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Load .net UserControl using jquery and httphadler

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 02, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
I want jQuery to load a usercontrol dynamically from server side code. i want that thing using httphandler.i heard this thing some where but i didn't get any example plz help me to complete this task 

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JQuery Treeview plugin is not working with Ajax page load in ie8


Hi there,

I developed a page where i m using jquery treeview plugin to generate tree. It worked fine on FF, IE8 with out ajax.

But when my page loads thro' ajax call in IE8, it is not collapsing or expanding tree.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

How to load a usercontrol xaml at runtime ???????

Hi, I have a usercontrol xaml created in Expression Blend. Similarly i have xaml for other usercontrols as well. Now i want to draw these controls at runtime on click of buttons, the way it works in VS IDE (Toolbox and Drawing area) Is there any way to load such usercontrols on Canvas at runtime ? What would be the best way to load controls at runtime ?      Programmer

Is there a function in Jquery which run only one time no matter load page or PostBack

In asp.net, I can use Method A to run somethings A one time, and somethings A will nor run when page is postback but In JQuery, I hope to run something B one time when the page is loaded, but if I use Method B, the "Somethings B" always run even the page is pastBack, how can I do? Thanks! ------------------Method A------------protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e){    if (!IsPostBack)    {       //Do Somethings A    } }   ------------------Method B------------$(document).ready(function () {   //Do Somethings B})

How to partially Load a UserControl?

Hi, i  have a beginners question. I would like to build a website with n areas with usercontrols inside for different actions. For example one usercontrol should show up last n logged in users, or another usercontrol should do a long running operation and should show some calculated information on sales information etc. Building these controls and the page for this is no problem without AJAX, but how could i make it, that the n single usercontrols load AFTER the base page is loaded with an progress bar like "Loading data. Please wait." and when its finished it should show the information. How could i make that? I think that this is possible, cause i saw it on several websites. Can someone help me please? My first testing was to put two or more updatepanels and in each update one usercontrols. But that didnt work. RegardsYavuz

"Failed to load source" posting to MVC2 action with jQuery



I am trying to save user feedback by using jquery to post to an action however i am getting the error message "Failed to load source for: http://www.something.com/feedback/savefeedback" this code works fine on localhost but not when put on my shared hosting, this doesnt just affect this query post but also at least one other.

below i have the route from the global.ascx, the action int the FeedBackController and the query that does the post.

"FeedBack",           // Route name
"FeedBack/{action}",  // URL with parameters
new { controller = "FeedBack", action = "SaveFeedBack", id = "" }  // Parameter defaults

 public bool SaveFeedBack(string FeedBack, string SubmitName, string email)

$.post("/FeedBack/SaveFeedBack", { FeedBack: feedbackText, SubmitName: SubmitName, email: email }, function(data) {

if (data == "True"){}

else {}


UserControl in Jquery Valiation


I have created the validation using jquery in my asp.netform with post mehtod.

but i have replicate the same in usercontrol.But in useroncontrol i dont have any form and i cant give any action and any post mehtod.

anyone help me how to do validation using jquery in usercontrol



jquery in usercontrol problem


string javaScriptFunction =

"function pageLoad() {" +

"$(function () {" +

"$('#btnLegend').click(function ()

{" +"alert('hi!');" +"});" +

"});" +



show / hide jquery modal dialog box on page load



i have a jquery modal dialog box which displays on page load of my asp.net web app - i am using asp.net aspx pages and c#

how can i hide this pop up if a value for example is false and display it if a value is true?

the following is my jquery code:

$(function() {


modal: 'true',

title: 'title'



any advise would be much appreciated as i am new to jquery and its quite a learning curve

many thanks


How to index a page that uses jquery to dynamically load

I have an html page that dynamically loads content using jquery.  After the page initially renders, it takes 1-2 seconds for the data to be populated from the javascript.  As a result, the Sharepoint indexer is not able to "see" any of this dynamic content and it is not searchable.  Are there any workarounds for this? 

jquery-ui-1.8.6.custom.min.js Will not load


I have a strange situation here, that I was hoping someone could please point me in the right direction.  I have the following in my master page. 

