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Regular expression: Replace anything that isn't alphanumeric with a space?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Hi there,I'm writing a function in C# that will clean up a filename that a user might upload.One of the requirements is to replace any character that isn't alphanumeric with a space, but I can't seem to get the regular expression working to do so?I've include my code below, thanks for any help :)// Replace miscellaneous characters with a space inputFilenameRegex = new Regex(@"^[a-zA-Z0-9]"); inputFilename = inputFilenameRegex.Replace(inputFilename, " ");

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Need Regular Expression which allows alphanumeric also & - _ special characters with only one space


Need Regular expression

which allows alphanumeric along with  special characters like &  - _  with only one space between the letters.Special characters should not be at start and at the end of the input string.There should not be 2 successive special characters.

following scenario should accept:

asdd ads add


AS_df_23 ff-f


Following Scenario should not accept:


Asd   fff



only special characters



Please suggest solution for above scenario.






Regular Expression for Digits, comma & space combination

Hi Can you suggest a Regular Expression for the following category. A text box which should contain: Max size : 53 0-9 digits + a comma + a space The 0-9 numbers should be repeated 5 times and separated by a comma and a space Eg: 123456789, 123456789, 123456789, 123456789, 123456789 Thanks, David.      

Web expression 3 and find/replace with a regular expression

I'm am trying to  delete some code in a javascript

<a href="JavaScript:openPopImg('images/Burgess-Rufus1.jpg', 'Rufus Morgan Burgess', '296', '589')">  I want to delete  ', 'xxx', 'xxx')  throughout the web.  I can not get  a regular expression going that will work; .i.e.  ^(\'\, \'[0-9]{3,}\'\, \'[0-9]{3,}\' \)) Am I anywhere near right or is there another way to do this?  Thanks.

Regular Expression to avoid space and special character



I would like to have an regular expression that does not allow any spaces(before,within,after the word) and alphanumeric characters.

Thanks in advance.



regular expression alphanumeric all text not contains !


hello all am performing a validation on textbox I need to make it match this



the regular expression must match the whole word , not just contains !! I am writing this one but it's not giving right results




Regex alphaNumbericStringRegex = new Regex("^[A-Za-z0-9]$")

Regular expression or logic to replace UL LI tags


Hi All,

I have HTML which can contain ordered lists like


resulting as

  • a
    • l
    • m
      • x
      • y
    • n
  • b
  • I want to achieve following replacement

    firstLevel li with bullet (for which I will find the character)

    secondLevel li with circled bullet (for which I will find the character)

    thirdLevel li with squared bullet (for which I will find the character)

     Can this be achieved with regular expressions? Please note contents can be dynamic

    Regular expression to replace


    Hi Everybody,

    I have an HTML with content some thing like

    <div style="margin-left: 40px">a <strong>b </strong><em><strong>c</strong></em></div>

    What I want to achieve is

    <div style="margin-left: 40px"> to be replaced with &#09;

    And </div> with &nbsp;<br> without touching inside contents which are dynamic

    I thought this can be achieved using regular expression Regex.Replace but not worked on regular expression.

    Can anyone help with proper approach?



    replace tab in the string using regular expression

          I want to replace tab space with "|" in the string using regular expressions.
    I have tried for

    Dim strTabString AS string = "A             B             C "                 
    TextBox1.Text = Regex.Replace(strTabString , "\t", "|")
    But i m not getting the results.


    Security Briefs: Regular Expression Denial of Service Attacks and Defenses


    Microsoft security expert Bryan Sullivan believes denial-of-service blackmail attacks will become more common as privilege escalation attacks become more difficult to execute. He demonstrates how to protect your apps against regular expression DoS threats.

    Bryan Sullivan

    MSDN Magazine May 2010

    Help with regular expression


    I am using this regular expression: /.*-lyrics-.*$

    and I need the expression find urls like this:

    and it do really does that!

    The problem is that it finds also this URL:

    Whar regular expression should I use to exclude urls that end with /lyrics ?

    Thanks :]



    Regular Expression to Match
    in HTML


    Here is the kind of text I want to match via a regular Expression

    The id="dgSchedule" is always present in the TAG but its location may differ

    The table is span over multiple line/contains white spaces/tabs...

