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Mask URL in addressbar

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 03, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Hi, I hae a real URL that is this: "http://www.oneURL/Page1.aspx"; wonder if it is possible to mask this address and instead put the address that I show in the Page_Load event in the addressbar instead ? Is this possible to do in any way?protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { //Put this URL in addressbar instead? String putThisURL = "http://www.oneURL/Folder1/Page2.aspx"; }  

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Mask Edit

http://www.asp.net/ajax/ajaxcontroltoolkit/samples/maskededit/maskededit.aspx I have one confusion here, please check time and enter a number format, suppose if you try to add time format and now you want save blank but after setting focus it force you to enter a time. I change the property IsValidEmpty="false" but still its not accepting blank time any one has any idea? Regards  

How do I make the DatePicker use something like a mask?

I've put my first WPF app out there for users to use.  I'm using the DatePicker control in serveal places, and at this point that's the 1 control that is giving my users the greatest headache.  With the old VB6 app that I'm trying to replace with this WPF app, the user have gotten used to entering this for a date (as an example): 09032010 Then, in my old VB6 app, it would take that and chance it to this: 09/03/2010 With the new DatePicker control in my WPF app if they enter 09032010, that's all they get.  Then when they go to save it, the app crashes badly, with an error asking if they want to send the results of the error to Microsoft, etc.  Now, so of this is stuff I've got to look into, of course.  But I know my users would like it is entering 09032010 would automatically cause it to change that to 09/03/2010.  How do I do that?  Rod

MaskedEdit Extender & Validator - Save Mask only if Value Present


I want to save the input mask used in the control, but ONLY if a valid value was entered. In this markup, the mask is properly displayed and stored even if the user doesn't enter anything. Since a zero-length string is a valid value, the entered value is being stored in the database as (___) ___-____ If there is no value entered, the value stored should be a zero length string.

         <asp:TextBox runat="server" style="font-family:Tahoma;font-size:8pt;width:95px" ID="TextBoxPhoneMobileTemporary" Text='<%#Bind("PhoneMobileTemporary")%>' />
         <ajax:MaskedEditExtender runat="server" ID="MEE4" TargetControlID="TextBoxPhoneMobileTemporary" Mask="(999) 999-9999" ClearMaskOnLostFocus="false" />
         <ajax:MaskedEditValidator runat="server" ID="MEV4" ControlExtender="MEE4" ControlToValidate="TextBoxPhoneMobileTemporary" IsValidEmpty="true" />



Ajax MaskedEditExtender mask not working properly after turning off readonly



I ran into a strange issue with the AJAX MaskedEditExtender control, the extender is used with the Mask="99/99/9999" and MaskType="Date". Initially when the page loads the textbox was set to readonly using textbox.Attributes.Add("readonly", "readonly") in the codebehind. After the page loads if the user clicks on a certain button it would change the textbox to editable using javascript code: textbox.readOnly = false. The strange thing is after that if you start typing in the textbox you can see the entire mask (__/__/____) shifting to the right as you type. For example it looks something like this: 09__/__/____ instead of the normal 09/__/____.

If the textbox was never set to readonly in the first place this behavior won't happen. So it seems something got messed up when changing from readonly to not. I was able to reproduce this in a barebone aspx page with just the textbox, the mask extender, and a button that when clicked turning off the textbox's readonly. Anyone knows how I can fix this?

I'm using Ajax toolkit v3.0.30512


GetPermissionCollection, Converting Permission Mask to Roles



Hi, I'm retrieving permissions on a list of files using SharePoint's Permission Web Service and the GetPermissionCollection method. I'm able to retrieve the Permissions, but i'd like to be able to convert the permission mask into the role(s) it belongs to. (just like if you view the Permissions through the web site).


Is there a straight forward way to do this through Share Points Web Services?


For example:

 GetPermissionCollection may give me the following Permission

<Permission MemberID="6" Mask="134287360" MemberIsUser="False" MemberGlobal="True" GroupName="Style Resource Readers" />


Looking at the Permissions on the file though the Web I see that Style Resource Readers have the "Limited Access" Role on that file.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

Phone Number Input Mask


I am fairly new to MVC.  I have a html helper textbox for phone number .  I am trying to apply a input mask of xxx-xxx-xxxx to th phone number html helper.  I even downloaded the Digital Bush Masked Input Plugin but it doesn't even work.  Can someone provide me some guidance on this matter.

PasswordBox Databind or TextBox mask


Hi all

I know we can´t bind Password property of PasswordBox because security reasons

But how can i Mask a databind TextBox , (llike we do with Windows forms textBox) if don´t needed  this kind of security?


MaskedTextBox.Mask ReadOnly Problem


I'm going to use from this control , I set .Mask = 000 and .PromptChar = 0 .

after execute app user set text property to "203" and i set .ReadOnly = true ; 

text of this control look like "2 3" , zero numbers problem.

help me please.


Mask Edit Extender at Runtime


Hi All

Im trying to connect up a MaskEditExtender at runtime but the Mask Edit Extender doesnt seem to work.


Heres the code:-


        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            TextBox tbJob_No = new TextBox();
            tbJob_No.ID = "tbJobNo";
            tbJob_No.Text = "";

            MaskedEditExtender mmeJob_No = new MaskedEditExtender();
            mmeJob_No.ID = "mmeJob_No";
            mmeJob_No.TargetControlID = tbJob_No.ID;
            mmeJob_No.MaskType = MaskedEditType.Number;
            mmeJob_No.Mask = "99/9999/99";



Any ideas?






Applying date mask to a textbox without using AJAX or JQuery



I am trying to solve, which is turning out to be a rather troublesome problem.

I have a user control which contains a text box, which is added dynamically to another control containing a repeater control and then finally to the aspx. As my user control with the text box is added dynamically using code, I have learnt that using JQuery to apply a date mask won't because it is added to a placeholder and thus the id of the textbox control won't be found by the JQuery, which goes a long way to explain my problems.

Prior to trying out JQuery, I used AJAX third party control from codeplex, but I had to drop that control because of other issues.

Therefore, is there a way for me to apply a mask, such as "__/__/____" to a text box that does not reply on AJAX or JQuery?


AjaxControlToolkit.MaskedEditExtender mask for 0 or 1 entry only - is this possible?


Hi, my asp.net app requires input into text boxes for dynamically generated different types of values, and I'm wondering if it's possible to dynamically set the mask extender for each textbox to only allow specific values? For example, I would like to be able to set a mask to only allow a '0' or '1' character for one box. For another, I only want to allow the values 'T' or 'F'. How would I do that using a mask?

Thanks if you can help or point me in the right direction!

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