<head runat="server">
    <title>Virtual Event Planner Adminstration</title>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="scripts/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="scripts/jquery-ui-1.8.6.custom.min.js"></script> 
    <script type="text/javascript" src="scripts/json2.js"></script>  
    <script type="text/javascript" src="scripts/rrhealth.js"></script> 
    <script type="text/javascript" src="scripts/validation.js"></script>
    <link id="Link1" href="Site_Style.css" runat="Server" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <link id="Link2" href="css/supplement.css" runat="Server" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <link id="Link3" href="css/rrhealth2.css" runat="Server" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <link id="Link4" href="css/rhcal.css" runat="Server" r

jquery and javascript page load events and functions


Hello friends,

m studying the jquery and js these days, i notice lot of the functions that triggerd the js and jquery at page load.....

like some exampoles are.......

1. jQuery(function($){});

2. <body onload="initialize();>

3. $(document).ready(function(){});

4. function pageLoad(){}

5. and many more....

my question is that many of the functions inside that are not work at another type of page load trigger function....

and some of the page load event also makes conflict with each other.......

so i need to know is that what is the mean of all that event when they use?

thanks and regards

inderjeet singh khalsa

GridView Confirmation Box Using JQuery BlockUI in asp.net

JQuery is the most popular JavaScript library. One of the main reasons for its fame is the plugin architecture. Anyone can create a separate library that leverage the JQuery library. In this article we are going to look at the BlockUI library which is used to block the user screen while performing a task.

jQuery $(document).ready() and ASP.NET Ajax asynchronous postback

Many call it the ASP.NET jQuery postback problem, but using the technique below should make it no problem anymore. $(document).ready() isn't called after an asynchronous postback. What this means? You lose the functionality that should be executed within $(document).ready() after an UpdatePanel rendered its contents after an asynchronous postback.

call JavaScript - jQuery code from ASP.NET Server-Side

jQuery got so close to me lately that I can see myself adding the scripts to my project almost unconsciously. The thing is, jQuery is very useful for me, in almost all situations and it has been a do or die enhancement for all my project since I first put my hands on it.

Of course while using it, you encounter few situations which need a bit of research to solve, mostly when you are trying to combine it with some other technologies like: UpdatePanels and ASP.NET Ajax. For instance there are many situations when I would like to run some jQuery magic based on some decision that I make on the server side.

Making Ajax Callbacks to the Server Using jQuery with ASP.NET

In the first part of this article series I introduced jQuery's functionality and how it provides a rich client side programming model. This time around I'll expand on these concepts and show you how you can use jQuery in combination with ASP.NET using it as an AJAX backend to retrieve data. I'll also discuss how you can create ASP.NET controls and otherwise interact with jQuery content from ASP.NET pages in WebForms.

jQuery is just a JavaScript library so it will work seamlessly with ASP.NET both from page code as well as through backend driven code using the Page.ClientScript object or ScriptManager. You can use jQuery on its own as a client side and Ajax library that communicates with ASP.NET or you can use jQuery in combination with ASP.NET AJAX. The two actually complement each other quite well as jQuery provides functionality that the ASP.NET AJAX library does not and vice versa. For the most part the interaction between the two libraries is trouble free except for a few very rare edge cases.

Displaying Row Details Tooltip on GridView using JQuery

Continuing exploring JQuery! I decided to implement a feature to display some kind of details related to a row displayed on GridView. For example when displaying employees details on GridView some information might not fit in the GridView because it will make it huge and wide. These infomration can be diplayed as Tooltip. Or when you want to display a picture and some kind of formated text to be diplayed as tooltip when mouse hover on the image.

jQuery: Highlight Gridview Rows with Checkbox

Im learning and experimenting with jQuery and ASP.NET. Below is a simple solution I created to highlight rows in a gridview by clicking on a checkbox next to the row.

Gridview setup:
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