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How to make taskbar notification appear and disappear in asp.net web application

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 02, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
I want to make taskbar notification as like yahoo messenger or other messenger. When new message will come, from the taskbar small notification will appear as when new email come, yahoo do the same.   How I can make small taskbar notification in web application using asp.net? I want to notify if there is new record has come then from the taskbar notification will appear and after may be 2 minute it will be automatically disappear as like yahoo do.

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Changing the application title / name in the taskbar...

Hi all- I have a quick question....is there a way to change the name of my application within the window's taskbar?  Currently, on hover, it displays the name currently set as the Title of my application.  Is there a way that I can change this (a property on the Window object, etc) where I can maintain the window title, but have a different name for the taskbar?   Thanks for any help. Chris  

How do I make the program's name appear in the taskbar?

I've written my first WPF app, which is a page-based application.  (Not an XBAP app.)  I wrote it in VS 2010 on my Windows 7 machine.  I've put it onto a user's machine, she's running Windows XP SP3.  I've noticed that when she runs it, the title of the program doesn't show up in XP's taskbar.  I never noticed this in Windows 7. So, what I have done wrong and how do I correct it?  Rod

How to make my application to be minimized directly to the tray icon area ?

I know its a problem . my program most of the time working in the background so most of the time its going to be in the tray icon area. The thing is i can minimize now my application reagulary and it will drop to the left bottom corner and i see only the top of the window of the application so i can resize it. Or i can turn the taskbar property to true and then it will be minimized to the taskbar in the middle . I tried using hid on the taskbar but then i cant resize it from the tray icon cuz its only hiding it in the taskbar not realy moving it to the tray icon . Is there any way or something to make the application move directly to the tray icon area when im pressing the minimize button "-" on my application ? I know there some programs not many but some that when you press the minimize button its going directly to the tray icon. I wonder how they did it.   Thanks for the help .  danieli

how to make this application and/or how you do it?

I have some experience with asp-om. I had the opportunity to work with an application made in the old ASP and now I'm learning asp.net and I would like to make this application in asp.net c #. I currently thinking of what should I do and how to do it...The application is typing basketball statistics and then it passes into the database to calculate the percentages and other statistical information...applications generally goes like this:You choose the 2 clubs that played the game from the drop-down, and some other thing ... you press a next button and the next page is a list of players who are listed in the database under that clubsYou put a check in front of the names of players who have played that game. and for each of the selected player on the next page the asp creates a row where there is a couple of textboxes in which you will enter the statistics for that player.Now I am interested in this:- How to write code that will for every selected player on the next page make a row with these texboxes to put numbers in.I understand that I will need a for each loop, and I will transfer my data between pages using viewstate, but how to set the id for that every texbox and connect them the database for later recording of data.I also interested in how to create for this and for the future when it is not a predefined number, or when a number of created texboxes, chec

SSRS 2008 R2 - How to make the CalloutLine in the SmartLabels disappear ?

In the SmartLabels it is possible to set the CalloutLineStyle to "None" but still the line stays in there. Also setting the line with to 0 keeps it in the chart. And it is not possible to set the color to No Color. I can get ride of the Anchor, Style in general but the line sticks. I really  wonder what the idea behind this behaviour is.

Make WPF application look the same on all supported Windows versions

Hi Folks,

I've been developing a WPF application for the past two years on an XP machine. It's mostly been used within my company where everyone else has been using XP, and I have gone to great lengths to make it look good. Now everyone is in the process of upgrading to Windows 7, and the application doesn't look so hot on Windows 7. A few subtle changes in the Windows 7 theme make custom visual changes I introduced on XP look like an eye sore. We are letting some beta customers use this software now, and we plan to distribute more broadly in the future, so I need to make sure the application looks good on any OS that WPF supports. I would be perfectly happy with having the application looking identical on XP, Vista, and W7. I thought I could achieve this by adding the following to my App.xaml file:

  <ResourceDictionary Source="/PresentationFramework.Luna;component/themes/Luna.NormalColor.xaml" />
I tried this, and nothing changed when running the application in Windows 7. Does anyone know how to solve this? I would be most interested in a solution that does not involve any per-OS customization (a per-OS switch statement in one place in my App file might be acceptable). I simply don't have

How to make the application install 1 time only



I have a need to create an applicaiton that can be installed 1 time only be a user. The user may or may not be and administrator.

