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Posted By:      Posted Date: September 02, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
I have an XML file with more than 60,000 records.What are requesting:- To display information directly from the XML file- Or that the data stored in the database first and then appear?thanks

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Request for Proposal Template: "Request Document" list not showing correct files


Hi, I've ran in to a challenge with the standard Request for Proposals (RfP) template. Due to the number of proposals we use, the huge number of documents per proposal and a need to keep historic results I have had to add folders into the "request documents" library for each RfP to reduce the number of documents shown in the list when creating an RfP and confusing users.

All works fine, however when I create a new RfP, I see additional files in the "request documents" list instead of just the folder names. It looks like it is also readin gthe contents of each foldr, but not all files are listed. Versioning is turned on for major and minor releases as default.

As I am unable to view the details of the standard new RfP page I am struggling to work out how to fix this.


Any ideas?





Proposal transaction table


Hi All,

I'd like to know how to save the amount of transactions?

CheckBox CheckBox1 = LoginView2.FindControl("CheckBox1") as CheckBox;
        RadioButton RadioButton1 = LoginView2.FindControl("RadioButton1") as RadioButton;

        if (CheckBox1.Checked == true)

            if (RadioButton1.Checked == true)

                RequiredFieldValidator RequiredFieldValidatorCVC22 = LoginView2.FindControl("RequiredFieldValidatorCVC22") as RequiredFieldValidator;
                RegularExpressionValidator RegularExpressionValidatorCreditCardNumber = LoginView2.FindControl("RegularExpressionValidatorCreditCardNumber") as RegularExpressionValidator;
                RegularExpressionValidator RegularExpressionValidatorNameOnCard = LoginView2.FindControl("RegularExpressionValidatorNameOnCard") as RegularExpressionValidator;
                RegularExpressionValidator RegularExpressionValidatorCVC2 = LoginView2.FindControl("RegularExpressionValidatorCVC2") as RegularExpressionValidator;
                RequiredFieldValidator RequiredFieldValidatorCVC2 = LoginView2.FindControl("RequiredFieldValidatorCVC2") as RequiredFieldValidator;

                if (RegularExpressionValidatorCreditCardNu
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