column in GridView  when I click on the link, I pass a parameter to another page. This parameter should not be displayed in the URL as a true value but encrypted. Any help will be most appreciated.  If possible, please provide example. Thank you.  

Office backstage view not displaying workflow options and workflow banners not appearing

I am running the SharePoint 2010 Contoso RTM vhd (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=751fa0d1-356c-4002-9c60-d539896c66ce&displaylang=en) and want to access how Office 2010 participates in workflows.  I have created a new document library, configured a workflow on the document library and have selected the "Connect to Office" button. However I cannot see any workflow banners appearing on documents that have pending tasks and I cannot see the workflow options in the backstage "Save & Send" screen.  My document library is however available and displayed in the "Save to SharePoint" locations. I built a 32 bit Windows 7 client to see if that worked, but I get the same issue.

CalendarExtender Popup appearing when hitting "Enter" Key

Hello All,I have used a CalendarExtender in a page with textboxes. When I press the 'enter' key from another textbox,  calendar popup is appearing.I have also tried putting defaultbutton as my button id in form tag , but this is also not woking.<form id="myform" defaultbutton="searchButton"/>Following is the code which I am using.<td>                <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Date Of Birth"  />                <asp:ImageButton ID="DOBImageButton" runat="server" ImageUrl="~/Images/Calendar.png" /> </td><td>                <asp:TextBox ID="txtDOB" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>                                                  <cc1:CalendarExtender ID="DOBCalendarExtender" TargetControlID="txtDOB" runat="server"&n

Ribbon not appearing when versioning switched off

Hi, I have a number of publishing sites where the versioning is switched off and does not require check out for pages.  When 'Require Check Out' is true, the ribbon appears as usual (with the Page tab, edit and Browse) and clicking on Edit Page in Site Actions also shows the Page tab of the ribbon.  However, when 'Require Check Out' is false, the ribbon (with the Page and browse tabs, and the edit icon) do not appear.  When clicking on Edit Page in Site Actions, the page does go into edit mode, but the ribbon doesn't appear. Is there a way around this?  If I switch off the publishing feature, editing then saving the page causes a SPListItem error (this appears to be related to having the publishing feature switched off on what was a publishing site).  The end users do not want the complication of versioning or checking in/out. We are using SharePoint 2010 and the web app has been upgraded from SP2007. Thanks Sandra

How can I disable hyperlinks of the sitemappath (page breadcrumb)

How can I disable hyperlinks of the sitemappath in the page breadcrumb   I do want to show the path, but without the links. I found     RenderCurrentNodeAsLink = False But this only applies on the last part of the path (current page). And there no such thing as   RenderParentNodeAsLink...   There has to be an easy way...

Sub Report in New Browser Window Or a Breadcrumb - WARNING - Non Developer

I successfully created a report with a sub-report. My newest problem is when I click on a sub-report, I want to be able to quickly get back to the top report.  What's best approach besides the "back" button? Is it possible to launch the sub-report in a different browser window?  Or, can I add a breadcrumb to the report itself? TIA

Combine 100% stacked bar charts onto one chart

Hi All: I have eight questionaires for likert scale (Strongly disagree, disagree, netural, agree and strongly agree). I try to create a 100% stacked bar chart that X axis would be eight questionaires and Y axis is the pecentage.  I couldn't get it work. What I did was to create a single 100% stacked bar chart for each questionaire. That's not the way I want and does anyone know how to create this type chart? Thanks in advance.      

Hide Heading in Breadcrumb?

Hey all, Is there a way to hide headings in the sharepoint breadcrumb? My users are creating their sites and the way they want the quick launch to display requires them to add a heading and put their links under it. But, then in the breadcrumb it shows the heading and the site name which takes them back to the same place. I get that sharepoint sees a heading as a node, but is there anyway to make it not show up in the breadcrumb? For example, if I have a site called Home, and in the quick launch settings I choose to only show items below home, and I created a heading called home and put my pages under it when you go to one of those pages the breadcrumb looks like Home > Home > Pagename This isn't very desirable. They could name the heading something else, but some people like things the way they like it, you know? I found a couple other posts that were similar but they don't really come close to a solution I can use in my environment.

Deleted Meeting Workspace Site still appearing on the view all site content

I have deleted a meeting workspace template that errored as I was deleting it, the error was Delete site operation cancelled by user.  Check the log files for additional details.   The archive folder does not exist or is not properly configured. Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services. the site is still appearing in the view all site content list, is there any way of forcing this dead link out of that view.   ThanksSharepoint Customiser

I want to display date field in y-axis of stacked bar, how?

select date   from   employee   now i want to show this date field in y-axis of stacked bar please tell me whats the procedure of doing this?

Breadcrumb in MVC


i wants to display site navigation in my project using breadcrumb. Please share your idea to me 

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