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wrong Percentage calculation showing in pie chart

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hi,       Im using "#PERCENT{P2}" this one to calculate percentage in pie chart.  It should take 2 decimal only rite? But it is taking 3 decimal values. Example: 20.90678 After applying the formula "#PERCENT{P2}"  it is showing as 20.91 i want to show as 20.90 only pls help me Thanks in advance, Abdul2010

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BCS Showing wrong dates

I have created an external content type which connects to a SQL database view so that it is read only.  It is an employee table that contains fullname hiredate and birthdate columns.  From this content type I have also created the external list and added it to the HR site on SharePoint Server 2010. When I connect to the view in SQL, and execute the table, it shows the proper dates.  When I view the list on SharePoint it shows the dates off by one day for both the hire date and birth date columns. I have deleted and recreated the content type using SharePoint Designer 2010 and no change. Any ideas what is happening?

SSRS 2005 Drillthrough chart Passing Wrong parameter value

Hi I have a drillthrough report that in Report A I have a week of data, showing Sunday through Saturday on the X-axis. When a data point is clicked on this chart, it shpuld pass the date of the weekday for that data point to Report B. But sometimes, it passes the prior weekday date, eg click on the Monday date data point, but Sunday's date is passed to the next report. Has anyone observed this type of behavior? I should mention that it is intermittent.   Thanks all.   Bobrpress

Percentage Calculation in T-SQL

Hello T-SQL people,   I need help on the above subject. I have two tables, the name of the first one is Productions with 3 fields namely: agentid,amountproduced,datesold then the second table name is budget with 3 fields namely: agentid, yearbudgetamount, budgetyear, now what i want now is that i want to calculate the percentage of each agent on  amountproduced as against the yearbudget, it must be within that budgetyear. Please I need Idea.   Thanks in advance!

View All Site Content Showing the wrong number of items

NOTE:  Similar post also had no answer: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sharepointecm/thread/f775ba0d-648f-4be3-9017-78539915b281/ I am the Site Collection Administrator/and also tried logging in using Farm Account.  I go into View All Site Content and I show 15 documents.  When you actually go to the All Items view (and I double-checked, no filtering), you only find 9 documents.  Versioning is not turned on.  I am a developer, so I also used the Web Service to try to troubleshoot.  The Lists.asmx web service shows an Item Count of 15 using the GetList method.  However, using the GetListItems method, the item Count reports 9 items, which is what I see in my browser. Is there an stsadm command that I can run that will "true up" this number being reported in View All Site Content? Thanks in advance. - Update -  MOSS 2007 v 3.0 server farm.

wrong calculation of the sum


Someone know why the total of my report don't include all the rows of the report

I have a SSRS report with VS2008 and the report contains 4 groups and in the first group have the value that i want show the total at the end, but i have the details of the group, and I've found when the details shows the value don't aggregate at the total.

Groupheader1 have this expression  =FormatNumber(Fields!OpenBalalce.Value,First(Fields!DecimalsGeneral.Value, "RptParameter"))


GroupHeader1 have this expression&

What is wrong with my calculation



The following query is lightning fast.

select non empty {measure.x} on columns,
select non empty {dimensions} on rows
from cube

Time              : 203 ms
Calc covers       : 8
Cells calculated  : 136
Sonar subcubes    : 4
NON EMPTYs        : 1
Autoexists        : 2
EXISTINGs         : 1
SE queries        : 1
Flat cache insert : 0
Cache hits        : 20
Cache misses      : 0
Cache inserts     : 0
Cache lookups     : 20
Memory Usage KB   : 1600

Then I create a calculated member to divide by 1000.
And its get very very slow.

with member measure.y as measure.x / 1000

select non empty {measure.y} on columns,
select non empty {dimensions} on rows
from cube

Time              : 29 sec 285 ms
Calc covers       : 37
Cells calculated  : 4153736
Sonar subc

SSRS Chart calculation displaying future values


I'm new to SSRS and especially to the chart features.  I currently have a line graph chart where the data points are based on a % calculation for each month of a year.  The prior years are all displaying correctly. 

The current year however shows the correct values to the present date, but rather than stopping it continues the line to the end of the chart showing the most recent value.

What can I change so that it will stop the line at the most recent data point?