    I have the regular expression to match the start and end tag respectively over a single line

    \<table .*\>


    The problem is to match the whole table span over multiple lines

    <table cellspacing="0" rules="all" border="1" id="dgSchedule" style="border-style:None;height:100%;width:100%;border-collapse:collapse;">
    	<tr class="blackbar" align="center" style="background-color:#7FB4DE;font-family:Verdana;font-weight:bold;height:20px;">
    		<td>From Place</td><td>To Place</td><td>Time</td><td>Bus Type</td>
    	</tr><tr style="background-color:#DEECF5;">
    	</tr><tr style="background-color:#EFF5FA;">
    	</tr><tr style="background-color:#DEECF5;">

    Need a regular expression


    I have a required field validator for a texbox, but I just found out that the texbox can have a space in it (for a delimiter, let's say).

    I checked the .net and regexlib.com, but couldn't find what I was looking for.

    I simply need a regular expression that basically excepts any character string including spaces in it or even a space by itself

    Can someone help me out?

    regular expression

    hi...can anobody help me that how to write regular expression for textbox..such as the textbox should accept only numbers otherwise alert msg should be displayed ..displaying that u cannot enter the charcter in the textbox..i want this in javascritp.. 

    Matching set of characters via regular expression

    I need to be able to match sets of quote and space characters in a string and replace these accordingly. I currently have this done in 2 lines of code, but would like to use regular expression so that I can use only 1 line of code. See below: var Qt = unescape("%22"); //quote char var Sp = unescape("%20"); //space var Cr = unescape("%0d"); //carriage return var Lf = unescape("%0a"); //line feed var CrLf = Cr + Lf;  //carriage return & line feed stringOut = stringIn.replace(Qt+Qt+Sp+Qt,Qt+Qt+CrLf+Qt); stringOut = stringOut.replace(Qt+Qt+Sp+Qt+Qt,Qt+Qt+CrLf+Qt+Qt);   I want to replace space in string like in pattern below with carriage return line feed: (in hex) 22 22 20 22 or 22 22 20 22 22. This needs to return 22 22 0D 0A 22 or 22 22 0D 0A 22 22   Line in green above will only match and replace 22 22 20 22 , but I want have regular expression into 1 line of code which  will match and replace either 22 22 20 22 or 22 22 20 22 22  

    Need Regular Expression for d/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss

    Hi everybody,i am stuck in generating a regular expresion for this typem/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ssbecause i am dealing with some date values, for example i have  date values like bellow, 3/29/2007 13:28:343/27/2007 17:12:36so i need to find out a regular expression type in order to validate this, i already got some regular expression string like this ,^(0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])[- /.](19|20)[0-9]{2}$but this is working only for 03/29/2007but if i use 3/29/2007 it wont work , or if use 03/27/2007 17:12:36 still it wont work so i really need you guys help on this to generate my regular expression string thanksregrdssukavi

    need regular expression to get message body

    I have text like this: <tr class="NormalRow_Small"> <td colspan=2>&nbsp;</td> <td colspan=3> </td> </tr> <tr class="NormalRow_Small"> <!--description--> <td colspan="5"> <font size="2">Hi All,<div><!br /></div><div>I'm glad to introduce ...</div><div><!br /></div><div>Actually we already have ... <font size=1>(see link for full text)</font></font><br> <font size="1"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan=5><hr /></td> </tr>   I want to get bold text, please help me.   Thanks, Alex.

    Need a Specific Regular Expression

    I am clueless when it comes to building regular expressions. I know what they are, but haven't been able to master them. I found this regular expression which will validate a Sprint/Nextel Direct Connect number - all numbers, only asterisks allowed. ^\d+\*\d+\*\d+$ http://www.regexlib.com/REDetails.aspx?regexp_id=1730 Can someone modify it for me so that it checks for a minimum and maximum number of numbers in the string and checks that there are (2) asterisks? If you can use a minimum of (6) and a maximum of (12), I should be able to figure out how to modify it myself after I call Sprint on Monday.  David H
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