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Backcolor palettes

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF
When I try to change the backcolor of an object's properties, I do not see the tabs for custom, Web, or System any longer.  I just get a list of color names to select.  I am running VS 2010.

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change calendar date backColor base on data from db


I want to  change calendar date backColor base on data from db,  I only have vistual 2003 !

on mean time I have

<asp:DataGrid id="DataGrid1" style="Z-INDEX: 102; LEFT: 23px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 271px"
		    runat="server" Font-Size="XX-Small" Font-Names="Verdana" AutoGenerateColumns="False" Visible="False">
           <asp:BoundColumn DataField="subject" HeaderText="Title"></asp:BoundColumn>
           <asp:BoundColumn DataField="posttimestart" HeaderText="Post date"></asp:BoundColumn>


Sub DayRender(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As DayRenderEventArgs)
        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 0 To DataGrid1.Items.Count - 1
            If (DataGrid1.Items(i).Cells(1).Text = e.Day.Date) Then
                e.Cell.BackColor = Color.DarkOrange

            End If

    End Sub

when I click the day wich have data in db it change  color , but I want the page load it change color !

Thank you!

change MDiContainer BackColor

Hi, I want to know how canm I change the MDIContainer BackColor please? ThanksJassim Rahma

Change treenode backcolor

Hello, everyone How can I do to change backcolor of treenode? 

combobox backcolor problem

hi i have a problem with combobox back color and numericupdown. why combo box backcolor changes to another color (default back color) when their enable have set to false?   tanks

combobox backcolor problem



i have a problem with combobox back color and numericupdown.

why combo box backcolor changes to another color (default back color) when their enable have set to false?



how to change button backcolor property on a form from a class file


Hello friends,

I am having a problem of updating the main form button backcolor property from another class. I have attahced the code. Please tell how can i rectify this problem.

PopUp is another class, in which i want that when ToolStripDropDown closes it change the form button BackColor from Orange to WhiteSmoke.


public partial class PopUp : ToolStripDropDown


        public PopUp()





        protected override void OnClosed(ToolStripDropDownClosedEventArgs e)


               Form1 f1 = new Form1();

              // f1._pushed = false;

       f1.Controls["button1"].BackColor = Color.WhiteSmoke;





It seems that this line works, i checked it using MessageBox it changes the backcolor property but it does not updated to the form displayed on the screen. 

Can anyone help me

How to get the backcolor of dynamically created table cell?



I am unable to reterive dynamically created table cells back color which has been changed by the click event of the cell.

I am adding table cells dynamically on asp.net page and also setting cells back color. So when the page is loaded, table has number of cells with different colors.Table cells back color can be changed by clicking on it through java script. 

On page post back event, i am jutst getting those colors which were set before the click event.

For example:

When the page is loaded, cell1= red and cell2=red.

If i click on cell2 then it will change to blue so now cell1= red and cell2 = blue

but on post back i am getting cell1= red and cell2 = red.

Table is recreated on post back event.

Any ideas?


Set BackColor to a System.Drawing.KnownColor


I want to change the background of a label to Color.Yellow in certain cases and then restore the BackColor to System.Drawing.KnownColor.Control.

This code doesn't work:

lblStatus.BackColor = System.Drawing.KnownColor.Control
What is the correct code?
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