The calcuation being used is "=1-(Fields!ID2009_Backordered_Lines.Value)/Sum(Fields!ID2009_Fillable_Lines.Value)"

Any insight would be appreciated!







I have 200 record in reportviewer chart but show only first page not showing remaing page


I have 200 record in reportviewer chart but show only first page not showing remaing page

what setting need to do in order to see remaining pages

Stacked Bar chart missing percentage sign



I hope someone can help me. I have used a Stacked bar chart in SSRS 2008. This chart shows the percentage but without the "%" sign.
It's not showen in de datalabel and also not in the axis. I have tryed to format but with a P0 it multipy by 100. Ideas?



showing Wrong Data while loading excel sheet, need help urgent



I am trying to load data from an excel sheet to a table in sql server. in the excel-source when i press preview button data for one column in the excel sheet is coming as null. the column has numbers and the format of the cell is 'general'..? what could be wrong and how could i resolve.? need help urgently..?

Conditionally Hide Percentage Labels on a 100% Stacked Bar Chart SSRS

I have searched for answers on this topic and the only ones I can find are for pie charts.  What I'd like to do is hide the point labels (percentages) on a 100% stacked bar chart when the percentage is below .05%, otherwise the labels are very cluttered and difficult to read.  I have tried to write an expression to do this, however, since the percentage calculation goes on behind the scenes I cannot find a way to refer to this value.  In addition, I am using #.## "%" for my formatting and am wondering if there is a way to remove the % sign when the label is hidden. Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Percentage calculation across a dimension hierarchy



I guess this is pretty simple for most of you but I am new to MDX and not able to implement this. I am trying to calculate percentage across the members and levels of a dimension hierarchy,[Assignee Organization Hy]. I have created a calculated member and am trying to calculate the percentage of Service Requests resolved within 72 business hrs across the members and levels of a dimension hierarchy, [Assignee Organization Hy]. I have a measure which gives the Resolution Business Hrs for each Service Request. The MDX expression I have tried is provided below :


         [Assignee Organization].[Assignee Organization Hy].currentmember.children,

         Iif([Measures].[Accumlated Resolution Business Hours]<=72,1,NULL)




        {[Measures].[Accumlated Resolution Business Hours]},

        {[Assignee Organization].[Assignee Organization Hy].currentmember.children}



where [Assignee Organization] is the dimension and [Assignee Organization Hy] is the hierarchy.


How to calculate childs age,but when i enter childs age as '03/27/2007' it returns 3 years where as actual age is 2 yr 11 months

Chart Tutorial

The AxisTitle class declares properties that define the common appearance settings of a title which is displayed by a particular axis.

Properties exposed via the AxisTitle class allow you to customize common title attributes, such as:

* the axis title's text (Title.Text),
* the color and font settings of the title's text (TitleBase.TextColor and TitleBase.Font),
* apply antialising (smoothing) to the title's text (TitleBase.Antialiasing),
* the alignment of the axis title (Alignment),
* the visibility of the axis title (TitleBase.Visible).


calculation, field and map traverse adjustment, and coordinate transformation

Free Pocket PC land surveying software -- COGO calculation, field and map traverse adjustment, and coordinate transformation -- for students and professionals.

want to execute url without showing that page or url to client.


hello friends,

I need ur help,what i want to do is to execute a url ("To send a text message to client") on client registration but without showing that url page, in short executing url without displaying any page or url to the client.

please help and thanks in advance.

Trouble with UpdateProgress showing...


Recently I converted a project to VS.NET2010 and ASP.NET 4.0 (not convinced this is the problem, but regardless this is when the problem began) and now I am having an issue with an AJAX UpdateProgress showing. Here is the abrriviated code:

   <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanelPostPageLoad" runat="server">
         <asp:Timer ID="tmrPostPageLoad" Enabled="false" Interval="100" OnTick="PostPageLoad_LoadData"
         <asp:Timer ID="tmrPostPageLoadPt2" Enabled="false" Interval="1" OnTick="PostPageLoad_LoadDataPt2"
         <%--Placing the UpdateProgress inside the UpdatePanel targeted--%>
         <asp:UpdateProgress ID="UpdateProgressPostPageLoad" runat="server" DisplayAfter="0" AssociatedUpdatePanelID="UpdatePanelPostPageLoad">
                       Updating blah blah....

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