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Multicasting 160 LookUps

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 02, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hello Wondering how such a task should be accomplished. I have one source; 200 columns, 160 of them need a look-up into a language table. At first I just created a MultiCast and started to create look-ups, but then it suddenly struck me... how should I combine all those again to have a row. Merge Join is not easy to do it with.   Cheers  

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Dynamic Data, Domain datasource, Poco and lookups


Mr. Edward,

Excuse my question but: it is necessary to involve in our projects something more than just Dynamic Data or should we make use of all other features available in VS2010 (which will make assume taht they had been left out of the Dynamic Data framework) like: wef, poco, azure, wcf, cloud, mvc, silverllight, ajax, odata, agile, workflow, etc.?

Sorry my ignorance, I'm just transcribing names as they come to my mind and of which I don't know anything about


Carlos Porras (El Salvador)

SQL Server 2005: Fuzzy Lookups and Groupings Provide Powerful Data Cleansing Capabilities


SQL Server 2005 offers a completely redesigned SQL Server Integration Services engine, formerly known as Data Transformation Services. It includes many new features such as built-in support for Fuzzy Lookups and Fuzzy Groupings, which help you build powerful data-cleansing solutions. This article provides an overview of fuzzy searching techniques and a dissection of the underlying fuzzy search technology implemented in SQL Server 2005.

Jay Nathan

MSDN Magazine September 2005

Lookups on same table cause dump (mdmp)?!

Hi,I have a pair of lookups components copied accross 3 packages. The first lookup in a package selects 4 columns from a common table and caches it fully. The second one depends from the first and selects data from one column from different tables according to the package being run. The column type is varchar 255. All the packages have different ID and so do the different lookups.The three packages deal with different Data Volume so that package 1 receives some MBs while package 3 receives around 100 MBs, and package 2 gets a dozen MBs or so.If I run all 3 packages in parrallel as requested by the client, the first package reaches the DFT with the lookups but stops before the next steps (a conditional split followed by an insertion or an update in SQL server destination), untill package 2 reaches the same lookups. Both packages then insert/update as expected one bunch of row then stop, untill package 3 finally also reaches the lookups. All packages then work "normally" although they are really slow compared to the speed they reach when they are executed alone.Finally, as package 1 treats smaller data volume, it starts processing another source file once the data from the current file has been processed (package 2 and 3 are still working on the same data). Once it reaches the data flow with the lookups evoked above, it causes the following mdmp dump to be created: Load

Adding Lookups to Report fields in Report Builder 2.0


Since Report Builder 2.0 is targetted at making reporting simple to create by end users, and most databases are normalised, I am looking for a way to add lookups to report fields.  By this I mean that the report should display a description rather than the code actually stored in the record being reported.


I know that this is possible by altering the SQL for the main report dataset to include a "left outer join" to the table of codes and descriptions related to the foreign key column, returning the description rather than the code (see below), but this is not something that I would expect end users to be able to implement.


select m.id,




... etc ..

from    main_table m left outer join

          lookup_table lu on lu.Code = m.code1


For end users, I would expect a right click menu on the

Sharepoint , Collectdata from user , Lookups



I wnat to show some look up column value in my collect data from user forms. When i tried to display it is giving a dropdown with all values of that column.

How can i get a single value of current item lookup value or a particlular value from other lsits.

Please reply soon....

Data flow - Repeat of lookups in insert and update path


Hi forum

I find myself repeating lookups when I have insert and update paths. In my data flows I use a Lookup component to check if the row already exists in the destination table. I insert the row in the No Match output path and update in the Match path.

I often have to do the same for the insert and update paths. I always have to do them in the insert and might have to do them for the updates. In the update path I use conditional splits to check if values have changed - if they have - then I lookup for example a supplier data warehouse key. I could place it before the lookup that check if the row exists but it would be a waste - because often the supplier did not change - some other value did.

So I end up with 2 copies of my lookups I have to maintain :(

Hope someone can help me out.


Cross site lookups?


Has anyone found an addon for using cross site lookup columns in 2010? I see there are suggestions on creating custom solutions, but seeing as this is quite a common problem I would think that someone has created something already.



Several Content Types with same fields but different lookups


Hi folks,

I have a requirement where a List needs several Content Types, each of which will inherit some standard columns from a parent content type:

e.g. these are the content types and fields:
ParentConentType: Make, Model, SerialNumber
PCContentType: HasExternalKeyboard
TillContentType: CashDrawerType

In this example, if I create a new PCContentType, I will be presented with a form containing fields: Make, Model, SerialNumber and HasExternalKeyboard. If I create a new TillContentType, I will be presented with a form containing fields: Make, Model, SerialNumber andCashDrawerType.

So far, all good. What I need though is the Make and Model to be different lookup lists for PCContentType and TillContentType.

The ParentContentType can have Make and Model fields set as lookups on large lists containing all the possible values for Make and Model.

If I create the fields at child content type level, then they won't have the same column name (which will make it hard to show this info in views).

So what are my options?

1) create the lookups on the parent Content Type pointing at large lists (so all values are allowable) and implement a "cascade drop down" in javascript on the page to restrict the entries

2) something I don't know about yet to allow the child content type to re-define the lookup

ADDS groups renaming does not change lookups in Sharepoint 2010


I had orginally added some Active Directory groups to exisitng sharepoint default groups <sitename> owners, <sitename> visitors, <sitename> members

After renaming the ADDS group names, I try to add those AD security groups to other Sharepoint Custom Groups and the OLD name shows up in sharepoint not the new renamed security group name. Even the lookups dont reflect the new group names or even find them correctly upon searching the AD.

Suggestions? Thx

Thx, Joe

Cross Site Lookups



I would appreciate if anyone can clarify my doubt.

I have taken a list template from SiteB and had updated it to my SiteA and also added another column that is required for my Site. In my Site, people would add in data for this List whenever there is a new data that needs to be updated. But i would like to update my list whenever there is a change or update in SiteB for that custom List. Is it possible to set up a timer job which can update SiteA's list with the particular colum that i have used from SiteB?


For Example

Site B - Designation (Custom List)




Assistant Director

Site A - AccessCode (Custom List)

AccessCode         Designation <----from Site B

A001                   Chairman

A002                   Director

A003                   Assistant Director


Here When SiteB gets an update on the Designation like



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