How can I do this (without registry alteration if possible)?

Thanks much.


How to make the windows forms application install only 1 time and be used only 1 time only



I have a need to create an applicaiton that can be installed 1 time only be a user. The application can also be used only 1 time. (on a given PC)

The user may or may not be and administrator.

How can I do this (without registry alteration if possible)?

Thanks much.


How make setup of a winforms application

I am making a winforms application. I would like to about how to make a setup of my winforms application after its completion ?? secondly i have 3 computers at home with windows XP professional SP2, whenever i try to install .net framework it fails and gives some SUIT TOOLKIT error....m worried whether it will work on my client's machine or not.... Your opinions are requested.. Thanks n Regards

How to make Dynamic button permament to form though application restarts in vb.net


Hi all,

I am making an application in which i am trying to make buttons on run time and on every dynamic button click  i have open different files.

I am able to do that.

but problem arises, when my application restarts...

i want to make those dynamic button permanent to the form(even if my application restarts).


Kindy if anybody have a simple timy code to perform it.... then please send it to me as i want this to be done on urgent basis for my final year project..

Thanks and Regards;

Nikhil Mahotra

Cannot Minimize Windows Application from taskbar


This is probably a simple situation, but I'm baffled.   I have a Windows Form application in C#.  Now the form's FormBorderStyle is set to none.  When I minimize the application from within the application it goes to the taskbar.   If I click the icon in the taskbar, the form opens to normal.   However if I try to click on the icon in the taskbar to minimize, nothing happens.

I've tried searching but many of the response I'm finding deals with creating an icon in the Sys tray, which is not what I'm trying to figure out.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

How to make Excel open in application not browser by default


I'm facing a problem here. I tried the to open an excel file (.xls) which was attached in a Calendar Item.

On 1 PC, it opens automatically with the Excel application and thus the user is able to edit and save.
On another PC, it opens in the browser and the user is unable to edit / save the file.

Initially, I tried and thought that it's user rights issue but apparantly, it is not.

How can I make the .xls to open in excel by default? Can someone help me?

Really appreciate the help and answers.


Make existing Application Multilingual



i have a existing application which needs to become different languages. Currently it's in german. Is there a tool (3rd Party or MS) which can help me by this task. I tested some like Globalizer.NET or sisulizer...but nothing seems to be a nice solution.

Any suggestions?



Focus on childwindow brings the taskbar on top of my FullScreen application(on Win 7)


How to make my vs.net 2005 built application run on 64bit windows server?

I have a problem with my application, i can't make it run in a 64 bit windows server 2003. My App use to communicate to a finger print scanner device which listens to device events and automatically transfers device logs to a database.

This app use to run smoothly in a 32bit windows (my development env is xp sp2 using vs.net 2005 and .net 2.0 framework). But when i tried to install it on a 64 environment everything went wrong. The app returns a CLSID exception in which it can't find the specified reference.

I have already encountered and fixed this exception in a 32bit windows environment but it really freaks me out seeing my app stucked in a 64bit environment.

Any ideas on how I can fix my problem is greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance..

Taskbar application (prevent click activation)



I'm working on an application, I already have it removing itself from DWM peek, but now I need to get it so that when the user clicks on the thumbnail for the application it doesn't just switch to the window.


Does anyone know of a way I can achieve this?




What Programming Langauge do I need to make application with animation like Windows Media Center?

I wanted to make application with animations like windows media center.
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