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IE 8 Issues with Chinese/Japanese Characters

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

On my web application, I display information in different languages. Everything works fine in IE compatibility mode and FireFox but it shows boxes for chinese/japanese languages. I am pretty much having the same issue as described here



Thanks for your help.

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Store and display Japanese characters



Can anyone tell me the best way of storing Japanese characters through ASP.NET.
I have to put characters into a asp:textbox on one page, which saves it to an Access DB.
On a second page I want to display the content in a asp:label.

Should I store the characters directly to the database or should they be encoded, and
how do I encode the characters? 

In my web.config i have:

<globalization fileEncoding="ISO-2022-JP" requestEncoding="ISO-2022-JP" responseEncoding="ISO-2022-JP" culture="ja-JP" uiCulture="ja-JP" />  

On the display page I have:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html;CHARSET=shift_jis">


How to display UTF-8 Chinese Characters in Reporting Services



We have stored some chinese characters in SQL database with datatype as nvarchar, but they are displayed in RS as some weird characters.

like this: è<±å.?è<±ç¾ZèÃ‚¸Ã¨?Ã¥.?Ã¥


When we code the asp pages, we put the following on each page to display the chinese characters properly.


 <meta http-equiv="CONTENT-TYPE" content="TEXT/HTML; CHARSET=UTF-8">


So my question is what do I need to do in RS in order to show the chinese characters properly as well ?


Many thanks!

BLANK characters causing issues when FILTERING


I am trying to filter a table in SSRS 2005, which i created in TSQl..

The problem i get is that the fields have loads of blank spaces at the end of each field, like shown below

"Apple                       "

I use a INSERT INTO script to place Apple into the field... can i do this another way so it wont any space, below is my current script.


INTO dbo.myTable
SELECT 'Apple', 'Fruit', +

Chinese characters shown as boxes in IE8 any help???


My developed site is a multi language site which supports Englis, Thai and Chinese, the chinese characters are shown as boxes when I view it it IE8. I tried using

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />

the folowing code in my master page which forces IE 8 to render on IE 7 standards but of no use

Any help???

Chinese characters in pages


I uploaded my website which I precompiled in vs 2005 to a new website which has a sql 2008 database.  When I login to the website, there are Chinese characters which completely wreck the page design. Do i have to open my website in vs 2008 and precompile it in order to work with the 2008 database?

If so, why is it that I can't compile my site in vs 2008?  I get a few errors, all the same one. I'm told:

Error 55 Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference. C:\zlinkexchange\ZLinkexchange\paypal\paypal_featured.aspx 27 9 C:\zlinkexchange\ZLinkexchange\

This line is underlined in blue.

<%Dim cust As New BusinessLogic.SiteUser(CInt(BusinessLogic.SiteUser.CurrUserID))%>

I'm also told that name is oudated and to use a new construct (informational):

Windows Forms aspect ratio issues with Chinese XP


I have a Windows Forms app which runs fine on English versions of XP. However on a Chinese version of XP the aspect ratio is different. I.e. the buttons are sized 96x40 in the designer and on English XP but appear as 96x50 on Chinese XP, i.e. 25% taller but the same width. This is a major problem.

Any idea what is happening or how I can stop it?

Adobe Ifilter - Japanese Characters


Hi All


As I understand the Adobe Ifilter has the capabilities to index Tier 1 Languages ( English, French, German and Japanese) within PDF’s. Does this mean that users will be able to search Japanese characters within SharePoint and get PDF content in the results?


Has anyone had any experience in this? I’m guessing I will need the particular languages and character sets installed on the MOSS server but are there any other requirements?


Any feedback would be much appreciated.



Query a Table with Japanese Characters returns always 0 results


Hi all, I wonder if you could give me a hand on this please...

I've a table (lets say with 2 columns: ID int, Vendor Name nvarchar(255)) with some records with Japanese Characters. 

When I try to query that table for the specific rows with Japanese string I always get 0 results.


Table example:


ID Vendor Name

1 Bruno Ferreira

2 ??????????


Query Example:

select * from myTbl where [Vendor Name] collate <<collations name>> = '??????????'


Result always nothing...


I've tried with all the possible available collations but with no luck

collations I've tried:











Problem Cleaning Illegal Characters out of an XML String



I'm trying to strip illegal characters out of an XML string before I send it off to a public web service.  The xml will look something like this:

<field name="first_name">George</field>
<field name="last_name">Harrison</field>
<field name="notes">This is a note.  Any character could appear here</field>

I need to pull out any ampercand (&) charachters in the any of the fields, as well as any < or > characters, which would make the XML unreadable.

I've tried it like this:

Private Shared Function cleanQuery(ByVal queryNode As String) As String 
    Dim root As XElement = XElement.Parse(queryNode) 
    For Each x As XElement In root.Elements 
        x.Value = x.Value.Replace("&", "&").Replace("<", "<").Replace(">", ">") 
    Return root.ToString() 
End Function


That doesn't work so well.  I get the error stating:

     There are multiple root elements. Line 1, position 15.

I tried wrapping the XML in a single root element, like this:

Private Shared Function cleanQuery2(ByVal q

Need help in using hindi and japanese in ASp.Net


Hello friends,

I am building a dictionary website that supports hindi , english and japanese..

Now the point here is how do I use Japanese, hindi and English in my web site.

Another question is of trans-literation (dont confuse it by translation)..... How do i perform transliteration in textboxes....

ANd how to store hindi and japanese in MS sq server 2005 database....

Please help...I just want guidlines for this... some tutorial links would be very much appreciated....

Be as explanatory as you want to be.....

Fellow Programmer.

Validate form input - Japanese


 I've searched for several hours and haven't come up with a reference - or even many discussions - of how to go about validating Japanese names, addresses, etc. When I lived in Japan websites, atm's etc. required such info to be entered with the roman alphabet but I've seen some websites that are allowing Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana. I haven't tested many of them for validation but one that I did test (after looking at the page source and discovering no client-side validation) allowed me to put this in the name field: J*=123*go^ Neat!

Any pointers/references? Thanks

string.Split - not all characters allowed as separator



I am working on a site where I use the Split function on a string.

To make sure I used a separator character that I do not use anywhere in the data I selected the character '£'.

This worked fine in Firefox and Safari, but in IE8 I get an 'Index out of range' error, so apparently the '£' character is not handled correctly.

I changed the separator to ';', and then it works fine.



Remove characters in a string


i have a string like this   sravani/, asdfff/, lsdsf/
i want to remove last character '/'  in the above string...
which function can i use?

pls help me....

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Rahul V. Patil and Boby George

MSDN Magazine June 2008

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Memory issues can manifest in a wide variety of ways. This column shows you how to collect the data you need to determine what types of mem¬ory issues you are experiencing.

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