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Is a low prediction probability a bad predictor?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
I am wondering, if I see a decent lift in a model, but the prediction probability is very low, like 5%, isn't this telling me that the model is a poor predictor of my output?  Does this not say that I have a 95% chance of being wrong even though I have some lift?   Thank you for the help.

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Node probability distibution - values don't sum to 1?

Hi, I am using sequence clustering algorithm and I have checked Node probability distribution (state transition) for one of the cluster. Probability values don't sum to 1. Why? I think they should. Do I miss something?

Is it necessary to add a prediction variable?

Hi all, I'm new at datamining, and am wondering about the following problem : Say I have information about the products a customer buys. One of the products is milk, and I want to predict milk buyers. Do you than have to add a variable MilkBuyer with 1 for milk buyers eand 0 for the rest (like the BikeBuyer variable in the AdventureWorks samples) to build a model to predict milk buyers (for instance with a Decision Tree model), or is there a better way?  

meaning behind 100% target pop, 0% predict probability

(newbie) I have a Bayesian model almost completely overlapping my ideal model in the Lift chart.  It indicates 100% of the target population captured but with 0% prediction probability. Basically it rises quickly and that plateau's at 100% following the ideal model.  Do I have something wrong in the problem setup?  If I understand this correctly, this is either a major error on my part or the model completely describes my target population with almost complete likelihood of being wrong?   Thoughts?

Mining Model Prediction causing PC to crash



Often when I run Mining Model Prediction from SQL Server BIDS my computer crashes.  We have checked my PC and it is fine (it is a new PC).

I have attempted to run Mining Model Prediction both on my PC on a local server and normally on a proper server with SSAS. 

Has anyone else had such an issue?  Where do we start looking to see what the problem is?



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